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"Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game 2.0" by Galactus + MoveAlong + ThrowgnCpr


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Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game 2.0
A Production By Galactus + MoveAlong + ThrowgnCpr




THE PURIST CUT (1:44:59)

Galactus captured footage from the game, and MoveAlong edited it together to create a full-length movie. This cut preserves the game's widescreen cut scenes and full screen gameplay footage in their original aspect ratios. Health and weapon indicators are visible onscreen, for a "purist" experience, like you're watching someone playing the game.



For this alternate version of the movie, ThrowgnCpr reformatted all the gameplay footage of the original edit to a widescreen aspect ratio for a more "cinematic" experience. Some scenes were trimmed slightly, new transitions were added between scenes, and gameplay footage was cropped and color corrected.



The contents of the DVD-video portion of the disc are as follows:


-- OUTTAKES (4:21)


* TV Commercial (0:30)
* Trailer 1 (1:08)
* Trailer 2 (1:04)
* Trailer 3 (1:30)
* Cut Scene Trailer 1 (3:22)
* Cut Scene Trailer 2 (3:51)
* PlayStation 2 Intro Trailer (1:38)
* LucasArts E3 2002 Trailer Mix (2:49)
* Beyond The Game 2.0 Teaser (0:42)
* Beyond The Game 2.0 Trailer (2:14)


* Animation Tests (0:53)
* E3 2002 Private Footage (1:53) - filmed May 2002
* Space (Canada) "The Electric Playground" Preview (3:59) - broadcast July 6, 2002
* G4 "Blister" Preview (2:01) - broadcast July 12, 2002
* Alias|Wavefront "Maya" Promo (4:33) - posted online September 2002
* KNTV "TechNow!" Feature (2:50) - broadcast 2002
* TechTV "Extended Play" Feature (2:59) - broadcast October 25, 2002
* TechTV "The Screen Savers" Interview (9:49) - broadcast November 7, 2002


* Game Secrets And Glitches (6:58)
* Game Menus (3:20)
* TechTV "Extended Play" Review (2:05) - broadcast November 22, 2002
* Micro.info Interview (4:51) - posted online December 9, 2002
* G4 "Judgment Day" Review (4:06) - broadcast March 30, 2003
* PlayStation Magazine #71 Demo Disc: Cool Moves (11:41) - issued August 1, 2003
* Gametrailers.com Retrospective (2:13) - posted online April 14, 2008
* CGRundertow Review (4:30) - posted online May 17, 2011


* Concept And Promotional Art 1: 87 images (5:09)
* Concept And Promotional Art 2: 87 images (5:09)
* Models And Textures: 58 images (3:28)
* Storyboards: 48 images (9:04)
* Gameplay Screen Shots: 74 images (4:23)


Images and biographies of eleven characters from the game.


The briefings shown onscreen before each of the game's eighteen chapters.


The DVD-ROM portion of the third disc includes over 9,900 files. It includes audio and video clips, images, magazine articles, interviews, game reviews, and much, more more. The "audio" portion includes every clip of music, dialogue, ambient sounds, and sound effects heard in the game. The audio to the game's cinematic cut scenes is included in six different languages. The "images" folder contains tons of concept and promotional art, and also includes a folder with over 1000 texture maps used in the game. The DVD-ROM is the definitive archive of "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter" material.


"Star Wars: Bounty Hunter" was released in 2002 for the Sony PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube video game consoles. MoveAlong and I collaborated on a DVD titled "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter - Beyond The Game," which was released in October 2006, and you can read the original thread at originaltrilogy.com HERE. That release essentially compiled all the cinematic cut scenes from the game created by Industrial Light & Magic, several Special Features, and a DVD-ROM folder of various files. Unfortunately, the cut scenes alone did not tell the entire the story of the game, and watching them compiled together could prove to be a bit confusing.

I honestly believe the game tells one of the most compelling stories of the Star Wars universe outside of the movies, and is closer in tone to the original trilogy than to the prequels. It takes place ten years before the events of Episode II. It begins with Darth Sidious summoning his apprentice, Count Dooku, and assigning him two tasks. The first is to eliminate Komari Vosa, a deranged former Jedi, and leader of the mysterious and deadly Bando Gora cult, who Sidious sees as a threat to his plans for the future. The second task is to find a source for his planned clone army. Dooku suggests they accomplish both tasks with one stroke. He will place a huge bounty on Vosa, and the hunter who is resourceful enough to deliver her would make a good source for the clone army. Although its a dangerous proposition, Jango Fett decides to pursue Vosa since the bounty is so large. Also after her is Montross, a Mandalorian turned bounty hunter like Jango, who is now his bloodthirsty rival. The story also introduces Zam Wesell, and tells how Jango obtained his ship, Slave I.

