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Stan and Ollie: Their Last Dance

Stan and Ollie: Their Last Dance - Colour or B&W?

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As a great fan of Laurel and Hardy, I was very excited to see this film with Steve Coogan and John C. Reilly in the titular roles when it came out in 2018. On the whole both I and my family (fellow fans) really enjoyed it, but we also unanimously agreed that the subplot of "betrayal" and resentment from over fifteen years ago felt shoehorned in to produce a conflict that can be conveniently resolved for the sake of a conventional story structure; I have since recalled the scene in Walk Hard where Dewey Cox's band walks out "And you never paid for drugs...not once!"

Regardless of whether or not such circumstances are based in reality (the film does take a fair bit of artistic licence throughout), I believe that removing the parts concerning this conflict would make for a better playing picture. To me at least, the simple story of these two old friends in the twilight of their amazing careers is more than enough to sustain a feature.

Work in progress version I am working on now removes 12 minutes, mostly a large chunk about an hour in, for a total runtime of 85 minutes. Am debating whether to leave in colour or desaturate to better resemble their films, would welcome opinions on the matter.
My first instinct tells me black and white, and making it look as much like their actual films as possible. I always imagine the boys in B&W anyway.
Watched through edit today and on further consideration I think the Nobby Cook scenes (and those associated) can go, better keeping the focus on the main characters. Currently works out at 78 minutes with this deletion in place, am also thinking that the imaginings of Stan and Ollie's Robin Hood film could be left in colour, hardly an original method of separating fantasy from reality but I think it is appropriate.
I actually re-watched this past Friday with my wife (that took some persuading)...and exactly what you removed is what she did not like about the original....

If only you had released it (or I had seen the thread) a few days earlier!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It will take me another decade or two to get her to trust me again....The last Faux Pa was Dune (Lynch)...in the cinema...yes; it has taken that long to win back that trust!

Excellent undertaking....

I shall be calling you ....
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