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Post The Trailer Of Your Amazing Fanedit!

That's certainly...different.
I’m trying to make it more psychological and the pacing a little more intense. The themes of nightmares, rage, violence, passion and of course, obsession, I hope to make these themes stand out more with my fanedit.
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Here is a rough trailer for Episode 07 of The Tarantino Tales. Viewer discretion is adamantly advised. That awesome intro is by @Wraith. He took my dedication and made it rock!
A little late to the party here, but this is a great trailer. I didn't think it would be possible to trim down a great movie like Inglourious Basterds down to an hour, but the trailer alone seems to do it in just a few minutes.
Trailer for my newest edit, 9/11 Consecution. Coming soon!

That's really cool. This is looking more and more like a very ambitious project. I think that you should make it clear that the footage that you have assembled to create the montage that you are using to tell our story, will have station identifiers and such since it is actual footage. Many of us have been following your project with keen interest and are aware but some may not be. Great work, Greenie!
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