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Pressure Point Remastered 3/27/09

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The World Is Not Enough is a bloated film that tries to do everything for every fan. It tries to be both a psychological thriller and an over the top action movie. Under all the fat is a good movie. This fan edit tries to bring that movie forward, mostly though cuts of redundant dialogue, bad acting, and just plain stupidity.

Old runtime: 128 minutes
New runtime: 108 minutes


1. Bond doesn't quip about the Cigar Girl. He just looks her over and folds up the paper.
2. No Moneypenny scene after the money is scanned. Bond just goes straight into M's office.
3. No Q lab scene. Bond goes straight from shagging Warmflash to research.
4. No briefing with M about Renard. As much as the scene is imformative, it's too much redundant talking. Moneypenny can't keep the bad jokes to herself. It also makes it look like Bond really doesn't know who is after Elektra untill the scene with Valentin. Plus, no "bait" stuff either.
5. No "cold reception" line. Straight to the slopes.
6. Bond's conversation with Elektra is snipped to remove long pauses.
7. Bond just turns around when Elektra says "Who's afraid now.". He doesn't look up.
8. Casino scene ends with the "Game I cannot afford to play" lines. No explaining where Davidov is.
9. Bond and Elektra no longer talk about the kidnapping in bed. It ruins a great shot of Bond and Elektra cuddling after sex, basking in the glow of one another. It simply fades from that shot to the house.
10. Bond does not shoot Davidov. He just kicks him in the jaw.
11. No Russians with sneakers.
12. Christmas vs. Bond quipathon cut.
13. No gadget watch.
14. Christmas no longer hotwires the controls. She just pushes a button.
15. Elektra doesn't call M.
16. Bond does not confront Elektra. It goes straight from the plane to the helicopter. Some continuity errors, but I think it's worth it to get rid of those two horrible scenes.
17. Elektra doesn't confront Bond in the control room. Wouldn't make sense.
18. In the original cut, Bond shields Christmas from the blast. They both just jump off here.
19. The dialogue between when Bond calls Robinson the first time and when he gets through are now cut.
20. Bond doesn't miss a "critical element". He just doesn't know what to do.
21. Caviar fight shortened. Bond doesn't use the BMW. No "champagne or sour cream".
22. When Elektra enters the torture room, she no longer says "James Bond". Bond just glares at her.
23. Bond doesn't cuddle with Elektra's corpse. He goes straight to the balcony.
24. No "So where going up, then".
25. Christmas doesn't say "It's too risky" when Bond enters the escape hatch. Bond cuts her off.
26. No more drowning Brosnan. Christmas pushes the button right away.
27. Bond does not rescue Christmas untill he kill Renard.
28. No Jon Glen moment at the end.
29. No more "Christmas coming once a year". Film ends on Bond and Christmas kissing on the balcony with the fireworks.
30. Only Myself to Blame in the end credits.

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
wow, it really is James Bond fanediting time. Cool.

This is the rough cut of the film on Google Video. There are a couple of things I'm not satisfied with.

The full resolution file has slightly less video quality than the source DVD (TWINE SE), mostly due to the constant reencoding that was needed (first to Apple Intermediate, then to DV, then to MPEG-2 for the release).
Ouch, that's what frame-serving is for, man.

I didn't think it was possible to edit this into a good movie, but looking at the cuts you've made, I'm thinking of checking it out when it's done. Happy editing.
Google apparently wasn't too happy about having a Bond movie hosted on their video service. Probably because they know how trigger happy MGM is with their lawyers.

uploaded to Megaupload
Good stuff.

I would have cut a hell of a lot more. Still too many jokes for my liking.

I may be wrong but Bond has no real reason to react so severely to seeing Renard. He does not know who he is or what he is doing. Maybe the hologram scene needs put back in. I may have missed something so feel free to put me right on this.
I never liked the hologram scene. Too much blatant explaining and bad jokes. Like when Bond takes his finger out of the holographic skull when Molly walks in. I couldn't cut out the stuff I wanted without it being obvious.
Just to make sure everyone is on the right page.

This is the final edit of Pressure Point:Megaupload. It's compatable with iPods, so you can watch it on TV without having to reencode it again for DVD. A higher resolution .mp4 file (and a DVD) is in the works.
this is waiting to be approved.
Did you watch the entire thing, ohmss?
Yes, I did watch all of this edit. I converted it to DVD with ConvertXtoDVD.

Obviously the picture was not dvd quality considering supplied format but I also thought the sound dipped a little during action scenes (at explosions etc). The actual cuts are very good as without a side by side viewing I can not say what, if anything, was cut from the latter part of the film.

However, the removal of the briefing leaves a big hole in the story. Both the viewer and Bond now know nothing about Renard. So, later in the film, when they first encounter each other, I thought their reactions were a little extreme and out of place.

On the other hand, the removal of John Cleese can only be a good thing.

EDIT: because of the picture quality issue it might be best to wait for the DVD to be issued before approving (or not approving) this one.
ok... so for the DVD, some issues need to be fixed and then it can get approved.
Hmm... Valid points. I just noticed that Brosnan's voice goes up suddenly when he is screaming at Christmas.

I'll reconstruct the edit this week and get all the niggles smoothed out.
I am glad you are continuing this project. So many just resign after their first trial was not as successful or perfect as they planned it. But then they forgot that this is where we all started.
moved back to "IN THE WORKS" until the final version is finished.
One of the things I'm trying to do is create a seamless branching DVD for the fanedit, with one edit being the original one I posted (with some audio fixes and such) and the other including the Renard briefing (either in full or cut slightly) and the M and Elektra scenes just after Bond and Christmas escape the silo.

I'll also try out editing in 5.1 surround sound. If that doesn't work, I'll just downconvert to stereo and mix.

I have a couple of other fanedits on the backburner (my own cut of Reloaded/Revolutions, two other Bond movies, Death Proof and Planet Terror: Grindhoused), but I'm working on getting Pressure Point up to par first.

Stay tuned
Here's a screengrab from the DVD


Encoded using Quicktime Pro 2-pass.

I'm getting the files ready for my second crack at this, along with another fanedit (Licence Revoked). The majority of the edits will be identical, with some tweaking and hopefully some DVD seamless branching in the mix as well.
Just finished recutting and testing on DVD Studio Pro. The seamless branching worked like a charm.

In short, there are two versions of the fanedit. One is the original one, with some minor changes. The other is an extended version with five scenes put back in. Those scenes would be:

1. The Briefing
2. The second conversation with Bond and Elektra after sex
3. Elektra calling M
4. Bond confronting Elektra
5. Bond looking over Elektra after he shot her.

These are scenes that are somewhat important to the story, but I never really liked and couldn't edit to my satisfaction. Also included on the DVD as a deleted scene is the Q Lab scene.

The original edit comes in at 108 minutes and the extended version comes in at 115 minutes.
if the original one is included, this cannot be posted here. Or do you mean the "original" fanedit?
That would be the original fanedit.

I still have to figure out how to post the DVD. Looks like I'm going to be digging through Bittorrent tutorials this week.
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