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LotR Book IV - The Journey of the Ringbearers


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What is it about? The fourth of a six-part edit made to bring Peter Jackson's adaptations of "The Lord of the Rings" as close as possible to the original book by J.R.R. Tolkien, this covers the last half of "The Two Towers".
Original film name: The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers
New film name: J.R.R. Tolkien's The Lord of the Rings: Book IV - The Journey of the Ringbearers
Film studio name: New Line Cinema
Edit crew name: kerr
Date original film was released: 2002
Date edit was released: May 2009
Original runtime: 223 minutes
New runtime: 64 minutes
Amount of time cut/added: approx. 180 minutes cut, 20 minutes added (from RotK)


- New title sequence
- Removed Frodo seeing the Eye in Emyn Muil.
- Cut Frodo's line "What food have we got left?" and Sam's reply "Well let me see... Oh yes, lovely - lembas bread! And look... More lembas bread!" Sam's line is just odd and unnecessary, and I think the scene works better with less talk.
- The Emyn Muil scenes have been rearranged to closer match the book, so their climb down the cliff is the last event before they encounter Gollum.
- Cut Frodo's line "We're not alone." With the rearranging, the line doesn't work (Sam says later "Who'd follow us down here?") - and the "horrid stink" most likely emanates from the Dead Marshes, not Gollum, anyway.
- Cut Sam's line "Boats and rope and goodness knows what... It's not natural - none of it!" Another really strange line from Sam.
- "Book IV - The Journey of the Ringbearers" title added over Gollum climbing down to the hobbits.
- Like in the book, Frodo does not fall into the CGI waters of the Dead Marshes.
- The Smeagol flashback from RotK has been inserted into the scene in the dead marshes, after Gollum says "Smeagol..." The flashback has to be somewhere, and this is the most fitting place, since it was originally intended by PJ to be included here. Only the first part of the flashback has been used, since the narration doesn't really fit when placed here.
- Cut Deagol being dragged by a CGI fish.
- Sam does not fall off the cliff at the Black Gate, and they do not use the elven cloaks.
- The last part of the scene with Gollum catching fish in the stream has been removed. As in the book, there is no quarreling between Frodo and Sam in this edit. It now ends with Frodo's "I have to believe he can come back".
- Some cuts made to the hobbits being captured by the rangers to remove repetitive actions.
- Cut mention of "the fight coming to men on both fronts" from the map scene. Saruman is old news at this point, so the line is redundant.
- Some cuts made to Faramir's interrogation of the hobbits to make him seem a bit less threatening. Frodo answers his questions more freely, and does not lie about Gollum.
- Cut Faramir's flashbacks.
- The rangers do not beat up Gollum.
- Cut the scene where Sam urges Frodo to use the ring, both to make Faramir less of a villain, and because the scene has a grievous continuity error regarding the barrels.
- Cut Frodo looking like a drug addict/like Elijah Wood when threatened by Faramir.
- Cut Faramir's line "The Ring will go to Gondor". Instead, the scene cuts to...
- ... Faramir's dream/vision of Boromir's funeral boat. Faramir holds the Horn of Gondor, sitting in deep thought. This cuts to...
- ... Faramir: "Go, Frodo. Go with the goodwill of all Men." Frodo: "Thank you." Sam: "Captain Faramir... You have shown your quality - the very highest." As in the book, Faramir lets the hobbits go, instead of taking them to Osgiliath. The scene has been pieced together from recolored bits of the final Osgiliath scene.
- This cuts to Gollum leading the hobbits through Ithilien. First a shot from the beginning of RotK, then the "Songs and tales" scene from TTT.
- Some cuts made to Frodo walking towards Minas Morgul.
- Cut the closeup of the Witchking, in order to keep some mystery for his big reveal in Book V.
- Several changes have been made to the Stairs of Cirith Ungol sequence. Gollum does not steal Lembas, and Frodo does not send Sam home. Instead, Gollum separates the hobbits by pushing Sam down the stairs.
- Cut Galadriel's cameo. Not in the book, and it feels weird - I always expect her to exclaim "Now, get up!" as she extends her hand to Frodo. :roll:
- Cut Frodo's final encounter with Gollum. Not in the book, not needed, and it makes more sense for Frodo to continue on without Sam without the Gollum-encounter, since Shelob is now still a threat.
- Cut Frodo looking like a drug addict/like Elijah Wood when stung by Shelob.
- Sam's fight with Shelob has been shortened somewhat.
- As Frodo is taken by the orcs, we cut to "End of Book IV".

