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STAR TREK "Through A Glass Darkly"


Basic details: The NexGen's final theatrical outing was a messy affair, plagued with an uninspired, safe script that catered more to the whims of its two lead actors than to needs of story and character. It was further hampered by miserable direction by Stuart Baird. This edit tries to remove many of the sillier and offensive moments of the movie, with biggest change being the complete removal of the B4 Android subplot, and leaving the audience with a darker character piece that focusses solely on Picard vs. Shinzon.

original film names: STAR TREK NEMESIS

new film name : Star Trek Through A Glass Darkly
film studio name :paramount Pictures
edit crew name : Bionic Bob
persons involved: Me
Date Original Film Was Released : 2002
Date Edit Was Released : March 2012
Original Runtime : 116 minutes
New Runtime : 82 minutes
Cut/Add Time: cut 32 minutes
added 3 minutes

Fanedit details:
Intention: Remove the android B4 and still maintain a cohesive narrative.

Editing Details:
Used iMac 10.5, Mac the Ripper, MPEG Streamclip, Final Cut Express, GarageBand, and iDVD

Cuts removed/added/extended (add list of what was changed):
--trimmed the Wedding ceremony
--cut the Argo sequence
--complete removal of B4
--trimmed Shinzon introduction
--cut Picard capture, torture and escape
--cut the rape of Troi
--added original deleted ending

Sounds like a great choice for a fan edit! It certainly needs one.

I hated B4, and I think I hated the Picard clone just as much, although I'm not sure he can be removed from the film and still have it make sense. :)

I'm glad you're removing Troi's rape scene. A friend of mine recently saw this for the first time, and that was his least favorite part. Apparently, I hated it so much when I saw it that I actually blocked it from my memory!
Infamous TC said:
I hope you're able to make this bearable, Bob.

Bearable? Yes.

Better? Hhmmmmm......;-)
TomH1138 said:
I'm glad you're removing Troi's rape scene. A friend of mine recently saw this for the first time, and that was his least favorite part. Apparently, I hated it so much when I saw it that I actually blocked it from my memory!

Yes, this sub-plot was offensive and heinously executed. Troi gets raped, tells the crew and they all sort of look at each other and sort of shrug their shoulders and move on. And Picard still tries to redeem Shinzon later in the movie. It is horrible, lazy, unoriginal writing and an insult to the Troi character. It definitely had to go.
I'll be watching this one! Good job on finishing your edit.:D
Really looking forward to this, but Mediafire doesn't want to give me part 16.
jamiemark said:
Really looking forward to this, but Mediafire doesn't want to give me part 16.


I have already received confirmation from others who have downloaded the edit without issue.:)
For some technical reason I can't make the news article for this fanedit for now. Sorry for the delay.
All the images on the main page are dead to me right now and I can't update anything more.
I can confirm that. All files downloaded fine, and extracted without problem.
MediaFire is sometimes a bit dodgy for me. A link will appear dead, then return to life a day later.
Looking forward to your edit, BB. Thank you.
Here is my short review:

At the start of the edit, right after the credits (i think around 1 minute in or so) you can see the stars coming at the screen and then it abruptly switches to the planet shot and that felt off to me.
I noticed interlacing on my tv when i watched it, it came and went throughout the edit (could be my crappy tv though).
I think you got to the heart of the movie, and i really felt the ending and data's sacrifice, it never really did anything for me before, but it works very nicely now.
I would give the original a 4/10, but your version of the movie a 7-8/10 (8-9/10 for technical execution if there is in fact no interlacing issue).
I will definately watch this version over the theatrical. Nice work, Bob. :)
Thanks Rogue.

Pretty certain there are no interlacing issues, as the I worked directly from the source dvd.
I think you need to buy a new tv. LOL!:)
^ HILARIOUS!!!:lol::lol::lol:
bionicbob said:

I have already received confirmation from others who have downloaded the edit without issue.:)

Yes, but those folks are also into beastiality.:p
Man sometimes this site feels like a strange therapy holding together my childhood. Like Alien 4, Phantom Menace and so many more movies I liked Nemesis in its original form because I was not really very critical of it. I loved the fight against the scimitar and I have to confess that even the idiotic argo sequence was "cool" - maybe I was the target ADD-demographic back then who was responsible for this unmotivated action scene

Over the years Nemesis has not held up quite that well and I was not all that excited about it but now we have Bionicbob coming to rescue my childhood and give me a star trek: nemesis that I can watch without constantly rolling my eyes.

The edit is very bold and goes where no Nemesis edit has gone before - completely ripping out B4 is a bold move and it often takes bold moves from faneditors to finally make a significant improvement when a movie is that despised.

Without the action sequences it feels much more like a 2-part television episode with incredibly big budget. There is a lot of discussion and exposition and it feels like two predators circling each other until the battle breaks loose.

The edit moves at a fantastic pace, keeps all of the good stuff while taking care of annoying things (like not showing Tom Hardy on the photo Picard is looking at, thank god that is gone and what's left is the discussion).
The finale is pretty much the same and while looking nice it still feels very "worn out", it is a story about death and darkness and at the end you are quite exhausted that the star trek universe has become such a dark place.
Naturally most of the contrivances which no fanedit will ever fix are still there - Riker fighting Hellboy over a bottomless pit for the obligatory Riker-action-scene, the transporter not working even thought there is still the Captain's Yacht, Picard playing Quake in God-mode when he goes to Shinzon's ship

Overall this edit is very good there are just a few things I was not that happy with:

- when the enterprise leaves from Romulus the sound effect doesn't really match the dynamic we see on screen
- Tom Hardy doing a Lurtz and pulling the metalbar through his body, necessary for continuity still atrocious :(
- the final scene has notably lower quality due to the fact that it is a deleted scene
- the safety-belt-chair gag is pretty dumb/not very star-trek-esque
- the 1-person-beaming-plotdevice is still very unbelievable

for the beaming device:

In the original the thing already feels forced into the story by being conveniently mentioned in the second act. But at least when Data uses it one knows what function it has. In the edit it bascially comes out of the blue and we are left with a "what the hell just happened". Bob tries to smoothen this jarring device by showing us a flashback after the explosion explaining what it is - which actually helps a bit and is probably the best way to get rid of the B4 storyline.
Yet the flashback - while having some emotional resonance because of the line "we'll find a way out together (loosely quoted)" - is a bit confusing: we have never seen this scene, did it happen? if it happened what did picard mean by finding a way together?
It throws in a bunch of questions to a silent moment where one should just mourn Data

But overall except the beaming gripe this edit is a really enjoyable treat and I thank Bob once again for his fantastic work on all his edits.

Thanks Sunarep.:)

I have no arguments with anything you said.

I was going to cut the Seat Belt gag, but I thought the audience needed a little inside joke humor to lighten the mood after all the heavy drama.

Once again, thank you for you thoughts. Always appreciated.;-)
Off topic:

I saw what you did there, Neg, rest assured, it has not gone unoticed. Yes, you did something very very power-crazed and naughty, and i saw you do it, So I'm watching you, so watch out!
Back off! Get you're own spoiler tags! :p
I didn't even give anything away, damn mods
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