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Hi-Res Movie Poster Art

that's somewhat disturbing, my copper throwing friend ;) haha
lol :lol:

....wait ...what's that sound? ...oh, its just me bouncing pennies off the back of your robot head :)
hey... don't mess with V.I.N.CENT.... he'll mess you up with his sweet lasers ;) haha
nice posters but all low quality
ok....I'll try to find better quality gallery :)
Polish posters make me ffeel dirty.

But so does Heinrich.
Anyone know of some high res Superman II poster artwork?

Would much appreciate any help.
Thanks for looking, but as you say would be better without the folds.
We now have hi-res poster art available over at avpsgallery. Only admins can upload to the site, so please continue to use this thread to request poster art or link posters that you've found or uploaded. We can mirror them over on the site.

now, what are you waiting for?! GO CHECK OUT THE FANEDITS GALLERY!!!

Does anybody have this poster in high-res:
Does anyone have copies of the Episode 3 and 4 posters that Cassidy posted in the his initial post, the links have now gone dead, I have lower resolution versions but I can't find the 1438x2173 versions anywhere else.

wow, nice one!!! I didn't know about it. Thanks FC :)
Found another one.


You need to join to be able to view the HQ versions of the posters but it appears to be free. They ask for credits to be able to view the posters but I have no idea how you earn them.
You don't, you buy them, for the most part. Or you can earn them by uploading hi-res posters, if you have the capability. I just gave them a couple for Fairly OddParents and Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, pending approval.
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