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Room 237 (A shining fanedit by maniac51)


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One of my favorite movies.
I love the King Book, but Kubrick makes his own version of this.
Visual style, camera movement , it's all great.
Nicholson is outstanding as usual, like i said earlier, there is only one Jack Torrance.
Weber is (tv remake) a good actor but this tv remake was really an insult to the performance of Nicholson and the movie of Kubrick
King was more satisfied about the tv remake, and NOT at all of Kubrick's version
Well, King, your one of my favorite writers, but i think your dead wrong man.
But, that is personal.

My next edit, and this time this is convert in the right way, because of my framerate problem i must do a remake of all my earlier edits
I was very pissed of about it:mad: but, after a cold shower i have a fresh start with this one
The remakes i do in between, so a busy time i guess.

There are some editing mistakes in the original shining, i try to cut it down.
Danny boy is the only one who has the Shining, the cook in this edit is only curious of the family in the hotel, because they not answering his phonecalls so that is the only reason he goes back to the hotel.

I use the american version of this, because the european cut is really a laugh
There are some actors named on the credits (beginning) but you don't see them in the movie, all very sloppy.

Cuts: I try to do a 90 minutes version of this because that is the reason to do this, to make a faster edit
Kubrick destroyed the hospital scene, that was really stupid because it was great for this edit.
There is some music overdub.

This edit is going well.
I decided to use the american and the european version of this because i use the cuts also of the euro version
There are many fade in fade outs in the shining, so i must be on time to make my own transitions in this edit.

Of course a lot of cuts , there is no guided tour in the hotel, it's all begins fast after Nicholson has the job of the caretaker.
Like i said, i try to do a 90 minutes cut with the whole story in it

Updates coming up.;-)
Great cover art!

maniac51 said:
Danny boy is the only one who has the Shining, the cook in this edit is only curious of the family in the hotel, because they not answering his phonecalls so that is the only reason he goes back to the hotel.

You know I think you could actually completely cut Dick Halloran out of the picture after the Torrances are alone. I'd have to rewatch the original but if memory serves correctly, since he gets axed immediately upon entry he's not vital at all and you could easily cut around him.
I was thinking the same way to cut him out of the edit but Nicholson hears after he axed the bathroomdoor the snowcab of Halloran, if i cut this then suddenly there is a snowcab in front of the hotel but, maybe i can do it to recut this whole scene.
I have to study it, it must be right of course.
Oh yeah they escape in hallorans vehicle, and you're right his arrival makes Jack leave Wendy in the bathroom. Nuts.
The axe in the back is shocking and iconic, and I can't imagine cutting it.
Axe in the back?? He gets hit in his hart man, and i love graphic killings,:icon_twisted: that is also one of the most important reason Halloran stays in the edit but his appearance is much later in this edit.
But anyway it's impossible to cut Halloran completely out of the edit.
Ha-ha, I was thinking of Willie getting the axe from Maggie in Treehouse of Horror.
You are aware of the documentary with a similar title?

There is also a recently discovered tv spot made up of alternate takes.

yeah i know, i have 'm in my collection.
It would be great to have some alternate stuff in this edit but mostly it don't have the same quality.
I made one exception with the fly aka fusion (the baboon scene) but if you use material of poor quality in a bluray well, that is not gonna work for me
But this documentary was great. I made together with a friend a documentary of The Kubrick Exhibition in Amsterdam in the Eye museum. That was a lot of fun, because we where not allowed to film, so back in the toilet we use hidden camera's on our belt,
so we have some stuff filmed about all the things you see in Clockwork, The Shining, Full Metal Jacket a.o.
So i edit that as a documentary and its in my (private) collection.
Interesting. When it was in Los Angeles there were no restrictions on taking pictures of the exhibit. I wish I could have flipped through the photo album of continuity Polaroids. Seems like it's always open to the same page in every location.

Wendy Carlos has released the music she composed for the film that wasn't used.
This edit is almost done.

A approx 90 minutes cut.

The opening scene is cut, because i use other credits
In the original you see a shadow of a chopper by the credits, that was also one reason to cut this.
The edit begins with Nicholson walks to the reception of the hotel.

Also in the scene when Duvall walks to Nicholson when he is writing and becomes very irritating,
(a wonderful scene) you see in that shot a chair behind him.
In the next shot the chair is suddenly gone, well that shot is fixed, because i cut in the dialogue.

The first conversation with Joe Turkel is cut, because after Nicholson walks to room 237 because of the woman in the bathtub,
at that point he loses his mind and begins to see the ghosts in the hotel.

Danny is in this edit a medium, he knows about the evil in room 237, but i decided to cut "Tony the boy who lives in his mouth"
Danny feels things and see them and that was enough for me.

I saw the Shining many many times but this was not easy to do, because of my decision to make a no longer cut then 90 minutes.
Tomorrow i work on some music overdub, i use some lost scores of Wendy carlos, (thanks to Silverwook for the link on this)

If everything runs wel from that point, the release is gonna be soon.;-)
This edit is done.

It runs almost 90 minutes with the whole story in it,
so i think it's succeeded

Some "lost scores" of Wendy Carlos are in it

Like i said, i try to cut away some mistakes in the shining.
The Chair behind Nicholson was easy to do, but the type writer who was white in the beginning
suddenly turns blue, well, i can't cut this out, because of to important scenes.

In the beginning of the original Nicholson drives to the hotel on the left side of the mountain
(scene is cut) but i am 100 % procent sure that when he drives again to the hotel with his family
suddenly he drives at the right side ( other camera angel) maybe i am wrong but i think he drives away from the hotel.
But i decided to use the second scene, also of the chopper (shadow) and the credits.

Further cuts:

The Closing day and monday tuesday and so fort are not in this edit
Only on the last day i keep that "4pm" as a kind of message that the hell breaks loose.
When Duvall goes to Nicholson with the story of the woman in Room 237 he never comes back from it.
In this edit she waits for him but he never shows up.
Until she looks for him with the baseball bat

Like i said, when he enters the room from that point he loses his mind
and from that he is straight in the ghost world of the hotel.

Well, for those who see it, i hope you like it, it was fun to do.
I deliver it friday at the fanedit submission
I don't know if this is what the documentary Room 237 is about (or the fanedit) but I was watching some short documentary online about how the shining was a allegory for how Kubrick faked the moon landings and the room number 237 was important for some reason (The name of the set they used or something like that?). But basic thing about it was that 2001 was the warm up for the moon landing and then the shining was the "cool off" film. That's why Kubrick got full creative control over Steven King and why it is so different from the book. It was a really cool documentary. I wish I could remember the name of it.
Yeah, i know what you mean, i saw that short doc too, i have it somewhere in my collection, at the moment i don't know the name of it. But my edit has nothing to do with the doc Room 237.
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