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Silent Hill - The Spence Edit


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Silent Hill - The Spence Edit

Spence?s Edit of Silent Hill is what this film should have been like originally.

Removing all of Sean Bean?s side plot, which to me seemed irrelevant, greatly improves the flow of the film. It now builds atmosphere, it feels more creepy, more disturbing. Nothing whatsoever is lost from removing the whole subplot, in fact, after watching this edit you realise how irrelevant it is.

Good work Spence!

My rating of the original: 5/10
My rating of this FanEdit: 8/10
by Spence
What is it about? This edit shortens the film and focuses it on the character of Rose and the town of Silent Hill.

original film name: Silent Hill
new film name :Silent Hill - The Spence Edit
edit crew name : Spence
Date Original Film Was Released : 2006
Date Edit Was Released : 2006
Original Runtime : 2 hrs. 5 min.
New Runtime : 1 hr. 43 min.

Amount of time Cut/Added : Scenes removed that weren't directly related to Rose's storyline. All of Sean Bean's side plot is gone.
Also the ending has changed, Rose now simply leaves the town, rather than the confusing ending the film originally had.
Cuts removed/added/extended : same as above.
Extras: Sean Bean's scenes are presented as a short film, complete with the original ending.
Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original: This edit shortens the film and focuses it on the character of Rose and the town of Silent Hill. Any scenes not
directly relating to her plotline is removed. The film is now more intense and atmospheric, since the other storyline that ruined the pacing. Silent Hill is now the atmospheric,
creepy, horrifying film it should have been.
Time needed for the edition:
planning: Since dvd release
editing: one week s
ound editing: one week
DVD layout and features: Christopher's scenes are presented as their own shortfilm. These scenes work better as a bonus feature, a supplement to the main story. This
short film has the original ending preserved as well.
persons involved: Spence
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