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Last DVD, Blu-Ray, UHD or Digital you purchased?

The Criterion edition of Gilliams "Brazil" arrived in mail today. As a fan I should have gotten to it earlier I guess. Now let's see if it's as good as they say...
I just bought the BFI edition of Abel Gance's Napoleon as my Channukah present. Also bought The Rocky Horror Picture Show and the complete set edition of Conan the Barbarian

This one 👆
Nice. Got the 7 movie collection for Christmas. Has the dated transfer for 1 but still a nice deal

Ayyyy, really hope you have a good release of T2 if you care about that one. The collection uses the DNRd mess of a 4K restoration.
I don’t really care about the 4K or UHD or shit like that…. I just wanted to have all the movies in one collection…. I also have the machinima series all I need now is the Sarah Conner Chronicles to complete my Terminator Video collection
I don’t really care about the 4K or UHD or shit like that….
Except It was not what he was talking about. It was about transfer of T2 disc in that set, you bought.

I, personally, bought T2 in new so called "remaster" only because I wanted to do some fan restoration based on that transfer, but then I've found someone was able to do it better, so his version became my go-to version of T2 ever since.
6 hours into the 7-day auction and this is already going for $35K after 140 bids:

It's for charity. Almost tempting to bid $36K for a laugh and hope somebody bids $37K :LOL: .



Dunno why they didn't include the full film on the second disc of that new Planes, Trains and Automobiles release; I can't imagine those VHS-sourced outtakes took up that much space.
Despite owning a complete GoT Blu-ray set, I still haven't seen a single episode of that or House of the Dragon. But, thanks to eBay, I just bought HotD S1 on Blu-ray (discs only, no case/packaging) for $11, shipping and tax included, as one dollar and ten cents per episode seems like a solid deal. Not sure why so many 4K sets include regular Blu-ray copies... I guess some 4K owner didn't want the redundant discs! :p
A few recent acquisitions, two of which were for free:


^^^ I had never heard of Girls Nite Out before and I don't consider myself a slasher fan, so to now own a really nice edition of an obscure one (apparently about a dude dressed as a bear) is pretty random. A friend of mine works for HMV and gets his pick of some leftover stock after Christmas, so he kindly brought these home for me. A trashy bear slasher could be fun..?

Speaking of slashers, I did actually pay money for:


This franchise is not something that has ever appealed to me, but here we are. My brother showed me the first film and I wasn't a fan, but he recommended the third film as a fan of practical fx magic. I didn't want to skip the second one and was pleasantly surprised by it, and the third one was a hoot. I've also been recommended the meta entry that Wes Craven returns for, so I decided to just take the dive and buy this very affordable set. I might even use the footage for an edit sometime.

And last but not least, the only piece of media I got for Christmas:


I'm a big fan of the novel Dracula and checking out the various failed attempts to adapt it to screen is often fascinating, fun and frustrating. The original BBC TV drama is meant to be the most accurate, so fingers crossed.
Most of my movies were bought digital on amazon, but I want to try and get a new bluray drive, so i grabbed this lot today.

I found a 20-disc Aqua Teen complete collection box set at Walmart, I couldn't not get it. I haven't checked for myself yet, but it seems to have all the bonus features from the original DVDs which is awesome. I'm so happy that I found this. Currently I'm rewatching the movie. Not sure if I should watch through the series from the beginning, or skip right to the later seasons that I haven't seen.
Found the funniest thing at Walmart today: a 3-pack of V For Vendetta, Watchmen, and Constantine. In other words, an Alan Moore pack that isn't allowed to mention Alan Moore. Maybe that's only funny to me.
I got the spider verse cartoon for my daughter from target for 19 dollars. I put it on for her but i was working so I didn’t get to watch much of it but what I saw looked great
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