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You will notice that there are twelve faneditors listed as a part of this massive project. Yet there are only ten edits.

Early in the concept of the project there were actually only two editors. @It'sOnRandom and @Dawnrazor. They had this crazy idea that each of them would edit two or three Tarantula movies down to an hour each. One of them had this even crazier idea to invite a fanediting legend to join the party and take on an edit or two. @Wraith became editor number three after consulting with @ArtisDead to determine if they had all lost their minds. He advised @Wraith that they had indeed lost their minds.

To be continued...😁


Inglorious Basterds is one of my favorite movies. It's hands down my favorite Tarantula movie.

A perfect anachronism drenched in politically incorrect kitsch that pushes buttons on so many levels.

I really didn't care for his movies other than this one, Reservoir Dogs and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood before becoming a part of Red Apple Crew.

I loved almost everything about this movie.

The actors are incredible. Christoph Waltz's performance as Colonel Hans Landa is one of the greatest evil bad guy performances in cinematic history. Charming and affable but cold, cruel and deadly simultaneously. Melanie Laurent is gorgeous. She portrays Shoshanna, the injured woman scorned perfectly. Brad Pitt is cast in one of his very best performances as Leuitenant Aldo Raine. Laurent and Pitt anchor the movie but Waltz owns it and deserves the Oscar.

I love the close-ups and framing, the use of reflections and long stares, the intricate and detailed use of foley. Tiny sounds are almost characters. It's Tarantula's opus.


The biggest challenge was getting the edit off the ground and finishing it. I only accepted the invitation because they informed me that this movie was available to edit. I had forgotten how much work went into it. @L8wrtr, @spence and @Wraith all encouraged me in the beginning to believe that I could do this again. I am very grateful to them.


Several of the toughest decisions were the excision of some of the scenes because of the length of time that the edit had to fall within to be acceptable.

Much of the song placement and audio ducking presented challenges, as well. I believe that I am very good at knowing which songs to place and where to place them but the actual knowing when to duck in an out is more of a challenge. @futon88 certainly shared his genius with me in that area. He put up with my perfectionism with much patience.


The greatest joy was two-fold.

I am very pleased that I got to pay homage to two of my favorite musicians within a fanedit of one of my favorite movies and have it turn out as good as it is.

However, my greatest joy was to be able to work on fanedits with all of these great faneditors that I have mentored such as @FrameSniffer, @theomega, @futon88, @Phase3, and @thepotatoparadox; a few that I was given the pleasure of working with for the first time such as @greenturnedblue, @Dawnrazor and @krausfadr and especially a few that I have held in high regard for years such as @INIGHTMARES, @spence and @Wraith.

I was allowed to see some amazing fanediting and collaborative effort take place.

I am truly humbled. Thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of our amazing project, Red Apple Crew! It is an honor!​
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Episode Four "KILL BILL VOL 1" by @greenturnedblue

And the hits keep coming with entry in the Tarantino Tales. (y)

Kill Bill is my favourite QT flick, so I was very curious what road would be taken to whittle this classic down by 50 minutes.

What we get is mostly set-up for the cliffhanger ending. While the originals were broken into two movies, each movie had its own beginning, middle and end. That is not quite the case here. However, I will say the new cliffhanger ending is masterful and I loved it.

Much of the movie is dedicated to O-Ren's backstory but it has no pay-off. Narratively, it might have played stronger if part one had gone with The Bride's confrontation with O-Ren and saved the Green fight for part two.

The structure and pacing of some of O-Ren and Pai Mei flashbacks were a bit abrupt in some spots, but I very much liked the idea of The Bride training while waiting for her sword to be made.

Noted one flash frame during the hospital fade to black, or more specifically, during the fade to black the camera angle changes.

A fun watch.
Looking forward to Kill Bill Vol 2! :)
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They had this crazy idea that each of them would edit two or three Tarantula movies down to an hour each.
Luckily they later realized the idea would be much more popular if they switched to editing Tarantino movies.
Luckily they later realized the idea would be much more popular if they switched to editing Tarantino movies.
Scared Oh No GIF by Freeform

Says who?
Thank you all so much for the positive response that you have given RED APPLE CREW'S first project, The Tarantino Tales. I'm overwhelmed by the positive response that you have given Episode Seven. You have been very generous. I'm humbled.

The entire
RED APPLE CREW Season One catalogue is worthy of your attention. In my opinion, every single episode is as good (or better) than my edit.

Please, if you own any of the other movies, request a link to the other edits. You wont be disappointed.

If you have viewed any of the Tarantino Tales episodes, and have not left a review, please do so. We can apply the feedback not only to our current edits, but to future projects as well.

Thank you so much for your generosity. We create our art for you.
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I back you up 100%. I love every episode of season 1. For each editor to be able to get 1 hour stories out of Tarantino's often intricate films blew me away. I enjoyed watching each and every one to see how the editors cut them, and then being dazzled at the results.
Each edit is unique, with each editor bringing their version of a Tarantino film to life. Collaborating with the rest of the crew was not only a real joy, but I was extremely impressed by the creativity, knowledge and amazing technical skill.

From my perspective, I hope that anyone who sees all ten edits not only enjoys them, but gets a sense that each edit was a labour of love in many ways, brought to you by people who genuinely love films!
To those reviewing this or portions of this project, please only leave a review for the whole project if you have seen it all. Otherwise, please review the individual episodes that you have watched. Thanks!
I apologize to everyone that I asked to place a review for the main edit based on their review of my edit. I should have done a little more research before asking this of the generous fans of RED APPLE CREW.

Thank you for taking your time to support the project and I hope that you will watch all edits that you own the appropriate source material for and review them. Thanks again.
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is rapidly approaching.


THE RED APPLE CREW will be making two announcements on that date .
@Wraith, adding that you're making an announcement in a few weeks without any actual content is still akin to a bump without content. A profile post would probably be the best option.
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