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Star Trek Discovery

I once bought a Blu-ray set of Discovery S1, figuring "hey, it's Star Trek; I've gotta give it a try at some point, right?" I figured I'd either open the set and watch it some time, or at the very least, I'd try a few episodes on Paramount+ before deciding to resell it.

Now, though, reading and hearing what I've read and heard of it... no thanks. With all its graphic violence and general grimness, neither Picard S1 nor S3 felt particularly like old-school Trek to me, and they had JLP himself. So the notion of a show that at once feels like a radical departure from old-school Trek but often calls back to it, concluding with a big ol' homage to Enterprise, itself a deeply mediocre that added almost nothing of value to the franchise? No, thanks; not interested. If others enjoy it, that's totally cool, but life's too short to bother with pap like that, IMO.

Guess it's finally safe to sell off that factory-sealed set. Wonder if I'll make my money back. :p
Yeah, the tie-in to Calypso was crazy. It's pretty obvious that after making that Short Trek, they decided the future setting was cool but wanted to make some changes. That made Season 3-5 incompatible with it and they should have just said it was an alternate timeline or whatever. They could have even had Daniels mention something about one of the outcomes of the Temporal Cold War that they were trying to avoid was the Federation falling to become V'draysh.
@asterixsmeagol I LOVED you in depth observations!

Many characters are overly emotional, talkative, or subordinate at inappropriate times.
I agree 110%. This is problem for both Disco and SNW. No one acts like a professional crew with a chain of command. And yes, the trope where in a crisis situation, where every second counts, where lives are at stake, characters will just stop everything to share their feelings. It is maddening and terrible writing. I think the most offensive moment was in the season two finale where Spock and Michael have their brother/sister bonding moment while everything is going to Hell around them. And why was Tilly, one of the lowest ranking crew members, promoted to First Officer TWICE?!?!?!

Michael's story arc was unbeliveable
If it had been a 5 season redemption arc, with Michael proving herself and SLOWLY rising through the ranks, that could have been interesting. But the showrunners have no patience for such things. What is even more unbelievable is the Small Universe Syndrome when it comes to Michael.

Prequels are a bad idea in general
On this point, I do not fully agree. It is sort of like saying one can not do a story set in WWII because the audience knows how it ends. I think there is a wealth of stories that could be told as the Galaxy is a big place but the Kurtzman team just lack the imagination to do fresh things. I actually really enjoyed Enterprise and have come to appreciate it more over the passing years for actually trying to tell new stories instead of just immediately jumping on the nostalgia wagon. But I must admit, I thoroughly LOVED season four of ENT with all it's Connect-The-Dots stories. Though the difference here compared to Disco or SNW, those stories were intelligently constructed and executed.

They didn't kow what to do with the future
Not only did they not know what to do, I do not think the writers fully grasped how much things should have changed in 900 years. Other than some visual tech changes, nothing seems very different. The third season was such a missed opportunity. They could have done some serious fish out of water character drama, but instead, the crew immediately acclimate to their new era, get all caught up on their brave new world off screen and are immediately the only ones who can save the Federation. It would have been more interesting if the Federation had appointed a Captain from their own era to lead and shepherd the Discovery crew and let Michael and Saru be the audience as we explore the state of the future Federation.

They focus too much on easter eggs and story twists
I have mixed feelings on this one. As a longtime fan, I like seeing connections and having the feelings of a Shared Reality. I just wish Discovery did it better. It often plays like it comes from Left Field. But sometimes it does get it right. I thought UNIFICATION III worked mostly well. But I agree, the Kovich reveal was odd and poorly done. I assumed Kovich was involved in Time Travel based on his 20th Century attributes, but nothing about him suggested Agent Daniels or even why he needed alter ego.

I don't know anything about most of the bridge crew except Burnham and a little bit about Saru.
So true! When they did the big reunion hug scene on the Bridge, I realized I could not remember the names of half the crew lol.

@MightyAttackTribble you are completely on point with the whole Zora/Calypso ending. The show was very inconsistent with how they treated Zora. She is supposed to be Sentient with over 10, 000 years of knowledge at her disposal, and yet she is treated, and often portrayed, as little more than an uber-Siri. Honestly, Gene Roddenberry's ANDROMEDA handled this far, far better. I suppose the argument could be made that Zora is a Starfleet Officer and this is her new assignment, a Red Directive no less (isn't that convenient), and she has to follow orders regardless of her feelings about the orders. Though why Discovery would have to be retro-fitted back to it's original design makes no sense to me?

DISCOVERY was a show more interested in emotional manipulation than logical story construction. It placed emphasis on spectacle over substance.
One element of Discovery I deeply appreciated and will miss, is it treated the Trek Universe earnestly, unlike Strange New Worlds, which dives way too often into comedy. And I must admit, I was entertained through much of Discovery's run and often fell victim to it's manipulative ways, experiencing deep feels.
It is a show that when it was good, it proves itself more than worthy of the Star Trek legacy. But when it was bad, it was embarrassingly awful. And often, both were true in a single episode. LOL

With that said, so far for me, none of the Modern Paramount Plus Star Trek is equal or better than TOS or the Berman Era. That is not to say I have not loved many of the new stories (as I have), but in order for me to enjoy these shows, I have to repeatedly tell myself it is a Reboot-Splinter Timeline, not a continuation as Kurtzman insists. If I believed these shows were in the Prime Timeline, I would devolve to a Angry Fanboy Rant worthy of Robert Meyer Burnett after every episode 🤪
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