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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix Almighty Edit


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After getting feedback on my Game of Thrones edit I am coming back to my Harry Potter edits to fix them up before submitting. Onto OotP.
My goal is to create light edits that don't try to reimagine or create anything new, but rather just enhance the original movies.

This edit is a lot lighter than most of the other ones. Biggest changes are adding in a lot of the deleted scenes. There were several moments that had some bad acting and poor writing removed, and then most of the deleted scenes added in and color corrected.

Wondering if anyone disagreed with any of my cuts or had thoughts on further changes?

Here are a few scenes:
(Added HP theme behind the opening of Grimmauld Place -- Deleted scene of Gryffindor Tower added and adjusted audio -- Deleted scene of Umbridge Harry and Hermione in forest added and color corrected)

Subtitles made by the user - Robuust!

  • Tightened up the Dementor attack for better pacing
  • Added HP Theme where Moody opens up the Headquarters building
  • Tightened up a bit of the hearing to remove Mrs Figg hand raising joke and her describing the boys rather than the dementors. I don't think that translated so well to the movie
  • Added the deleted scene of the kids in Gryffindor Tower. Followed JJPotter's audio editing and adjusted further to get the audio matching better
  • Added the deleted scene of Trelawney getting evaluated, and followed JJPotter's removal of her original scenes, but adjusted the audio differently
  • Cut Harry telling Hermione that the others came to listen because he is a freak. He just tells her that they should go now
  • Cut Ron saying "Who are you and what have you done with Hermione". It was really forced
  • Cut out a bit of the Filch ridiculousness while he tries to get into the room of requirement
  • Cut the "I'm okay" bit when the kid gets dropped in the room of requirement training
  • Trimmed some of Hermione's awkward laughing with Ron and Harry after the "emotional range of a teaspoon" bit
  • Cut Sirius toasting "Harry!" That line always bothered me for some reason
  • Trimmed the trio walking down the stairs because there is an awkward pause in Ron and Hermione's dialog
  • Cut some of Harry talking to Sirius about being the snake in his dreams
  • Added some heroic Neville music when he is talking about how his parents died
  • Cut the bit about Dumbledore having style right after he teleports away with Fawkes. Another forced and unnatural joke from the book
  • Trimmed Grawp's intro and cut some unnecessary stuff like him picking up Hermione and Ron hitting him with a stick
  • Added the deleted scene in the forest with Umbridge and did a lot of color correcting
  • Trimmed up the kids running from death eaters in the department of mysteries for better pacing
  • Adjusted a shot of Harry as he's possessed by Voldemort to make it look less awkward
  • Cut another shot of Harry as he's possessed when he stretches up like a snake but doesn't move his legs. It looks really dumb
  • Added the deleted scene of Harry walking into Dumbledore's office. Followed JJPotter's color correcting some but had to adjust further to get it how I wanted
  • Added the deleted scene of Ron asking Harry to go eat with them and color corrected
  • Trimmed the very last line when Harry says that they have something worth fighting for. The pause between his words was really long so I just cut it down
  • A few other minor trims throughout
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A couple changes:
  • Further color correcting on some of the deleted scenes
  • Cut some of the long pause after Hermione makes her teaspoon remark. This spot feels a lot better now.
Probably will look at this again over the next few days but I think I'm happy with this one now.
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