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I am all in favour of Fan Campaigns. It saved Star Trek more than once.

But this is something very different. While the Bots part of the article did not really shock me, the level of possible paid coordination and purposely directed toxicity did. Plus, the timeline of events as laid out in the article was very illuminating.
I don't trust WB "internal investigating" and this bots thing all that much, WB trying to save face again. I know I was definitely pulling for the ZSJL release. Hell, I was editing the other movies in anticipation of it LOL

But I also try to stay out of the drama crap as much as I can, wherever possible - even trade gossip like this. I've got enough of the world trying to make me negative, and speculating on the future of the DCEU is as much fun as a colonoscopy.
THANKS for the review @Wakeupkeo,
Happy to hear to found it Fun and Hopeful.

As for the Jim Lee comment, I didn’t view it as negative or positive. Just interesting to hear someone of “authority” to make an actual statement one way or another.

Then again, when it comes to DC Comics, Warner Brothers is in such a state of chaos, who knows what the future holds for these characters?
THANK YOU to @MusicEd921 for his review.

In regards to using the John Williams/Hans Zimmer mixed theme for the Kryptonian Ship scene, this was again a very deliberate choice. In the Whedon cut, cues of the Williams theme appear much earlier, during the monument fight between Clark and the League. To me this felt like a complete misuse of that theme. Thus, I went with the Holkenborg score, which was much darker and matched the tone of the moment better and kept the Williams stuff in my back pocket until the moment Clark has to choose his future. In many way, this new mix score represents my transitioning Superman from his darker Snyder roots to the more hopeful version I grew up with.

Now I may be misinterpreting this, but for me, when Clark chooses the Black Suit, he is choosing his Kryptonian heritage over Humanity. This is something MY Superman would never do.... at least not in the context that is presented in the Snyder Cut. It is one of the reasons I prefer the Whedon third act and went in that direction. Sadly, the price for redeeming Superman is Flash's big hero moment.... which I admit, sadden me as I love the Scarlett Speedster... even one as annoyingly portrayed by Miller. Thankfully, I was able to sneak in Grant Gustin.

Glad to hear that Joe Esposito's "You're The Best" worked for you. Originally I was going to go with Bonnie Tyler's "Holding Out For a Hero", but that felt so over done. I put the Karate Kid classic in on just lark and was happily surprised at how well it synced up with the action and brought a fun new dynamic energy to the scene.
THANK YOU to @gunpowder for posting a review.

I appreciate your honestly about your hesitancy but still allowing yourself to trust the editor and go for the ride. I think we all feel and experience that uncertainty when we watch a fan edit of something dear to us. And I happy to read, that in the end, the ride was an enjoyable one for you. :)

In regards to the Superman/Cyborg joking scene, from my perspective, this is a wholly Human Moment. Something I feel the Snyder Cut was seriously lacking. Both characters believed they were going to die. They are stunned that they survived, and thus are joyfully euphoric in that brief moment. For me, I like this scene of levity after a big, dramatic climax. But I can fully appreciate that it may not be everyone's cup of tea.
THANK YOU to @aryudhist12 for posting a review.

So happy that my Bronze Age approach to the material worked of you! It certainly was fun to create.
And I agree, I too wish I could have figured out a way to keep Barry's Speed Force plotliine for the third act.
In the end, this was about trying to redeem Superman in my eyes, and unfortunately Barry had to be the one to pay the price.
But it makes my heart happily skip that you had fun watching and consider it rewatchable for the future!

I rarely, if ever, try to create replacement fan edits. Mine are mostly just fun alternate viewing experiences.
But with Justice League I purposely set out to create a version that would work for me (still flawed mind you) because I found both versions so disappointing.
It is nice to hear that it works for others too. :)
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@Nic thank you for your very detailed review.

Even though I know we have difference of opinion on certain elements of plots and characters from the Snyder Cut, I am so happy to read that you otherwise enjoyed this Bronze Age interpretation of the Justice League. 😁

While I am 99.9 % happy with my version, if I have one regret, I too wish I could have figured out a way to make the Flash Speed Force climax work. But since my greater priority was to redeem Superman, poor Barry 's plotline had to pay the price.

