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Silent Hill: Restless Dreams (New HD Version)


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You can't run from the past.

Original film name: Silent Hill
Film studio name: TriStar Pictures/Davis Films
Film release date: April 2006
Original runtime: 125 minutes
Fanedit release date: August 2013
New runtime: 99 minutes
Amount of time cut/added: 26 minutes


Silent Hill was not a bad film in my opinion. It was a decent film with a better film hidden underneath a few bad lines of dialogue and some executive meddling. The goal of this edit was to create a more focused version of the film by eliminating the Christopher subplot as well as silly lines of dialogue that dragged the film down.
- New opening: Studio logos, title, open on Rose waking up in her car.
- All scenes with Christopher removed throughout the film.
- Removed Rose saying "ashes" when she realizes the snow isn't actually snow.
- Added a flashback after Rose is attacked by the grey children in the alley: Rose and Sharon in the field, Rose at the gas station, driving up to Silent Hill/getting pulled over and crashing. Numerous cuts throughout, changed to black and white.
- Removed Rose saying "Fuck you, you stupid cop" when she and Cybil discover the drop off in the road.
- Removed a shot of Cybil raising her gun (she does so twice).
- Removed Cybil yelling "Stay where you are! Stop!" at the lying figure/armless man.
- Removed brief flash of students harassing Alessa then Rose finds her desk.
- Removed shot of Colin the janitor in the washroom when Rose is running down the stairs.
- Removed Cybil asking "Do you hear that?" when Pyramid Head is approaching her and Rose's hiding spot.
- Removed "They used to say this place was haunted" exchange while Rose and Cybil are walking to the hotel.
- Removed Rose saying "We have to go to room 111."
- Shortened hallway search, Anna's line still intact, Rose's is not.
- Removed Rose's "I love my daughter" when Christabella asks her if she is a person of faith.
- Moved shot of Christabella watching Rose and Cybil to the middle of their "Mother is God" chat.
- Removed Cybil clarifying that an "innocent" is a child.
- Removed Cybil telling Rose that Christabella is "killing" her.
- Removed Christabella's extra "it will."
- Removed Cybil getting beaten by the miners.
- Plot dump: Removed Christabella's "You're weak my dear sister."
- Plot dump: Removed Christabella's "We fight the sin not the sinner."
- Plot dump: Removed the extra shot of Gucci burning his hands. His character is not in this cut, so this shot is not important.
- Removed flash of Dark Alessa leaving Sharon at the orphanage.
- Removed Dark Alessa clarifying that "satisfaction" means "revenge."

New changes to HD edition:
- Flashback has been removed and placed at the start of the film.
- New color grading added to Fog World and Otherworld scenes.
- Alessa's voiceover removed from plot dump.
- All previous edits have been tightened up for better pacing.
- One definitive ending, the "Grey" ending from the first DVD version.

I'm sure there are other changes to the new version I did, but it was in the works for so long I've forgotten what some of the minor nips and tucks I made are. Rest assured, it's better than the original version. :p

Release details:

- BD-25 - 18mbps (approximate) 720p, 16x9 anamorphic widescreen (2.40:1), true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround.
- MP4 - 7000kbps (approximate) 720p, 16x9 anamorphic widescreen (2.40:1), true Dolby Digital 5.1 surround.
- DVDfab, Sony Vegas Studio Platinum 9, BeSweet, VirtualDub, TMPEGEnc Xpress 4, DVDlab PRO, Audacity.

http://pantsandshock.wordpress.com/2010 ... -20062010/

Now have at it!

Thanks to Reave for uploading and DwightFry78 for his large amount of creative input, and Pantsandshock for doing an early review. You guys rock.
Looking forward to seeing this!
Thanks for the review MC! Glad you enjoyed it :)
Well, I guess I'm going to have to check this out... sounds like a goodie
Loved it! Going to write a review later!
Watched this morning, I enjoyed it though I still hate the sudden appearance of the cult, but thats the fault of the theatrical cut, now it feels genuinely creepy in the parts where it was lacking (which was pretty much everything after the first 30 minutes originally.)

Thank you.
Yikes...this is a truly exciting experience, especially after two edits no one watched (literally...I don't think ANYONE watched Clone Wars: The Lost Episodes)! Thanks you to everyone who's downloaded and watched (or plan to) for making this possible. You guys rock. :D
Congratulations Aztek. You have just joined a very, very Exclusive Club.

As well as getting a splash mention on the main site you also get:
- Keys to the Executive Spa. Make sure you book your massages a day in advance. (UA is always hogging the girls}
- Your Executive parking spot. (yours is 0011, next to TMBTM. Be careful not to scratch his Porsche}
- The FE Platinum Card. One word: UNLIMITED.

This is just the beginning. And welcome aboard. :grin:
Remixed by Jorge

p.s. we'll be watching the next one. Just make sure you don't disappoint us. :evil:
Need I mention what happened with Spence? 'nuff said. :-?
dont forget a key card to the executive washroom!
i'd buy that for a dollar!
Aztek463 said:
literally...I don't think ANYONE watched Clone Wars: The Lost Episodes

There is a reason for this. And it has nothing to do with you...
First let me say that the theatrical version was not bad, in fact, it was, IMHO, the best game adaptation for our generation, maybe next to Tomb Raider, but that's a whole another bag of apples. With that said, despite how disappointed I was after viewing it the first time, it still managed to draw me in a few more times, and with each successive viewing, I grew to appreciate the things that did worked. BUT... after viewing Aztek's rendition of SH, all I can say is... YOU ARE A GOD! THIS is how SH should had been shown theatrically! Can you imagine the following, gamers aside, it would have had? True, there are still aspects of the movie only gamers would understand, especially the whole running around town searching for clues. The editing, the scoring, it was all done perfectly! And the "Blue" ending was simply icing on the cake! THIS is SH!
Thank you for your kind words madcat :)

I don't want to promise anything, but I have a feeling there might be a revised and uberly polished version of this coming out in the next few months. Just sayin ;)
Comment made by user MrThumbsup
It may just be something wrong with my computer, but I've run this file through jdownloader three times now, and something goes wrong each time. I'm given five video files, the first of which is the fanedit and goes up through the school, and the other four are also of the fanedit, in order, but with commentary by Aztek. The files will not connect, and I can find no way to fix it.

I'm sure this is a wonderful fanedit, and judging by the glowing reviews, others have been able to download it easily. I think it might just be something wrong with my own computer.

Here is my mail answer:
your comment on this fanedit will not show on the main site because comments are usualy just for commenting on the fanedit.
I have checked this fanedit with Jdowloader and all the files seem online (exept there are two file number 10 and one of them is offline, but I guess it's okay).
I'll copy paste your comment in the forum's thread of this edit here: http://www.fanedit.org/forums/showthread.php?3615-Silent-Hill-Restless-Dreams&p=93625#post93625 for the faneditor to know about your concern.
Thank you for reporting this anyway :)

If someone downloaded this fanedit successfuly recently, please say so. Thank you.
Aztek463 said:
I don't want to promise anything, but I have a feeling there might be a revised and uberly polished version of this coming out in the next few months. Just sayin ;)

Wow thats great news, i really enjoyed this edit.

Will you be taking ideas for changes?
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