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STAR TREK II: Wrath of Khan Redux - Expanded VFX Replacement Theatrical Cut


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This is my original edit and intention for Recycled VFX Replacement for ST 2, again based on the material created by VFX fanartists on the web.

This original edit replaced ONLY the recycled VFX and had just 4 new establishing or enhancing shots very carefully selected and placed.. Similarly there were a handful of minor scoring enhancements applied to the Theatrical Cut so as not to alter the pacing of Director’s intention or the tone of the film. The VFX used are of cinematic quality and at the correct frame rate, wth just a few requiring cropping to the correct aspect ration.

It was while re-rendering this version for preview, that I realised there were enough VFX to virtually replace every shot. So I did this to the expanded Director’s Cut, my previous submission.
As I expected and noted in the other thread (and disclaimer upfront in the edit), there were inherent limitations and issues, and the departure from the Theatrical Cut and wholesale "caraet bombing" of ILM’s astonishing work risked a “Special Edition” reaction. Better that IMHO than we not play, experiment and push the boundaries I say.

For this original version of my edit of Star Trek II, the VFX shots are nearly all NOT the VFX used in the Expanded Director’s Cut, and are visually and tonally very much like the shots they replaced. This maintains the tone of the movie we all love hopefully. This version should address some (if not all) of the concerns some have justifiably "voiced" about tone and continuity while removing the STTMP distraction of those pesky recyled "we are on a tight budget" recyled shots.

I also fixed some issues that were present in ST 2, the most notable being the navigation lights that blew during shooting some VFX of the Enterprise. These VFX were not re-shot when the issue was seen in dailies due to budget and timing constraints; these have been fixed invisibly.

A few have seen this edit some time ago so I hope you now can ALL now enjoy this more respectful, measured and technically better original edit of ST 2 circa 2018 using the unaltered original color grade of the Theatrical version to boot.

Dropping the submission in today.

Designation Version 1.054a

Another from the Wraith Archive.
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Do you have screenshots or before/after reels to show your work. Would love to see the differences.
I don’t have comparisons but I could pull something together. Just bear in mind, the vfx shots used are predominantly NOT my work ( a few minor teaks are)…they are other peoples work. I’ve merely compiled them …albeit wit a lot of tweaking and audio work…
I would very much like to see this...the effects on the original are very dated now, so this would be worth the watch.
And the forum rules are definitely worth reading.
I don’t have comparisons but I could pull something together. Just bear in mind, the vfx shots used are predominantly NOT my work ( a few minor teaks are)…they are other peoples work. I’ve merely compiled them …albeit wit a lot of tweaking and audio work…
This has now been addressed…
Already read them.
Gieferg is referring to the rule about requesting edits in the forums. While it's not a direct request that you made, it can be interpreted that way. When wanting to request a fanedit simply click on a faneditor's name and click start a conversation and that will open a personal message (PM).
Yeah, maybe I've been a little too quick with that assumption but it kinda sounded like that ;)
I had already messaged Wraith regarding access to this edit, BEFORE I posted that comment!!! It was just a general comment stating that I would like to see it. In no way did I publicly request anything, nor was I inferring that someone provide a copy publicly and I'm frankly stunned that you can interpret it like that.

It was my first post here, hoping to be part of the community, obey the codes of conduct and enjoy my time here. Clearly a simple generalised post aimed at nobody at all ruffled feathers, and your assumption is not only wrong, it's unwarranted.
"Stunned", bolded writing, exclamation marks, Jesus, dont you think you're overreacting a bit?

Calm down and let's drink for reconciliation.

I am in the process of addressing issues noted in the reviews, some private messages and a few frame rate issues.

I would again note, that the OVER 100 VFX replaced all had differring aspect ratios, frame rates in some cases and more to address.
Grain overlay has been further tweaked.... and any drop frames will also be addressed where known or identifiable.

I may even render this at a higher frame rate if it improves things, which was certainly the case for my Fatal Attraction updated edit.
more to come
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Will this apply to all of the ST2 vfx listings for this movie?
All of the glitches pointed out will be addressed in both versions.

These will be listed when completed. Anything insurmountable will also be noted, but hopefully there wont be any.
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