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Star Trek: Picard

One week to go! (UK) haven't looked forward to a Trek this much since 2009!
Since Picard seems to rely so heavily on Nemesis, is there any chance that we could get a final revision of that film, maybe by Bionicbob, to make it fully line up? I like Bob’s current version, but I’m guessing that after seeing this, some of his choices might be slightly different.
This made me smile big time:

Even if it does have undertones of...

Alex Kurtzman "Yeah whatever, let's just shove another character in there for nostalgia reasons, we'll figure out minor details like plot, motivation, story and logic later."
Spoiler Free Musings....
Simply put, I liked it.
The show is unapologetically aimed at long time Star Trek fans. Spends zero time explaining the universe. No exposition on what Romulans or Androids are or who past characters are.... either you already know or you don't. So for me, I LOVED that aspect. Though I imagine very challenging for someone who has never watched Next Generation.
And that is probably where this show will be divisive. If you are not a hard core fan, this opening episode might not only be confusing, but very boring too. But if you know this character and his world, everything is... well... fascinating.
A solid, character focused first episode.
I tried introducing my wife to TNG a couple of years ago but she never got into. She does however like the Kelvin movies and Discovery and she's interested in Picard. I'll let you know what she thinks of it with her cursory knowledge of the universe.
As a long time fan myself I very much enjoyed the pilot episode. I'm unsure where exactly they're going with this, but that's ok with me. Patrick Stewart is incredible, as always.
I've stopped watching any RedLetter reviews. They used to be about the actual material, but as they've gone on they've more and more said things like "if you like this show/movie then you're an idiot." I don't know if this video is like their others recently, but frankly I don't care anymore. It must be sad a life to hate everything you watch as much as these guys do.
CBS puts the premiere on YouTube for free streaming... for now, at least:

asterixsmeagol said:
Neglify said:

I've stopped watching any RedLetter reviews... It must be sad a life to hate everything you watch as much as these guys do.

To be fair Rich literally says "I didn't hate this" at 01.40.

All the criticisms they make a dead on and similar to what the people I watched it with thought. It had enough good stuff in there to give me some slim hope that it could be good, if the show keeps improving but that's the same way I felt about Discovery. "If only they'd fix xyz in S2, we'd have a solid show" and instead they made xyz worse and doubled down on the bits that were already terrible. Picard ep1 at least had a couple of decently written conversation scenes.

Gaith said:
CBS puts the premiere on YouTube for free streaming... for now, at least:

Predictably it's blocked in other countries but a nice treat for viewers in the US.
Saw episode two, not too bad, we learn a bit more about what's going on with the Borg cube and what the Romulans are doing there. One thing I didn't like was all the wahmen yelling at Picard one after the other for a variety of reasons
Episode two....Another great PICARD episode for me! Love how it is taking its time to roll out the story. Saw multiple bumpy head Romulans in the background on the Artifact. Also nice nod to the syndrome (can't remember its name) from the TNG finale that future Picard suffered from.  And a conspiracy within Starfleet!  

Also I can see why now the fan film series RENEGADES was such a big blip of Paramount's radar. ;)
I’ve enjoyed Picard so far, but I’m already seeing some opportunities for improvement via editing.

1) How much more interesting would it have been for the medical diagnosis scene from ep2 to have come right after the interview in ep1? Combine that with a removal of the Dahj apartment and street scenes, and you create much more doubt in our mind (and in Picard’s mind) that she’s real. The core question for the episode - between the dreams, the outburst, and the “damsel in distress” - would become whether or not Jean Luc is going crazy.

2) Mars. In Children of Mars, all we got were odd establishing shots using DISC models. In ep1, we got a bit of grainy footage. In ep2, we got an awkward flashback with uncanny androids and rude workers, and it seemed only designed to remind/fill us in on what we already knew - it wasn’t a dream sequence or archive, and I don’t think it added any new information. So why not cut it? Take the fleet shot and add it to Children of Mars. Maybe add some of the other footage there as well, or to ep1. Leave the interaction of the androids and workers to the imagination because all it does is make both unsympathetic.

3) Less transparent bad-guy stuff. I know that this is all just getting started, but why do I need to know about the Commodore and undercover Romulan? Why do I need to know about their connection to Narek? Wouldn’t those all be better as surprises? The agent could show up on the cube, and we could initially think she’s a good guy.

4) Tighter Narek plotline. Related to the last point, the Borg cube thing is starting to drag out awkwardly. We got it (and Narek and Soji) introduced as a surprise twist in ep1. In ep2, we got them in a relationship, the checkpoint, the lab, and the later scene w the sister. It looks like next week, we will pick up right after the lab scene. This isn’t bad material, but why is it so spread out? You could cut the bedroom scene and the sister scene. If ep1 ended on Picard at the Daystrom Institute, we could start ep2 with the Romulan ship approaching the cube. We’d introduce Narek and Soji like in ep1, then go to the checkpoint scene, the lab scene, and whatever immediately follows that in ep3. Narek remains intriguing and oddly romantic, but we get it all in a more cohesive flow. We also don’t have to wonder why Soji is sleeping with a guy she literally just met and knows nothing about.

Anyway, those are my initial thoughts. I’m excited to see where the series goes, but part of me is even more excited to see someone later make it even better.
The Picard premiere is also available on PlutoTV for a limited time as well, so anyone that is interested in checking this out have a few options to consider.
I decided to try watching the Re: View video and gave up 5 minutes in. It was exactly what I expected. They made up stuff and then got mad about it.

^ Yeah that's about right.

I got about 15-mins into Ep2 and after the first 10-minutes of solid exposition trying to re-explain last week's exposition, me being able to say the painfully cliched lines out-loud before the actors did and a character saying "Cheeky f*ckers!" I knocked it off. This is revolting and I don't think I want anymore until the whole series has aired and critical opinions are in. I just can't risk spending another 9-hours on a show by these guys in the hope it's somehow not as bad as Discovery. In a couple of months, if people like @"bionicbob" say it turned out good then I'll give it a go.
TM2YC said:
I just can't risk spending another 9-hours on a show by these guys in the hope it's somehow not as bad as Discovery. In a couple of months, if people like @"bionicbob" say it turned out good then I'll give it a go.

While not perfect, I have so far enjoyed the first three episodes.  I mean each episode seems to have at least one moment, where as as a long time Trekker, I will cringe and go "what the frack?" lol... "sunglasses"... 

But every episode also has at least one "oh Wow" moment for me too.

But I like the pacing and character focus.   I like how it's taking the established mythos and building off of it.
It's not Next Generation.  But it's not Discovery either. 

I know there were many behind the scenes isssues.  My understanding the first three episodes were Kurtzman's baby, before Michael Chabon took over as Showrunner, so it will be interesting to see how the  show unfolds.

I remain hopeful.   :D

Goddammit, now I can't watch the latest RLM episode unless I watch episodes 2 & 3 of Picard first. Curse you Mike and Rich for dragging me down with you! :D I genuinely want to watch this review, more than I want to watch the show itself... by a long distance.
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