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Official "Own the source material" Rule


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Fanedit.org supports the rights of the copyright holders, therefore it is FE policy that when commercially available sources are available, Faneditors must own a commercially available source for that material at equal or greater resolution in order for the edit to be listed on www.fanedit.org. Viewers who download fanedits should likewise own the source material listed when commercially available.

Because there are no means for the site to confirm that forum members are adhering to the rule, the site runs under the honor system and assumes everyone will be adult in their respect for copyright holders by adhering to this rule. However, we can, and do police the forum to ensure that no member is promoting piracy, which includes discussions of making edits using pirated sources of commercially available material, nor will theoretical discussions of how to get around the rule be allowed. Fanedits which are found to be created in violation of this rule will not be added to the site, or will be removed from the site if such information comes to light after being added.

This forum is for the discussion, support and promotion of the art-form of Fanediting. Any threads/posts which discuss the use (real or hypothetical) which violates, skirts, or other possible loophole has no place on this forum and will be removed. Members who repeatedly violate this rule will be subject to corrective actions up to and including permanent bans. This is not a First Amendment/Free Speech issue. If you wish to engage in such discussion privately, that is of course your business. The rule is simple, we are all adults, do the right thing. If you have any questions about this rule, send a Private Message to a Mod or Admin directly. DO NOT ask other forum members.
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