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Star Trek: The Pegasus


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Hello there,

Can I please ask that people read my thread here before reading onwards:

I'm back and I'd like to think I have improved. I have to share an edit that I have completed four times and now, with alot of help and guidance from friends, I think it is the best that it can possibly be.

Star Trek: The Pegasus


*Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Pegasus
*Faneditor Name: Neuros
Tagline: “Here’s to the Next Generation!”

*Original Movie Title: Star Trek: The Next Generation – The Pegasus/Star Trek: Enterprise – These Are The Voyages…
*Genre: Sci-Fi
Franchise: Star Trek
*Fanedit Type: FanFix

*Original Release Date: 1994/2005
*Original Running Time:42minutes/42minutes
*Fanedit Release Date: 2015
*Fanedit Running Time: 80 minutes
Time Cut: 4 minutes
Time Added: None

Available in HD? Yes

*Brief Synopsis:
Confronted with old demons, Commander Riker watches the final mission of the NX-01 to gain insight into his current situation.

To re-edit the Enterprise finale into the existing TNG episode.

Editing Details:
Beyond simply an extended edition, I wanted to retell the ENT footage so that it fit more firmly in place with the original episode. To that end, a conflicting scene from TNG has been removed along with the entire ending of the ENT episode.

Cuts and Additions:
*New title cards after the opening credits, crediting the ENT cast and crew.
* Sickbay scene removed from TNG episode.
* End speech scene has been removed from ENT episode to match TNG episode continuity.
* FX shots of the Enterprise have been mixed up to prevent immediate recognition of footage source.

Thanks for this. I moved the thread to In-The-Works. When it's completed submit this edit to the site. The Fanedit Academy will watch it for approval.

Submission Form
Information on Academy and why edits need approval:
Using This Site - Sections "Listing a Fanedit" and "Listing Process"
FE Academy New and Improved

As far as showing clips, feel free to upload clips to YouTube or Vimeo and post the videos in your thread. Do not upload clips to Mega or other file hosting sites and post those links in your thread. You can upload the entire edit and distribute links via PM.
Thanks for your help Neglify - I shall have a final look at it tonight and get it uploaded in a few hours time. This could be the culmination of ten years of work and progress for me. :)
I was wondering if someone would do this.

I remember seeing an edit on YouTube a few years ago that did the same thing. It was called "Star Trek: Legacy and Command". It's no longer available, but I did save it to my comp and backed it up. It's on one of my DVD-Rs somewhere.

I remember one thing that the editor did was remove the discussion of the batleths when Riker's getting patched up by Crusher - to make it sound as if it's the result of Riker playing MACO on the holodeck in the ENT episode. I felt it was a cheat.

Also, the editor had Riker improbably hang out on the holodeck during the scene when the Enterprise is entering the chasm.
Due to the logical chronology of the scenes; Riker finishes his time on the holodeck, just before the Enterprise enters the chasm. The idea of Riker being hurt on the holodeck is a good one and I'll see if I can change that before uploading it. :)
Question did you crop enterprise footage or did you just adjust the apect ratio? I only ask because the enterprise footage looks a little squished.
I'm partially deaf, so often have trouble with audio levels etc.

Could someone tell me if the sound is okay or is the ENT bits too quiet? :)
Yes the ENT bits are more quiet. Great idea could easily be better than a couple of the Next Gen movies.
Yeah, that audio was too low. And like juice mentioned the footage from Enterprise is squashed. What editing program do you use?
I don't have the best computer so I find it best to use Womble MPEG Video Wizard, which I've been using for years now.

When I made the original edit, I didn't understand aspect ratios etc so didn't crop the footage at all. I thought I had it this time but I'll have another fiddle and see if I can get it right. :)
Maybe put Riker's opening log from TATV before he's on the holodeck.
Oh hey, aka Neuros. Been a while. I just wandered back in, the other day.

(I almost finished working on that first credit-removal job, and now I'll probably have to start over again in HD).

Neuros said:
I don't have the best computer so I find it best to use Womble MPEG Video Wizard, which I've been using for years now.

When I made the original edit, I didn't understand aspect ratios etc so didn't crop the footage at all. I thought I had it this time but I'll have another fiddle and see if I can get it right. :)

What are your computer specs? (CPU and RAM). What do you use to crop with?

I think you're going to want to use VirtualDub with Avisynth, and the Lagarith codec. (Womble will encode your Lagarith to mpeg, if you want, but it'll take forever to do a whole episode. Your system can handle those programs easily enough.

I wouldn't try to do it by eye, someone knows how to do it mathematically. (Any error is going to be obvious to some, and seem vaguely wrong to most).

I thought I had an idea to go about it, until I realized that PAL SD fullscreen width is resized by 1.09, by your DVD player, and the widescreen by 1.47, or... I could swear smoke came out of my ears... but someone knows how to do it right (and they can probably give the avisynth script).

I'll ask a guy about it, if he doesn't have the answer, then look in Other Technical Help, and when, I mean if, you don't find it there, then ask, there.

You want to resize as few times as absolutely necessary. And you want avoid converting from lossy to lossy and back to lossy,

Basically, you'll want to trim off black bars (if any), resize the width (not the height) by an exact amount, crop, and pad the black bars back on. (If you resize without cropping the black bars, it'll look like crap). You'll need the black bars back on to fit mpeg and DVD restrictions.

You can find out how many pixels to crop to get rid of any black bars, in VirtualDub, Video->filters->Add Filter->null transform->Cropping. Then put that into the crop and pad commands in Avisynth.

Again, don't worry about how to write the AviSynth script, if you aren't familiar. I, or someone else, can give you the script, once we get the math.
Thread and edit brought back from death using the arcane rite of 'fal tor pan', at the request of the editor.
Thanks TM2YC!

After some real life stuff to deal with last year, I started working on this again a few weeks ago but am waiting for the TNG S7 bluray before doing any major work. Gonna have a crack at it in HD - if my computer will handle it.
In the meantime, I made a trailer last night in SD, and will have some screencaps from the beginning shortly... :)

Removed. Check next page for corrected images. Thanks TM2YC :)
Ahhh! Horizontal squashing! ^
Damn; I thought I'd fixed that this time. I cropped the sides off the ENT footage to match the TNG footage. I'll get a friend to have a look at it and see if he can suggest some fixes.
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