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Jericho Cane

Uncanny Antman

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Original film name: End of Days.

New film name: Jericho Cane.

Film studio name: Universal.

Date Original Film Was Released: 1999

Date Edit Was Released: July 2008

Original Runtime: 2h2m

New Runtime: 1h30m

Your intention for this fan edit: Apart from just simply wanting to tighten up the pacing, I felt that the story worked more effectively when revealed via Jericho's experiences. Rather than have the entire back-story spelled out to us in the first ten minutes, we learn what is going on as Jericho learns it. I also wanted to heighten the focus on Jericho's spiritual journey, such as it is. Also, by removing the early Cult scenes, the film deceptively starts off as a more typical Arnold Schwarzenegger action film, only to transform into a supernatural thriller as we progress.

Your way to achieve your intention: Primarily, the removal of any early scenes featuring Christine, including her birth. We do not meet her until Jericho does. The subsequent exposition fills in all the details that we need.

Cuts removed/added/extended:

Numerous snips and alterations, some of the more noticeable changes being…

Removed the early scenes involving the Cult.

Removed The Albino.

Moved the scene of "The Man" being possessed to later in the film so that when Jericho is protecting him at the beginning, he is still just a regular guy. Why would Satan need to hire Schwarzenegger as a bodyguard? At one point, Father Kovack mentions that the "man" (the person that Satan was to inhabit) was destined, just as Christine was…so the theory stands that Thomas Aquinas was trying to kill the vessel before he was taken over. Otherwise, what's with thinking he could just stop Satan with a bullet?

Trimmed the possession sequence, specifically removing the transparent "Creature" skating around town.

Removed the insultingly stupid fake scare of the cat in the refrigerator.

Removed all scenes involving Christine up until Jericho and Chicago locate her.

Removed most of the moments of supposed levity involving The Man. (The bus hitting the kid, "Don't fuck up the coat." et cetera.)

Removed The Man pissing oil, or whatever that crap is. We've already seen him blow up a restaurant at will, so why the need for this ridiculousness? Also removed shots of Chicago either in or next to van before explosion…when he shows up at Jericho's apartment later, it should be believable that he survived. Which it is not in the theatrical cut.

Removed Mabel beating the shit out of Jericho. I mean what the hell? …is she supposed to be a demon or something? If she is, it's oddly out of context with the rest of the film. And if she isn't, what's the deal with her claws and Arnie-bashing abilities?

Removed The Man showing off the healing of his wounds to Jericho. If he can do that, why does his body become so damaged later on?

Removed some fire stunt shots with a less-than-convincing mask, and the shot where Jericho and Christine outrun an explosion.

Removed the phony countdown drama during the climax. How exactly is Satan supposed to impregnate Christine in the three seconds before the so-called Millennium is over? By making it so that there is still plenty of time to "do the deed", it makes Jericho's sacrifice actually mean something, as it's truly his only way to stop the End of Days.

Also trimmed, cropped, flipped, and altered a bunch of continuity errors. I never noticed before how many this film has. I have, however, left in a lot of the "Action Arnold clichés" The film literally progresses due to a parade of clichés, coincidences, and just plain luck. (Not to mention, several intentional plotholes.) To remove them would (in my opinion) destroy any semblence of an actual storyline.

Fan edit details (please add here details about DVD contents as well as video and audio information): Anamorphic, and 5.1 audio. The DVD also features the teaser trailer, and a video tribute to the late, great Stan Winston. There's probably an easter egg there too, but who can say for sure, hmmm?
Excellent! I've been waiting for this one. Downloading now ...
thanks for sharing. It unpacked just fine. I added an md5, if someone encounters a problem.
Thanks for that Boon. I never did bother to get my head around that checksum stuff. :)

By the way, when you get around to putting this on the main site, I'd advise using the details I emailed to you rather than the ones in this thread, as these aren't fully complete. (Plus, I included cover art.)

added parfiles.
Boy, UA doesn't waste any time getting edits out once he gets rolling. A fan edit machine... :grin:
That's 'cause I'm usually working on two or three at once...I tend to take my sweet time on them, but often I finish up a couple of projects at the same time.

My next one may be a fair way off...

Oh wait, I forgot...it's actually only a day or two away. ;)

(Although I cheated a little. It's actually an older edit I dusted off for release.)
twistd101 said:
Any chance this'll see a torrent? ;)

in a few days ill do a torrent....UA nice tribute,you keep these fanedits coming!
Wow, another brilliant edit, UA! This is no longer just a medicore Arnie flick. It's actually pretty damn good now. I'll post a more complete "review" in the edit's comment section when I get some time. Although, call me stupid, but I couldn't figure out what the hell your next edit is gonna be. I recognized 3 or 4 of the films in that trailer. I'll be keeping my eyes out for that one.
Kolpitz said:
I couldn't figure out what the hell your next edit is gonna be. I recognized 3 or 4 of the films in that trailer. I'll be keeping my eyes out for that one.

That teaser in the egg isn't actually for my next edit necessarily. I've only just started on it, so it may be quite some time before release.

As for what film it actually is...I'm afraid I'll just to smile cryptically, and tell you that I am perversely pleased that you didn't figure it out. I'm sure someone will chime in with the answer soon enough. :)

And I'm glad you enjoyed the edit. I look forward to your review.
twistd101 said:
Any chance this'll see a torrent? ;)

here you go.

uploaded to Demonoid
Any chance someone could rip this to 700mb xvid and up it to demonoid :)

Looks really good.
Alright, <30min til completion. I'll get the XviD going and post it either tonight or tomorrow morning if I'm busy. So, 700mb XviD, or 1.36gb with AC3? Personally, I always like the AC3, but seems that most people around here dig on the 700mb with MP3. Fine by me either way, majority rules. :)
If anyone still has the XviD for this, I had a hard drive go down and lost a lot of stuff (and you guessed it), that was included. There's about 6 people looking to finish their download on the Noid, so if anyone still has it, please PLEASE helps these guys out and let them get the remaining 50MB. Thanks!
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