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Obi-Wan Kenobi

Oh, you're right. It just popped up in my YouTube feed and I wasn't even thinking about how he got his source. Sorry about that.
This was a bad show: misconceived, badly written, badly directed, and, McGregor aside, badly acted. The character of Reva, in particular, is spectacularly incoherent:




So, let's not hear from or see that character ever again, please.

The plotting is similarly arbitrary: on one day, Obi-Wan care barely use the Force anymore; a few days later, he's wielding Dr. Strange-level boulder throwing powers. Oh no, Obi-Wan got badly burned, and left his bacta recuperation early! Never mind, he can go on a big swim the next day, no problemo.

And did I mention the writing in general sucks balls? In ep.1, Reva randomly asks Owen if he's harboring any Jedi at his home. When he replies no, she asks why she should believe him. Um, because the odds of that are fairly astronomically small?! And don't get me started on how Obi-Wan and Reva agree to team up to take down Vader... by immediately splitting up. And why Vader leaves Reva alive for no reason whatsoever. (And why Vader didn't go down to that planet in the first place, sending Reva instead, even though he was right there on the same ship as her?)

(In fact, the whole concept of the Inquisitors is awful and canon-breaking. I've loathed the Rule of Two ever since it was introduced back in The Phantom Menace, because it meant the PT wouldn't have any cool massive Jedi-Sith battles. And it would be one thing, I guess, for Vader and the Emperor to be using Dark Side monks or underlings to help locate Jedi and Force-sensitive kids. But said underlings should under no circumstances be allowed to carry lightsabers; those should be reserved for Jedi/Sith only.)

In short, the whole thing is a deeply mediocre mess that only damages canon further.


And for Kathleen Kennedy to be saying earlier this year that Star Wars needs to move beyond the Skywalker saga, only to drag Vader, Leia, and Luke into a solo Obi-Wan series that in no way required them, sure seems like outright trollery.

Series grade: appropriately enough, I'll give it a D+.

TPM. The prequels didn't need to make Anakin's home planet Tatooine, they didn't need to show he'd ever been to Tatooine, or ever heard of the place.

Correction: Actually, I remembered in SW Ben does say the line about Owen thinking Anakin should've "stayed here and not gotten involved", so it's not TPM's fault for that one.

Meh, it would have been far better to leave that line as an apparent continuity goof, or make viewers assume Owen was referring to a false history of Anakin he and Beru invented, and not return to Tatooine in the PT at all.
Thanks for the entertaining read. :) And yeah, this show was a mess.

But we can still expect Disney to come out with at least two shows out of that:
- Reva: A Star Wars Story
- The Adventures of the Kenobi Bros
I started watching this series.....after watching Andor, this looks and feels like a CW tv show. Angles are way too tight, the music is meh, lighting makes this look cheap, everything is way too clean, and so on. I don't mind the characters, I just don't care for the acting and storytelling of this series. A shame as Obi-Wan was the only thing I liked about the prequel era. I ended up fast forwarding through most of the show to find substance. Sadly there was little to find for me. This looks and feels like a high budget fan film.
I’m not sure if posting YouTube clips is allowed but there’s definitely some Kenobi edits ITW by people not on this site. I think there’s a good movie in there. One thing I saw was some effects work done on the show by someone who apparently did effects for Andor. The effects look good, but I’m not sure how much they add to the quality of the show. I think that will be in the edit. But I did find it interesting that someone who worked on a Disney SW show is publicly fan editing a different SW show.
By the person who also worked on Andor:

Apparently they are going full Adywan and filming additional content with costumes and etc.

You can't save this show, but I am quite interested in this project.
By the person who also worked on Andor:

Apparently they are going full Adywan and filming additional content with costumes and etc.

You can't save this show, but I am quite interested in this project.
I think with the right editing it possible to save it if the prequels can be salvaged this can the only shows that can’t is mando book of boba fett the sequel trilogy resistance and yes even solo.
I randomly stumbled upon an edit idea for this that certainly someone has tried, but I can't see online. An Obi-Wan film, that takes the bare essentials of this show for its plot (sad old Ben comes out of retirement to save a child and winds up face to face with Darth Vader), but uses extensive flashbacks to tell Kenobi's backstory and history with Anakin Skywalker. This would obviously be culled from the prequel trilogy, centering on McGregor the whole time.

Could be a fun way to make some lemonade out of a good performance in a bunch of lemons.
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