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Returning To Jedi


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by Jambe Davdar
What is it about? In the follow up project to "Building Empire" Jambe Davdar presents Star Wars: Returning to Jedi, charting an in depth view intro, and around the story of SW6.

original film name: Star Wars Episode VI: Return of the Jedi
film studio name : Lucasfilm
Date Original Film Was Released : 1983
New Runtime : 2hrs 27m
Cuts removed/added/extended : Too many to mention

DVD Details:
PAL 2hr 27min main doco (total 2hrs 38 inc extras)
16:9 Anamorphic
AC3 Audio

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

This is a 'commentary documentary', combining all of the know behind the scenes footage with audio commentary and text facts.

- 'Ugly as Sin' Teaser Trailer
- Trailer
- Revenge of the Jedi crawl
- Alternate Sail Barge music sequence
- Speederbike Storyboard comparison
- Easter Egg

A list of some of the resources used:

- 2004 DVD Supplemental Material
- 2006 OT DVD
- Laserdisc Supplementals
- Classic Creatures
- From Star Wars to Jedi: The Making of a Saga
- Other official DVD extras (if you know of any specific ROTJ footage let me know)
- Teasers Trailers
- Photos of Sand storm deleted scene (anyone got hi-res versions)
- Comic Adaptations
- Radio Drama
- Skywalker (BBC Radio 1 Programme)
- NPR Richard Marquand Audio Interview
- Return of the Ewok
- Horizon, How to Film the Impossible
- ROTJ Soundtrack (previously unreleased music)
- BBC Interview - Jeremy Bulloch
- Ocpmovie's Classic Edition
- Original and Special Editions
- Annotated Screenplays Book
- Wonder Column in Space CD
- When Star Wars Ruled the World
- Rarities 1
- Lucasfilm Archives book
- Art of ROTJ Book
- Star Wars Chronicles book
- Empire Building book

persons involved: Jambe Davdar and many originaltrilogy.com members

There is an NTSC single layer version of this, lower in quality than the PAL dual layer, but still very much enjoyable on rapidshare and bittorrent.


Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
Miami film festival version of Returning to Jedi. There are some corrections and changes as well as a little additional footage that surfaced since the original release.
Newsgroups release (PAL only) at alt.binaries.starwars
That version is a film only (no menus or extras version) if I recall correctly. anyone confirm? if so, it would be cool to make a composite disc with the new version, and all the old DVD goodies.
That is correct, it is only the movie.
I will try and make a DVD version from it, simply replacing the movie on the original DVD with this one. This will go up on RS then.
way cool boon!! I am sure many people will be interested in this :)
I got a bit of a problem here.

I downloaded the PAL ISO which came in at 5.8GB (obviously too big for a SL DVD).

Have I downloaded a DL version by mistake or is there something wrong with this ISO?

Can shrink it down a tad without making it unwatchable?

Any idea how I've screwed up (assuming that I have which usually the safest option).
you have done nothing wrong. It is obviously a DL PAL. I need to name it correctly on fanedit.info, which is hereby done.
Thanks boon I thought I'd made yet another idiotic error or that the ISO folder had been accidentally over packed but if it's just a simple case of being labeled incorrectly hopefully by flagging it up I've done a little bit of good.

And cheers for the lightning fast response.
you can shrink it down w/ dvdshrink.
it will lose quality but not much. It will still be watchable.
So does the DL PAL DVD have the old goodies included?

On a related note, I have managed to successfully incorporate the recently available Building Empire - Miami Version (PAL) with the goodies from the older SL PAL version by using IFOUpdate.
It plays back perfectly :)

I had just downloaded both of them these past couple of days but originally, I had downloaded the SL NTSC version.

Surprisingly, the SL NTSC version has EVEN MORE goodies in the DVD-ROM folder - which isn't found on the SL PAL version either.
It has about 300 mb of stuff.
Below are the items as they appear in the .nfo files:

ESB Radio Drama
ESB 'Story Of' Album
Mark Hamill 1979 Audio Interview
DVD Covers
Video Extra

The ESB Radio Drama alone is approx. 260 minutes :!:

I can upload:

1. Everything complete (5.85 gb)
2. The DVD_ROM folder separately (338 mb)
3. For those that only downloaded BE Miami, the extras from the SL PAL - which is everything in the VIDEO_TS folder (including updated ifo files) except VTS_01_1.VOB through VTS_01_4.VOB (479 mb)
4. For those that downloaded both PAL DVDs (SL PAL and Miami), just the updated ifo and bup files (248 kb)
zeppelinrox said:
So does the DL PAL DVD have the old goodies included?
As a matter of fact, it does, fine sir!

I had just downloaded the Miami SL PAL version from demonoid (with ifo hacked to be NTSC) and have incorporated it into the original DL PAL DVD so I now have a RTJ MUFF Complete PAL DVD.

