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Here is the next one.

This will be submitted at the weekend.

All deleted scenes have been added back, 21 mins in total PLUS a brand new opening credit roll which will be teased later
TIME TRAVEL hasn't been invented, so here is an edit started in 2016, upgraded in 2019 and now imminent.
Noting that an extended cut already exists by Leeroy from 2014 at 133 mins (https://fanedit.org/looper-extended-cut/), this is 8 minutes longer with hopefully improved coding since the technology does move forward and I have re-rendered this version newly to take advantage of better codecs.
This fanedit finally realises the full potential of "Looper". Thanks for that.
If the production company had released this edit back then, the film might have been more well received and a sequel would have been made. Who knows...
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