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Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire Almighty Edit


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After getting feedback on my Game of Thrones edit I am coming back to my Harry Potter edits to fix them up before submitting. Onto GoF.
My goal is to create light edits that don't try to reimagine or create anything new, but rather just enhance the original movies.

This is probably the most heavily edited out of all my Harry Potter edits. I think this was the weakest movie and needed the most work.

Wondering if anyone disagreed with any of my cuts or had thoughts on further changes?

I did tons of work to cut out awkward acting, dialog and writing. Harry's acting is especially poor in this movie and I tried to take out as much of his worst stuff as possible. Another challenge was taking out the whole Ron and Harry broken friendship. While it is in the books I think it was done so horribly and cheesy in the movie and doesn't add anything at all so I completely removed it. I think with the bit of resequencing and cutting around it works pretty well. Though if you are at all familiar with the movies it is definitely noticeable.

Here are a few scenes that were more heavily edited:
(New opening sequence -- Portkey -- No Filch on Dumbledore's speech -- Aging potion without Hermione -- Egg opening without cocky Harry or angry Ron -- Dance lesson without twins awkward comments -- End of third task with less Harry crying)

Subtitles made by the user - Robuust!

Change list:
  • Slight trims for pacing in the intro
  • Intro Title now pops out right after the old man dies, along with the Harry Potter theme behind it
  • Cut Hermione angrily waking the two up. It now starts with the group walking towards the portkey
  • Cut the stupid walking on air as they come down from the portkey
  • Cut the Malfoys talking to them before the game
  • Tightened up some of the Death Eater attack
  • Cut all instances of Barty Crouch Jr and fake Moody doing the weird tongue thing
  • Removed Filch awkwardly running into the hall and added some music behind Dumbledore talking about the new guests and tournament
  • Cut Karkaroff doing shady stuff to the goblet of fire
  • Rearranged Moody's lesson to go after the names are chosen from the goblet rather than before. This works as a good transition from Dumbledore telling Moody to keep an eye on Harry after his name is chosen, and also it is a scene with Harry and Ron together so it doesn't feel so weird that there is a chunk of the movie where they aren't together.
  • Cut Hermione's "It's not going to wo-ork" line when Fred and George try to get past the age line
  • Cut the entire Ron not talking to Harry plot. Though this is a decent plotline in the books I think it was done extremely poorly in the movie. I used most of the rearranging from Anjohan
  • Cut Dumbledore shouting at Harry after his name comes up
  • Trimmed Harry's interview with Rita Skeeter a bit
  • Cut the owl biting Harry
  • Cut the mini dragon reveals just before they fight the dragons. It feels like a tease for these cool fights with the other champions but then you don't get to see them
  • Cut Hermione yelling at Harry to use his wand
  • Tightened up the entire dragon fight
  • Cut Harry pompously asking the Gryffindors if they want him to open the egg
  • Trimmed some forced scenes with the twins while talking about the Yule ball
  • Cut the big lady nastily picking a thing off Hagrid's beard and eating
  • Cut the pop music section during the ball
  • Trimmed some of Hermione's overacting as she talks to Harry on the bridge
  • Trimmed underwater egg scene with Moaning Myrtle
  • Cut Hermione pronouncing Grindylow in a French accent
  • Trimmed some overacting of Barty Crouch Jr in the memory
  • Cut the awkward dialog and performance just after Harry saves Cedric from the vines
  • Cut excessive moaning Voldemort when he touches Harry's scar
  • Trimmed some of Harry's bad acting when he comes back with Cedric's body
  • Cut the awkward dialog between the trio at the very end. They don't share any last words now. They just watch as everyone leaves
  • Lots of other minor trims throughout
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Just one update:
  • Added the deleted scene of Karkaroff and Snape in the courtyard. This adds just a bit more depth and mystery with Karkaroff and Snape, and also bridges the gap in the theatrical where Harry is suddenly not with Ron and Hermione at the Yule Ball
Final edit before submitting:
  • Took out Harry in the tent saying "I love magic"
Just curious, does this edit remove some of the more over-the-top elements in the Tri-Wizard cup? Always bugged the heck out of me when they portrayed it like some sort of LIFE AND DEATH THING THEY COULD DIE when it was meant to be a normal tournamet.
It was meant to be a tournament that was dangerous enough that people could die. In the movie (or at least the book?) they say that the tournament had been discontinued in the 1700s because too many people had died during it. The new age restriction was added for the revived competition to keep inexperienced students from participating and possibly dying.
As asterix said, the tournament was supposed to be dangerous where people could die, and that's why it was originally canceled. I'm not sure if you have specific examples of the over the top scenes though. I didn't tone down the dangers of the tournament or anything, but I did make a lot of changes mainly around the poorly acted and badly written lines/scenes.
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