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Red Dwarf: Back To Earth - The Editors Cut

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by Father Merrin
To focus purely on the story & make a tighter version. As a result scenes I have taken out weren't down to whether I thought they were any good or not, but because I didn't think they were necessary to the overall story.

Original film name: Red Dwarf: Back To Earth - The Directors Cut
Film studio name: Grant Naylor Productions
Edit name: Red Dwarf: Back To Earth - The Editors Cut
Date Original Film Was Released: 2009
Date Re-Edit Was Released: Nov 2009
Original Runtime: 69 minutes
New Runtime: 48 minutes
Amount of time Cut: 21 minutes

Cuts Removed:
Annoying Rimmer Scene
Hall Scene Scene
Kryten & Rimmer Hall Scene
Elevator Scene
Toilet Story Scene
Sofa Scene
Underground Scene
Kids on Bus Scene
Carbug Scene
Corrie Scene
Lister Meets Craig Scene
In The Elevator Scene

There are also minor cuts in the remaining scenes, but I'm not listing those cause there's too many to list.

Cuts added:
New Opening Credits
New Holly Intro
New End Credits

New Scene Listing
1. Garden of Remembrance
2. New Titles
3. Monster in the water talk
4. Diving bell
5. Katerina Bartikovsky
6. The Replacement
7. Dimension Cutting
8. Earth
9. They Walk Among Us
10. The Bus
11. The Big Fish
12. The Creator
13. Death Chase
14. Typing Back
15. Time To Choose
16. Back In The Red

Fanedit Details
1.78:1 PAL
English Audio 5.1
2 Audio Tracks - 1 With Audience Laughter & 1 With Without Audience Laughter


Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original edit:

Back To Earth seemed to divide Red Dwarf fans as much The Phantom Menace divided Star Wars fans. When a movie is this divisive there is no way one edit could satisfy everyone. As a result I have in no way made this edit to please anyone but myself. But, I am sharing this edit on the off chance other Red Dwarf fans may enjoy it too.

The only concession I have made for others is to produce 2 audio versions. The fact there wasn't a studio audience seemed to be one of the most divisive factors of BTE, so 2 audio tracks have been made. One with a Laughter track & one without, the edit it self is the same but now you can watch it with the audio version that you prefer.

Personally, I felt there was as good in BTE as there was bad. So I decided to focus purely on the story & make a tighter version. As a result scenes I have taken out weren't down to whether I thought they were any good or not, but because I didn't think they were necessary to the overall story.

Also, a special mention to Harman. This edit hit the buffers because of terrible audio glitches & I was very close to not releasing this edit as a result. But, Harman kindly offered to do the audio for me & as a result of the months of hard work he put in this edit can now be released.

Time needed for the re-edit:
Planning: 3 days
Editing: 1 week
Sound editing: Months
Trailer: none
DVD layout and features: Menu with 2 Audio options
Persons involved: Father Merrin & Harman

wow, congrats to all involved with getting this finished!! I know it was a real headache.
YAY! Been waiting for this one! Well done FM!
brilliant. well worth the wait!
I feel compelled to post FatherMerrin's last post from the "in-the-works" thread here. So here it is:

FatherMerrin said:
Yesterday the details of the edit were posted on the Red Dwarf forum and the response was less than warm. :lol:

Oddly enough the scene they took most offense to was the removing of the kids on the bus. I mean on this forum most people were delighted with the removal of the scene. So it's an interesting difference.

Anyway, the edit should be up by the end of the month so you'll all beable to make your mind up for yourselves.

Well, I would assume the response would be less than warm over there. Dwarfers don't want it messed with. I would say I'm a Dwarfer too, but I'm always open to change. (I'm especially hoping people tear apart the new Star Trek movie! :grin: )
I'm downloading it right directly! And thanks to boon's gift of a premium RS account for the month, it's going very, very quickly. :) (steady speed of 1.2 MB/s) I plan to watch it A.S.A.P. I just watched the official DVD a coupla weeks ago, so it's nice and fresh in my mind, too. I'll rate and review it afterwards. Congrats again on getting it done, F.M.
Thanks AvP for posting the edit for me. :)

Thanks for with holding judgement until you've seen it, (unlike certain dwarfer dorks) so I hope u guys like it.
Just watched it again & there's 3 things that are bugging me.

But, if anyone would like to share their views that'll be great.
I watched tonight FM - will give you a review tomorrow.
Cool, nice one white.

I think I've spent so long worrying about the Sound & Apsect Ratio, certain other things were overlooked.

Harman's gonna kill me... but I've already started tweaking it. :oops:
Sh*t - sorry mate promised a review and haven't done so. Got jabs for both flu and swine Thursday and feel like complete shite today! I promise to have something up on Saturday....!
Not to worry mate.

I've actually had Flu all week. :(

I felt like s**t last Friday & Saturday and then on Sunday I woke up & felt like I got hit by a train. Physically could not get out of bed, I've been gettin better slowly but it's been over a week since it's kicked in & I'm still not 100%. :-(
Only the first part of this still appears to be online.
Hello and welcome,

Did you read your welcome PM?


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Have you actually checked yourself that the files are still offline? If you have then send a Mod a PM letting them know that the files need reuploading and then cross your fingers that someone still has the files.
So, um...anyone else watching the new episodes? ;) Good stuff! Loved to see Lister explaining to the computer about his father. The parts with Cat and Kryten speaking at the same time was classic Dwarf too!
Father Merrin graciously sent me a DVD of this edit. It has been uploaded to MEGA. I'm a busy guy, who knows if I'll remember to put it on Info. If you don't see it there and you want to see it, click my username. Then click "Private Message". Subject: Red Dwarf. Body: Hi. I wants the fanedit.
It probably could've been there in the time it took you to write all that! ;)
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