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ST - Star Trek

It was better than Enterprise.
That funny segment of Jeopardy was also better than all of Enterprise. ;)
Rogue-theX said:
It was better than Enterprise.

Nope. Wrong. Incorrect. Illogical. :p
I do have a complaint with the way better than Enterprise show that is Star Trek Voyager: This line from 7of9: Since I became a part of the voyager crew, i have endeavoured to be more Human, to adapt and grow beyond my borgness.
I Got that the first 5 times she said it, she didnt need to keep saying it EVERY GODDAMN TIME she was on screen!!!
What gets me is that there was no attempt whatsoever to make her journey different from Spock or Data or anyone else in Star Trek who needs to learn what it means to be "hu-man."

I would have liked to have actually found out who she was before she became a Borg. If she started to reclaim some of her memories; if she somehow came across people that she used to know but doesn't anymore; etc. - that would have made her story significantly more unique and interesting. But Berman and Braga were just phoning it in by this point.

The finale was the worst.
The whole reason why they got stuck in space the first place - because some of the people on board sabotaged the ship - just got completely ignored and never dealt with. But instead the whole thing was about saving Seven of Nine. What a total Seven of Nine fanfic that was. Nothing else mattered but saving Seven of Nine! It was worth Janeway going back in time and sacrificing her own life just so that Seven of Nine wouldn't have to die! Puh-leeze.
Uncanny Antman said:
There's no way she said "Borgness". :)

No, unless there was a lucky glitch in the broadcast, i was just rogueifying her sentance so it was easier to type, but the general idea is there. She says that basic sentance WAY to often, not even IMO, its a fact. ;-)
Honestly, my issue with Voyager is for me personally, after watching Trek for 25 plus years at that point, it felt very "been there, done that". And when compared to DS9 which was airing around the same time, its characters and storylines felt very cardboard and cartoony. I mean there were some very good episodes, and I actually enjoyed the fourth season when Seven first joined, but otherwise it felt like a show where the producers just wanted to play it safe and keep it very formula.

Enterprise on the other hand, while I do have some serious issues with the choices Braga made, at the very least it attempted to break the mold. And the final season, is absolutely brilliant to me. It is what the show should have been right from the beginning.

So for me, while neither show is Trek at it's finest, Enterprise is a stronger and more interestingly produced story.

But it is all personal taste.;-)
I have heard that about Season 4 before, by which point I had stopped watching. I should really check that out sometime.

I agree that more attempts needed to be made to break out of the formulas than were made during that time.
TomH1138 said:
I have heard that about Season 4 before, by which point I had stopped watching. I should really check that out sometime.

I agree that more attempts needed to be made to break out of the formulas than were made during that time.

If you are a Classic Trek fan, Enterprise season 4 is the show for you. It really feels like a prequel series, setting up a lot of future franchise continuity. I was heartbroken when it was cancelled, as the show had finally found its voice but it was just too late, low ratings and high budget doomed the series.

I think Paramount got lazy with the franchise, allowing the same Executive Producer, Rick Berman, to run it for way too long and into the ground. The franchise needs injections of new blood and fresh ideas from its executive producers to keep it growing. DS9 works because Berman was not involved after season 2 and the showrunner ran it pretty much independently. Season 4 of Enterprise works so wonderfully because Berman and Braga stepped down and new producers took over.

See I told you DS9 is better than Voyager! LOL! Very funny.:D
DS9 is better than Voyager, Voyager is better than enterprise. Ill shut up now. :)
Rogue-theX said:
DS9 is better than Voyager, Voyager is better than enterprise. Ill shut up now. :)

wait a sec...?!?!! did I win this one round? LOL! :lol:
DS9 is better than Voyager.... and Enterprise is better than Voyager... is that right? :D Babylon 5 beats them all ;)
And now, to celebrate the holiday, the finest video in the history of all youtube:

NSFW. :p

Babylon 5! Ahhh.... memories! That was a great show. A pulp style cosmic Lord of the Rings is sort how I always viewed it. Season One was all world building, though Michael O'Hare was a very dull lead and I think it was a smart move removing him. Seasons 2 thru 4 were brilliant, really great epic space opera. Season 5? Very uneven, as JMS was forced to wrap up most of his planned storylines in season 4 when he thought the show was going to cancelled. But at the same time, it was interesting to see a show explore the after affects of a cosmic war, as most movies and shows end with the good guys winning and we never see the price of that victory.

What about the STARGATE franchise? I got all three series on dvd and LOVE them all, even SGU.
The show was smartly written, great production values and cast, and it developed a very wonderful mythology.

Though lets be clear....

DS9 is still better than B5.

But B5 is better than Voyager and Enterprise.

And STARGATE...? ;-)

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