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In Dreams (Mini Edit)


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In Dreams is not one of Neil Jordon's greatest films and is often panned by critics, but I still manage to have a soft spot for it.

After a recent viewing I felt with a few tweaks, the overall experience could be somewhat enhanced so decided to attempt a quick fan edit. By quick I mean uncomplicated.

In the end, the changes made are extremely brief and they certainly don't affect the overall story. Ideally I would have liked to have made more changes but found that scenes which I felt needed to be trimmed or removed completely, were at least in part, integral to later plot developments. I also found myself way out of my depth, this being my first attempt at an edit and my first experience with the software.

So to summarise, I may well revisit this project in the future, once I have gained valuable practical experience and at least become more comfortable with the tools needed.

In Dreams: Somber Edition

The brief changes (Original runtime: 1:35:30 - New runtime: 1:29:50, Cuts totalling 5 mins 40 secs):

Two new music tracks have been integrated into the film. Both have been integrated into what I felt were key scenes where the music involved would help effect the mood. The first (1.) is into the scenes leading upto Rebecca's disappearance and the second (2.) is into the scenes following the discovery of Rebecca's body. I'm very happy with the results - in my view, they work well.

1. Samuel Barber's Adagio for Strings - Performed by the 'Trinity College'

2. Vide Cor Meum - Performed by 'Danielle de Niese' and 'Bruno Lazzaretti' (written by 'Patrick Cassidy' for the film Hannibal)

The scenes when Claire (Annette Bening) chucks a load of apples into the waste disposal has always annoyed me as it was simply ridiculous and is often mentioned in negative reviews (Rightly so) so I have removed the Apple juice eruption and scenes surrounding it and tried to make this as seamless as I can by cutting frames and using fades (In and out). I'm not totally happy with it, but this part of the edit was taking a horrendous amount of time and I was getting nowhere pretty slowly. But, I still greatly prefer this than the Apple juice eruption so I don't consider it to be all bad.

The ending has always irritated me. It was going so well and heading towards the bleak and dark ending that the entire film was building towards.........and then it fluffs it with a typical Hollywood tacked on finale. I have trimmed this and it now feels much more in tune with the rest of the film. I prefer it.

In all, I think the changes, although extremely brief, move the film into more somber territory (Hence the edit name).

I am just doing some final checking and will then test and upload to Rapidshare.com and / or make a torrent.


16:9 Widescreen (PAL)
89 minutes approx
English 5.1 AC3
Chapter Selection


Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
I liked this movie. I'm looking forward to seeing your edit
this is great. zebedee. I will give this a try soon. Could you provide me with the cover art and the info?
well, it's ok.
I like the front of it (original poster image). Not happy with the back to be honest, it was a rush job last night. Why was I rushing? Lots to do today, so just wanted to get something done. :)
I know that feeling, but remember, youmight have to live with the rushed things and the reactions on it for a long time.
did anyone grab this? i would love to see it, but with only 1 seeder, i dont know if i am gonna be able to grab it that way. any chance for RS? I would upload it, if someone wants to send me a copy
I iwll get on this as soon as I am available again for downlaod. Should be tomorrow evening.
I cleaned up the cover art a bit. didn't change the design, just fixed it a bit. sent to boon

Nice work. :)

I am currently uploading to Raipidshare - there are 39 parts. Will take me 2 - 3 days.
oh cool! RS is the way to go! :)
Parts 1 - 29 now up, still got parts 30 - 39 to go. Password is fanedit.org
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