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Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut


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Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut is the first of a planned four-part series focusing on the storyline established in the H40 trilogy starting with Halloween (2018). I originally intended to start with the original film, but ended up working on this edit while working on my extended cut of Halloween Ends. Although I loved Halloween Ends when it came out and satisfied me in its intended aim, I can still see the flaws that a lot of people have problems with. With that in mind, I took the time to cut 20 minutes from the film, replace one sequence, extend another sequence, and recolor the entire film to present a hopefully more enjoyable version of this divisive film.

I am proud to present Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut.

Change List
  • 00:00:00:00: Added Fanedit Warning.
  • 00:00:06:09: Added Netflix Dark Style FE Logo.
  • 00:00:11:09: Added my faneditor logo.
  • 00:00:15:03: Inspired by the Universal Studios leader from Freaky, I made it completely blue, matching the color of the opening credits font. “Midnight Monsters Hop” by Jack & Jim has been completely removed, and I replaced it with "Intro" by John Carpenter, Cody Carpenter, and Daniel Davies from the Halloween 2018 soundtrack.
  • 00:01:22:03: The death of Jeremy Allen, and our first look at Corey Cunningham and the Allens, was completely removed. I did this so first time viewers can learn about Corey's struggle along the way, and question whether this act was an accident or not. The credits run all the way through like the original film.
  • 00:16:28:06: Laurie's over the top advice delivery was completely removed. Allyson pulls the death card, Lindsey tells her what the card signifies in Tarot, then it's on to the Cunningham/Prevo house for dinner.
  • 00:21:07:01: Laurie being confronted outside of the supermarket was removed. The scene ends on Frank saying hello to the cashier ringing him up, then straight to Allyson and Corey going to the party.
  • 00:30:00:18: The Corey meets Michael sequence replaced by the "Michael Shakes Things Up" extended scene. I did this to get rid of the transference of evil angle.
  • 00:39:45:12: Added a shot of Joan watching Laurie leave from the "Joan's Bunny Slam" extended scene.
  • 00:39:47:23: Added short sequence of Laurie going to her truck and seeing Corey peeking at her out of a window from the "Joan's Bunny Slam" extended scene.
  • 00:52:57:13: Completely removed Michael and Corey killing Dr. Mathis and Deb at Dr. Mathis' house. Although I really like this sequence, I can admit that it's a wasted opportunity with how everything turns out in the official end.
  • 00:57:10:14: Removed Corey and Laurie's conversation at the Allen house. This conversation is removed to get rid of the transference of evil angle.
  • 01:05:09:06: Joan's full death is restored via reintegration of the "Joan's Recipe for Disaster" extended scene.
  • 01:16:14:17: Corey's death at Michael's hands has been removed. I did this to leave Corey's fate open-ended, and the audiences' imagination run wild after the film's over. Shots of Laurie getting up and locking the doors were also removed, just leaving the shot of her walking across the kitchen entrance Michael style and Michael "sensing" her.
  • 01:23:28:14: The sequence around Michael's death now ends with Frank coming into the kitchen, looking at Michael, then looking at Laurie and Allyson. No words are exchanged, and the midnight funeral procession and subsequent disposal of Michael at the junkyard never happen. It just goes from there to Laurie working on her memoir again.

Runtime Comparison
Original: 01:50:44:00
Revisited: 01:31:28:06

This edit is ready for download. You know what to do.
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