Intention for this fanedit: To separate Peter Jackson's "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy into six parts that adhere as closely as possible to the six books of J.R.R. Tolkien's "The Lord of the Rings". This is done by both restructuring the films to match the narrative structure found in Tolkien's book, and by removing as much as possible of the material that has no basis in Tolkien's vision of Middle-Earth. For Book IV, this has meant separating Frodo and Sam's journey from the rest of the story, to extend the story with scenes from "The Return of the King", and drastically alter some key plot points, most notably Faramir taking the hobbits to Osgiliath and Frodo sending Sam home, events which did not take place in the book.

Software used:
- Adobe Premiere Pro CS4
- Adobe After Effects CS4
- Adobe Photoshop CS4
- Womble MPEG Video Wizard DVD
- AutoGK

Additional comments: This fanedit primarily intended for fans of Tolkien's work. Its intention is not to improve the films in and of themselves, and viewers unfamiliar with the book will probably be left confused and unsatisfied, and would be better off watching the originals. But if you've made it this far, you already know that, right?

Release info:
64 min. PAL XVID
2.0 stereo, 192 kbps MP3

Uploaded to Rapidshare.
RS on http://fanedit.info
I downloaded and watched the AVI version last night.

I can happily report that the kerr's seemless editing is still highly present :smile:

I noted no issues as such with audio or video editing at all. For an AVI, the picture quality was great - but I'm not so bothered anyway as the DVD will inevitably follow.

I felt the story flowed rather well. Pacing was good and I certainly didn't bore of Sam and Frodo for an hour odd. There were a couple changes that I was really looking forward to -

- Faramir lets the Hobbits go and doesn't take them to Osgiliath
- Frodo doesn't tell Sam to leave while climbing to Shelob's lair.

These changes work impressively well. I was really surprised at how well the latter worked. Aside it being a little odd that Sam seems to take ages to catch up with Gollum and Frodo at the entrance to Shelob's lair, the next cut which then shows Sam threatening Gollum, Gollum screeching and Sam then plumetting down the steps is excellent. Well done!

Other things I liked was Frodo not falling in the water, Smeagol's tale being placed after Frodo calls Gollum Smeagol and less fighting with Shelob for Sam.

Of course Faramir letting them go early was good as well. All in all I actually enjoed this a little better than Book 3 which for me had a couple issues. This one didn't at all.

So 10/10 from me - I look forward to the DVD.
Thanks for the review and the generous rating, white43!

I'm very glad you liked the edit, and particularly that you thought Faramir letting the hobbits go and Frodo not sending Sam home worked well. I was very uncertain of whether or not those two changes would work at all, and it's a relief to see that they apparently do. So, thanks once again! :)
No, not yet. I'll eventually get around to it, but the changes will most likely be very minor. Mostly it'll be to make the opening and ending segments match the other five. Also, I'll probably make some small changes to the dead marshes. Of course, if people have any suggestions as to how the edit could be improved, I'll be happy to hear them.
Hi Kerr.

Just wondering if you're still planning on releasing V2 of Book 4. I've held off downloading V1 in anticipation of the new & improved V2. :)

P.S. I've also noticed that the AVP covers that he did stopped at Book3. Any chance we'll ever see Books 4-6?
Yes, there will be a new version - hopefully quite soon, but I'm not making any promises. Currently, the "V.2" of Book IV is nearly identical to the version that's on FE, so if you're impatient, you can safely download that one. I'm 99 % finished with the new version, though, so hopefully I'll be able to finish it sometime during the summer.

As for the AvP covers, I'm pretty sure he made covers for all six. Don't know if they're all posted on FE.org, though, but I think there are covers for all six in the "Fanedits Gallery" part of the forum.
Well, I finally finished creating and uploading the new version. All the changes are pretty minor, though. The main difference is that the opening/closing segments now match the slightly different design I used for Books V, VI and the updated versions of I - III. I've uploaded both an avi and a DVD version, so if a mod could simply replace the old links on FE.info with the new ones, that'd be swell.
Links will be updated in the next weekly cycle.
kerr said:
I uploaded the new version to MegaUpload, but the links on FE.info seem to be for RapidShare. So it seems it hasn't been updated yet.

This was from the Book VI discussion. So is the version I got from FE.info not the updated version then? If not, how do I go about getting that? Where else are these listed?

Kerr PM'd me the links, thanks, Kerr!
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