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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 Almighty Edit


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After getting feedback on my Game of Thrones edit I am coming back to my Harry Potter edits to fix them up before submitting. Onto the final movie, DH p2.
My goal is to create light edits that don't try to reimagine or create anything new, but rather just enhance the original movies.

This edit is a lot like DH part 1 with very few changes so far. I've added some deleted scenes (credit to JJPotter for his greenscreen work), color corrected some shots that were really dark, and a few other slight fixes.

Here are a few scenes:
(Two deleted scenes - Warning about Griphook agreement, and Luna leaving | New music over seeing Ginny, and deleted scene of Ginny and Harry holding hands | Finale without Voldemort and Harry merging while flying through the air)

Subtitles made by the user - Robuust!

Change list:
  • Added the cottage scene with Bill talking about the goblin, and the scene right after with Luna talking to Harry at Dobby's grave. Color corrected both to match. Added On the Rocks song from DHpt1 behind the first deleted scene
  • Added music behind when Ginny first sees Harry return to Hogwarts. Used the same track I added to the previous movie with her scene with Harry
  • Added in the deleted scene with Harry holding Ginny's hand as they walk to Snape (Credit to JJPotter for the footage without greenscreen)
  • Added in the deleted scene with Tonks and Lupin before the battle (Again credit to JJPotter for the footage without greenscreen)
  • Took out the shots of Voldemort and Harry merging into one while flying around Hogwarts
  • Color corrected several darker scenes throughout for just a bit more visibility
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Still working on more edits. Biggest thing I got through with the help of others in the forums here was changing young Lily's eyes to blue so they match Harry's and adult Lily's.

  • Brightened up many more shots that were just a little too dark for my taste
  • Shortened the shot of mini, bloody Voldemort in King's Cross station. It just lingered on him for way too long
  • When Neville pulls the sword out of the hat he stands in a really goofy position. I just removed that shot.
  • Cut Voldemort slapping Harry during their fight a little before they jump off the tower.
Final update, going to export this one and be finished
  • Fixed up a bit more color correcting on a couple deleted scenes
  • Cut back on just a bit of Snape being bitten by the snake so many times
At 13:13, harry seems to speak with a double voice, what happened here?
I'm not sure what you're hearing, I checked on my end and it sounds normal. I'll check with headphones later though. I don't think I did anything to that shot.
Still working on more edits. Biggest thing I got through with the help of others in the forums here was changing young Lily's eyes to blue so they match Harry's and adult Lily's.

This came out really nice. Impressive!
Has anyone considered giving the epilogue brighter colors? I want to feel magical and happy just like the first movie.
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