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Marvel's Eternals: Chronological Cut

This is a very ambitious edit in my view, both in terms of the quality of the original movie and the extent of the restructuring attempted. While I enjoyed it and found the edits themselves to be well implemented, I don’t feel it worked as well as intended. Let me explain. The chronological element was very effective in terms of how the events themselves played out, but there was too much of the Arashem grand design at the outset and I didn’t feel Ajax talking about the people of earth being worth saving made sense before the Eternals had reached the planet. Likewise, I think the Icarus reveal is best served later in the movie. I enjoyed the inclusion of the deleted scenes, particularly that set in the museum between Sprite and Dane. However, the hard coded subs for Makari in the later deleted scene with Sprite drew attention to the absence of subs throughout the rest of the feature and with so much dialogue of different languages (including sign) I think subs are essential. Thanks again for sharing.
[...] the absence of subs throughout the rest of the feature and with so much dialogue of different languages (including sign) I think subs are essential.
The entire edit is subtitled. Not only American Sign Language, but all languages.
Not all players use the "default" flag on subtitles, but if they aren't turned on by default you can turn them on by selecting them.
Thanks, the only subtitles I could find applies to everything, as opposed to the hard coded subs that appear in the original version for non spoken English parts. Certainly a good alternative though. Thanks again for all your work on this.
Here's an option for the table breaking scene:
Ikaris still breaks the table, but now simply because he's an inconsiderate jerk who vents his frustration with no regard for things around him. Combined with showing Ikaris' "big crime" up front, it helps cement Ikaris as a thoroughly unlikable fellow.
There's no Vibranium reference, no Ikea joke.

For Sersi to side with Ikarus here makes her look awful, too. Also his smile while breaking the table kind of betrays the intention with the cut here. Why not just cut the table-smashing altogether?
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