That is a cool idea about Cyborg and Superman flying together! If only I had the mad skills! :)
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A masterpiece.
@Fran_Garcia you are making me BLUSH... :giggle:

Seriously though, THANK YOU for your very generous review. As I have said before, The Unity Edition is easily my most personal edit and one I am very proud of, so it is wonderful to hear that others enjoyed my Bronze Age approach. :love:
@Fran_Garcia you are making me BLUSH... :giggle:

Seriously though, THANK YOU for your very generous review. As I have said before, The Unity Edition is easily my most personal edit and one I am very proud of, so it is wonderful to hear that others enjoyed my Bronze Age approach. :love:
For me, it is clearly the best edit of JL. Because it can be seen that it is a passion project and you made it with love.

You are very welcome my friend! 😃
@DirtyCop1036 THANK YOU for your review. :)

One of the very bests JL edits out there, you should really be proud of it!

On both a creative and personal front, this is the most satisfying fan edit I have done in a very long time. It is even more rewarding when you discover others seem to enjoy it too.

The soundtrack is a huge upgrade, quite a kick-ass musical taste you have.

LOL -- thanks! The only song I 101% knew I was going to use was "Hurt". The others were mostly happy accidents. The original "Don't Fear The Reaper" that I had as a place holder, was too slow for the Amazon scene, but when I stumbled upon a Meta Cover Version, it was as though the Gods of Olympus had given me a gift. "Bad" by Royal Deluxe came up in a random playlist on Youtube I was listening to while editing and the lyrics and attitude just seemed perfect for BOTH Aquaman and Steppenwolf. And finally, originally "Your The Best" was going to be the Bonnie Tyler classic "Holding Out for a Hero", but it lacked the fan factor I wanted for the scene and again I had just watched Cobra Kai that day, which somehow triggered the Joe Esposito song to pop into my head, and when I slid it into the timeline, I was happily surprise how well it instantly timed up with all the cuts and hero close ups. Sometimes it feels like the Fates are actually on you side. 😁

The remaining soundtrack changes were deliberate. I wanted to balance nostalgia with modern. Having the Superman theme evolve from Zimmer to Williams I knew I wanted as soon as I considered the edit. Using Blake Neely's Flash cues and theme whenever possible just seemed so natural to me. Giving Cyborg his own distinctive, HEROIC, theme was a must, and Tron Legacy again seemed destined. Also, I am very happy I was able to sneak in Aquaman's theme and that it fit the moment so well. Easily and by far, the most extensive (ie exhausting lol) music replacement work I have ever undertaken, but I am very satisfied with the results.
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@Profit THANK YOU so much for taking the time to post a review.

I am very happy that your found this version of the Justice League so rewarding.

My only complaint is losing the end credit scene from the Snyder cut with J'onn J'onzz in it but with 3 end credit scenes I know it had to go for length.

Yeah, I thought FOUR post-credit scenes might have been pushing it a bit too far LOL.
Also, the scene sort of did not sit right with me. Why didn't J'onn J'onzz step in and help when the world was in jeopardy?
Though I imagine if I tried, I could have edited to make it work....?
But in the end, I just wanted to keep the focus on the core team.
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Also, the scene sort of did not sit right with me. Why didn't J'onn J'onzz step in and help when the world was in jeopardy?
I just figured he was in South America defending that continent ;)

You're very welcome, this is a well paced super clean edit. Professional level and the movie works so so much better the way you cut it.
A big THANK YOU to @Martian Manhunter for taking the time to post a review.
Always deeply appreciated.

A good word to describe this edit is breezy. The seamless fusion of both version into a whole makes for a fast-paced and action packed adventure.
Thanks! Faster paced, heart felt, FUN was definitely the intention of this fan edit.

BionicBob's cut has 3 mid-credits scenes. I disapprove of the first one, since there never will be a Justice League vs Darkseid film in this continuity it feels like unfulfilled sequel baiting.
In my Multiverse, there was a sequel ;) :ROFLMAO:😂:ROFLMAO: lol
Saw THIS and just had to share!!!!


Bring back any memories @Dwight Fry ? 😂 :ROFLMAO: 😂 bwah ha ha ha!
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