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John Carpenter's Halloween Revisited: The Final Cut


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John Carpenter's Halloween Revisited: The Final Cut is the second part of a planned four-part fanedit series focusing on the storyline established in the recent H40 timeline, starting with Halloween 2018. This project was originally meant to be the beginning of the series, but I ended up starting with what would have been the fourth and final edit, Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut, out of convenience as I was working on my Extended Cut edit of that film at the same time. Unlike Halloween Ends Revisited: The Final Cut, this edit doesn't aim to drastically change the original film in any real way; the aim of this project is to present a "canon" compliant, alternate extended version that could line up not only with the edits of this series but also line up perfectly most of the known continuities of the franchise: whether it is the H40 timeline, H20 timeline, or original timeline. Using the recent Scream Factory transfer of Halloween, upscaling the TV version footage, reintegrating three of its scenes, and lifting and integrating a reshot sequence from Halloween II (1981), I have successfully created this alternate cut and wish to share it with you all.

I am proud to present: John Carpenter's Halloween Revisited: The Final Cut.

Change List
  • 00:00:00:00: Added FE warning.
  • 00:00:06:07: Added Netflix Dark Style FE.org logo.
  • 00:00:11:06: Added my personal faneditor logo.
  • 00:07:18:00: Integrated TV version footage of Loomis at the Smith's Grove hearing pertaining to Michael
  • 00:11:15:02: Integrated TV version footage of Loomis talking to Michael in his room at Smith's Grove.
  • 00:33:59:10: Integrated TV version footage of Lynda showing up at Laurie's house, and the two of them talking to Annie on the phone.
  • 01:36:13:14: Replaced the original sequence of Loomis shooting Michael with the Halloween II version. All of the footage before the switch to the exterior shot of Michael falling is replaced with footage from the original film for a more consistent color grade.

Additional Note:
Instead of using any of the surround sound mixes based on John Carpenter modifications for the THX Edition, I created a hybrid mono mix using the mono theatrical mix from the Criterion Collection LD for Halloween, scene specific audio for the TV version moments from the Extended Edition, and sequence specific audio from Halloween II. I also created a Mono 2.0 mix from this new hybrid mono mix. I sourced the theatrical mono mix from my own personal copy of the Criterion Collection LD and synced it up to the Scream Factory 4K prior to this project, and decided to incorporate said sync-up for inclusion. The stereo mixes of Halloween: Extended Edition and Halloween II were mixed down to Mono specifically for this project.

Runtime Comparison:
Revisited: The Final Cut: 1:40:35:12

This edit is now complete and available to download. Please PM me for link.
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