Uploading to MultiUpload now

I included an nfo file in the DVD_ROM folder which contains the following info:
Notes from ZeppelinRox:

1. Since I'm a completist and like to have the latest and greatest, I combined
all the menus and extras, including the DVD-ROM folder (containing artwork),
from the original DL PAL DVD with the updated Miami Underground Film Festival

2. Of course, the IFOs have been updated - using IfoEdit.
I did add chapter points to match the last 2 chapters of the original release
at the start of the end credits and at the end of the credits (but before that
extra bit) - using VobBlanker's split cell and add chapter features.
Then I deleted the last 2 original chapter points that were just before and in
the middle of the end credits - using PgcEdit

3. The !ifo_back folder contains files with original chapters.
I included these files in the off chance that there is a problem with the new
chapter points that I made. I'm no IFO Guru so better safe than sorry :p
These files will also retain all the menus and extras.
So if there is a problem, back up the ifo files in the VIDEO_TS folder and
replace them with these files.

4. I did not shrink anything down so the quality here is, as far as I know, the
best that is available.
The downside is that it all does not quite fit on a single layer DVD.
Sorry for the double post.
Anybody who wants this... don't download it yet.

The last 3 files are being a pain in the ass.
For some reason, multiupload isn't handling the files properly and can't be downloaded.

I've delted them and re uploaded them several times.
If I can't get it to work, I will re zip them in bigger sections.

Edit: It finally worked. Heh. I have sent the new links and it's all good 8)
elbarto1 said:
you can shrink it down w/ dvdshrink.
it will lose quality but not much. It will still be watchable.

I have converted the RTJ MUFF Complete PAL DVD that I assembled (mentioned above) to a SL NTSC DVD.
Deinterlaced and sharpened up the image as well but I kept the same running time so the audio is untouched.
All the extras got the same treatment but I stole the menu that boon created for the original RTJ SL NTSC DVD.

Links have already been posted.
I deleted the first NTSC MUFF Complete version from prior post and have uploaded a better version which avoids dropping frames or adding jumpiness.
Fanedit.info should have the links up soon.
I did it again...
I made the DL PAL into a SL PAL since the DL was only 200mb too big to fit on a SL disc.
I fixed the chapters to match the SL NTSC disc, deinterlaced, made it progressive and sharpened the image as well.

Here are the notes from the nfo file:

Notes from ZeppelinRox:
1. Why ANOTHER PAL Complete version?

Well, when I had originally combined all the menus and extras, including the
DVD-ROM folder (containing artwork), from the original DL PAL DVD with the
updated Miami Underground Film Festival SL PAL DVD to make a MUFF Complete DVD,
I had left everything untouched so as to preserve its quality. However, it was
a bit too large to fit on a SL DVD. It is only 200 mb too big which makes it
even more annoying to me.
Also, when I converted it to NTSC, I had deinterlaced and sharpened the image a
bit and really liked the result.
Therefore, I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone - shrink it down to fit on
a SL DVD while enhancing the image with a bit of sharpening and deinterlacing.

2. Here is the script that I used:
Yeah, the FFT3D line made it slow as hell...

3. Tools used were mainly CCE SP2 (4 pass encoding including extras), PgcEdit,
and VobBlanker and MuxMan. Oh and MeGUI, since it makes it so easy to get d2v
files and simultaneously demux the Audio and Video streams.

4. Fixed the chapters to match the chapters on the original NTSC SL DVD. I
also added a couple near the beginning. I'm not sure about the chapters on the
original PAL version, but the chapter points on the aforementioned DL PAL MUFF
Complete DVD were not quite right.

5. I kept the bitrate as high as possible and pretty much maxed out a SL DVD
(4,698,534,486 bytes) :p.
If it's too big to burn comfortably, you may have to delete unwanted artwork
from the DVD_ROM folder or just zip them up.

6. To summarize the differences between this SL MUFF Complete and the previous
DL MUFF Complete. This DVD:
- fits on a SL DVD (duh)
- is progressive
- has a sharper picture
- has proper chapter points.
It's now up at fe.info
Though at the moment the dlc file for RTJ SL PAL can be found in the Building Empire's SL PAL rar file (it has both SL PAL dlcs)
The rar file currently linked with RTJ SL PAL contains the dlc for the DL PAL disc
So, if I still got this right, then I get the most complete RTJ version, with DVD_ROM section, and menu, by downloading the Building Empire's dlc?
umm no.
If you click the Building Empire SL PAL link, it loads a rar file.
In that rar file, there are 2 dlc files - 1 for BE SL PAL and 1 for RTJ SL PAL

All the other Miami links load the appropriate dvd.
Only the RTJ SL PAL link is wrong, as it loads the DL PAL version.

Oh, and all 3 RTJ dvds contain the exact same material (everything included.. yes menus and dvd_rom stuff)
Same goes for the 3 BE dvds.

Edit: All the links are working properly now.
Having a tough time finding a link to download this. The one I found doesn't seem to be working. Anyone help out with a good link to the NTSC version of this? I'd appreciate it. I have the other two and would like to finish the collection.
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