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Happy Death Day - A Dugnutt Edit

Bobson Dugnutt

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It's not the greatest movie of all time, but its a slasher with an interesting premise that needed some tightening and rearranging to be just a bit better than good. So I've done just that.

- regraded film to look a lot less dull, brighter with less of a yellow wash
- cut "why are you looking at me like I'm taking a dump on your mum's chest"
- cut the burping and farting in the diner 
- added deleted scene of Tree confronting the Doc about the mask 
- moved the English Professor break up and Dad lunch to the end of the film
- cut the final phone call with Dad, as shortly after she sees him anyway
- cut the Groundhog day reference, too self-referential for my liking
- regraded the lunch with dad to be a little warmer, reflecting who she has become as a better person, also to make it a little later in the day, maybe a late afternoon tea

Theatrical - 1:36:05
Dugnutt Edit - 1:35:52

There's not too much of a difference in runtime as it's not a radically different film, but it's a nicer package, methinks

I also would like to cut out this exchange as it doesn't go anywhere and has no real bearing on the plot and isn't referred to until the sequel, but I can't find a good way around it for now, if anyone has any ideas, I'd love to try them out.

And here's some of the regraded material






I'm intrigued - I really like the film as is but am curious to see what effect your changes have.

In terms of the exchange you want to cut, what about cutting from the doc turning to face Tree asking for a soda? i.e cutting from about 00:01 to 00:050 in your sample video. I can't remember the framing material immediately around the scene in detail so it might feel a bit abrupt, but that seems the easiest change to make. Alternatively, you could try a zoom & crop on the shot at around 00:24 so that we go from the doc arriving straight to Tree trying to get up and leave.
When I first watched Happy Death Day I found it extremely odd how most of the resolution for the story and character development ends BEFORE the climax because of the fakeout and finding out the real killer etc. Is there any way to remedy that, maybe move the father stuff after that? Can't be sure because I can't remember
I tried to mask the doctor out of the shot with mild success, looks passable I think. If anyone wants to have a crack at it or knows how to clean this up, it would be greatly appreciated 

Could you match the movement of the scene on the static pillow image? The image kind of feels like it's getting squashed the movement to the left and the other side of the pillow staying still. Probably could be achieved using some keyframing.
Here's an alternate cut of the scene, as I probably won't be able to make that pillow mask any better than it looks there and I think this is just as good

I watched this edit..awesome..HOWEVER.. i saw one slight glitch. Towards the end of the movie before Tre goes to see her dad there is a 1 second frame of a woman, that is a jump shot.. if that was fixed this would be MY happy death day to watch
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