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I Now Pronounce You chuck & Larry Extended Edition

dark jedi

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before I tell you the title,please do not laugh your ass off,I actually loved this movie,my Family and I laughed our butts off,I put back in all but 1 of the deleted scenes,and the scenes were not as good of quality as the movie and the scenes were off color big time and needed to be IVTC'd and the aspect ratio needed fixing,well here is the info,keep your laughter to a minimum LOL.

I Now Pronounce You chuck & Larry Extended Edition

By Dark Jedi
What is it about? Two straight, single Brooklyn firefighters (Sandler, James) pretend to be a gay couple in order to receive domestic partner benefits.

How to get it? via RAPIDSHARE (check bottom of this post for other download links).

original film name: I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry
new film name: I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry Extended Edition
film studio name: Universal Studios
Date Original Film Was Released: 20 July 2007
Date Edit Was Released: Jan. 2008
Original Runtime : 116 min
New Runtime : 124 min
Amount of time Cut/Added : 8 minutes

Cuts removed/added/extended :

* Added Chuck and Larry picking out Wedding attire\Finding a Witness.
* Added The Pizza girl scene.
* Added Chuck and Larry working out in the Fire Station gym and talking about a party.
* Added Chuck and Larry arriving at the party and,Larry rolling out of the cab.
* Added Larry in the bathroom at the party, "Your apple has a little worm in it".
* Added Jermaine Jackson (aka Clinton Fitzer) interviewing Mrs Lavine,Chuck's Mom.


* Nothing

DVD details:

NTSC 1.85:1 Widescreen
5.1 AC-3 Audio (English)
Motion menu with audio

Your intention for this fanedit:

To make it a little funnier by adding in all but 1 of the deleted scenes.

Additional Comment:

I really liked this movie,Adam Sandler and Kevin James did an excellent job,also stars the great Dan Aykroyd, Jessica Biel, Ving Rhames, and Steve Buscemi.

Time needed for the edition: 2 Days

persons involved: Dark Jedi

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
hehe, that's a cool 2nd fanedit, DJ. I appreciate "labours of love" and the community on fanedit.org loves extended editions anyway. Nice one.
I hung back from watching this (the original) for ages as i thought it was going to be another crappy comedy thatwasnt very funny, imagine my surprise when i finally sat down to watch it that it was very good!

So coming to DJ's edit i was looking forward to seeing an extention of a movie i really enjoyed. and the good news is that DJ's second edit does not disappointed at all. its a great laugh and the deleted scenes while not really helping to move the story along very much do help to flesh out the characters a bit more and they definitely work very well within the story.

Movie score 4/5

5 of 5 - Couldn't fault it, DJ has done a great job reintegrating these scenes back into the movie without a single hitch or judder, i was also informed that one of the scenes was noticibly of lesser quality than the others, even though i was watching for it i missed it first time around.

5 of 5 - Perfect. no noticable cuts, jump, volume changes, stutters etc. etc. just like an ADM edit!!

4 of 5 - overall very nice presentation, a nice motion menu (still cant get the hang of those) with some music and nice clear buttons. the scene selection menus also feature motion clips for each chapter and look very nice. my only niggle and its a tiny one is that when the main motion menu loops the break needs to fade out and then fade back in again. but this really is a very, very small niggle.

Final Score.

4 of 5 - DJ has done a great job and anyone who enjoyed the original should DL this straight away. you will not be disappointed.

Thanks DJ!!
Thank you nOmArch for a review,I will definitley look into the menu niggle you talk about,after you said it,you are right,a fade would be better instead of the way I have it.

thanks again

i wouldn't worry to much about it mate, only reason i mentioned it was it was the ONLY fault i could find and i wanted to balence the review.
I would say that I enjoyed this, but I had a little problem. Their voices were missing. :shock:

Any idea why?
yeah whose voices?

i saw this the other day and first off it is a great edit. the extended scenes, although noticeable, were integrated pretty seamlessly. if there were any hard cuts i didn't notice them enough to be pulled out of the movie.

with that being said i did enjoy the extended scenes, but i think what this movie needs is a hack edit. it's just too long. it's a simple plot that could be cut down by about 20-30 min and be a great addition to the adam sandler movies of old. (that is also my feeling of the original, too, btw.)

(and i watched the AVI...)

4/5 FanEdit Video
4/5 FanEdit Audio

2.5/5 Original Story
3.5/5 FanEdit Story

Since i'm inbetween a 3 and a 4 i've voted for 4. it's the correct round up.

the story IS improved, but this is a movie that would be improved by tightening and not extending (or perhaps both :) )
What I mean is that when I watched it, I could hear the background noise, but no dialogue.
Did you watch it on a computer? Because I had that problem for a while with 5.1 surround tracks, where the centre channel basically wouldn't play, but the rest of it would.
Nope. I watched it on my home theater. 5.1 surround.
must be your system or a corrupted burn then as it plays perfectly well on mine and other systems.
yep it played perfect on my DVD player.
I will be sharing this movie on Demonoid, once I finish sharing Titanic: The White Star Extended Edition.
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