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Panic Flight


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Fanedit Film Name: Panic Flight
FanEditor: Raven
Brief Synopsis: An intense thriller trying to achieve the same feeling as the
movie "Panic Room", by putting more focus on the story and the main character!
Tagline: She designed the plane from top to bottom. Now she'll have to tear it apart!
Original Film Name: Flightplan
Studio Name: Touchstone Pictures, Imagine Entertainment.
Genre: Thriller
Fanedit Type: TrueFan Edit
Original Running Time: 1 hour, 38 minutes.
Original Release Date: 23 July 2005
Fanedit Running Time: 1 hour, 28 minutes.
Fanedit Release Date: 10 May 2011
Amount of time cut: 10 minutes.

Intention:I wanted to remove the subplot with the middle eastern people so the focus would be on the story and the main character.
I also wanted the audience to really feel like the main character actually could be losing her mind.

Edit details:I wanted the whole part with the husband jumping etc to be more understandable,
so I took all scenes in the beginning of the movie that were divided up and put them back together.
I also wanted to get a better focus on the main story, so I removed all scenes in the entire movie where the story revolved around the middle eastern people,

ADDED new movie title at the same place as in the original release.
RE-EDITED the whole introduction of the husband jumping etc.
Each of the past and present parts are now in two long pieces, not chopped up like before.
Also, the past is now in b/w so it´s possible to tell the difference.
CUT the two arabs from the window across the courtyard.
CUT the part where the arabs board the plane.
CUT Jodie Foster talking to the arabs during the initial search.
CUT the big arab fight.
CUT man saying "No way" and looking at the arabs.
CUT the second arab fight when the plane was in darkness.
CuT arabs looking at Jodie Foster as she is lead handcuffed to hear seat.
CUT agent Carson talking about people beliving the arabs being a threat.
CUT turning heads of the arabs as people walk down the stairs.
CUT girl saying "I told you she had a daughter", because she denied it earlier in the movie.
CUT man saying "she never gave up", because only minutes ago they all hated her.
CUT one of the arabs helping Jodie Foster with her bag.
CUT arab looking at the van.
ADDED white fade-out like in the original release (movie end) as the main character hugs her daughter at the very end in the arrival hall.

Special Notes: As this is my second edit, I slowly begin to understand all the hard work all great faneditors here actually put in!

Technical Info: SL-DVD, 720x300, audio 256 kbit/s.
Created with Sony Vegas, Photoshop, VirtualDub and Nero Vision.
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