In early 2007, I began capturing gameplay footage, and compiling more material for the Special Features section of the DVD. The goal was to assemble a fulll-length movie, combining ILM's pre-rendered cinematic cut scenes from the first release, cut scenes from the actual game engine, and gameplay footage, so that the complete story of "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter" could be told.

MoveAlong originally partnered with me on this 2.0 release, but he had to drop out due to other commitments. ThrowgnCpr offered to collaborate with me to complete the project.

Galactus assembled and organized all the material for this collection, and MoveAlong edited the movie on the first disc. ThrowgnCpr edited the movie on the second disc, and he took on the MASSIVE job of authoring all three DVD's (and designed our DVD cover).

I'm very grateful to both MoveAlong and ThrowgnCpr for collaborating with me on this project (that was almost seven years in the making). Thanks for your interest!
Neg sees thread title.

"Oh great, another Star Wars fanedit."

Neg reads post.

"Oh that sounds pretty cool."
Neglify said:
Neg sees thread title.

"Oh great, another Star Wars fanedit."

Neg reads post.

"Oh that sounds pretty cool."

Yeah, I'd watch this one for sure.
Nice. I liked that game so much that I still own a copy myself.

Looking forward to this.
I still play it once in a while. Even though I'm kinda burnt out on SW right now, I'll definitely check this one out. :)
This was actually the very first fanedit that I was interested in seeing, long before I even knew what a fanedit was. Would be great to see it finally get a release.
FoolsFollowing said:
This was actually the very first fanedit that I was interested in seeing, long before I even knew what a fanedit was. Would be great to see it finally get a release.

The first fanedit I watched before I knew what fanedits were was the '24' videogame set between seasons 2 and 3. I still have that disc nestled away in my Season 3 box set. I'll always remember the game for the interrogations where Jack's voice would raise or calm depending on the desired dialogue to progress, made him seem like a borderline schizophrenic :D

I remember the bounty hunter game and I remember some slightly annoying aiming mechanics but it was fun, I never beat it because I relied too much on game genie cheats back in the day and I never found any for infinite health so I think my jetpack ran out on some platforming segment, I liked having to scan suspects to find targets though, that was novel for the time.

I might look for a gamecube copy to play on the wii now I have more confidence in my gaming abilities.
FoolsFollowing said:
This was actually the very first fanedit that I was interested in seeing, long before I even knew what a fanedit was. Would be great to see it finally get a release.

I guess that tells you something about how long this release has been in the works! :) It will be available pretty soon. I hope it will be worth the looooooong wait.

L8wrtr's most anxiously awaited Star Wars Project List:

1. ESB:R
3. This project.

I loved this game, but I despised the control scheme (at least on the GameCube version). For the first-half of the game the coolness of the story was enough to overcome the frustration of actually playing the game. Eventually however the frustration factor eventually overpowered the story enjoyment and I gave up. Never finished. I still have the game but haven't played it literally in over 7 years.

I've been hoping that someone would do this project so a huge thank you to this, I'm really looking forward to it and it sounds like collectively you guys have put a lot of love and care into this. Looking forward to it!
Here's a sneak peek at the fantastic cover ThrowgnCpr has designed. Stay tuned!

this is actually a really cool idea. turning a vidya game into a watchable film using the cutscenes and game play footage.
something refered to as Machinima.
it can be exactly what this is, or something along the lines of the Red Vs Blue episodes.
either way, incredibly difficult to pull off, but also incredibly awesome if done well.
SW: Bounty Hunter here does sound cool to check out.
baileym43 said:
turning a vidya game into a watchable film using the cutscenes and game play footage.
something refered to as Machinima.it can be exactly what this is, or something along the lines of the Red Vs Blue episodes.

Thanks for your interest! While I would call "Red Vs Blue" a true machinima production, I don't think the label applies to our project. Generally speaking, machinima uses the graphics engine of a video game, and through editing and post-production, usually attempts to create a unique storyline. On this project, we're basically preserving the gameplay and story of "Star Wars: Bounty Hunter" as they are presented in the game, and not attempting to establish a different or new narrative. I think the game has such a rich story, that it's a shame it's sort of been "forgotten" in the "Star Wars" mythos.
After a period of inactivity, things are moving ahead with this project. ThrowgnCpr has put together a short teaser trailer. I've updated the first post in this thread with the clip. It doesn't show much, that's why it's a "teaser." :) More to come soon!
Galactus said:
After a period of inactivity,

Understatement of the year. That coming from the king of periods of inactivity.
well boys and girls, after a long wait, and a sh*t-ton of work, this monster is complete. [MENTION=4925]Galactus[/MENTION] is working on finalizing the DVD-Rom folder and distributing discs now to those who volunteered earlier. We're looking for a releasing sometime by early September after everything has been sent out. This collection has taken years to complete, and will be represented with 3 DVDs!

Disc 1 - The Purist Cut - Gameplay & cinematic scenes cut together to tell the full story of Jango Fett. The story was edited by [MENTION=4856]MoveAlong[/MENTION], and all original details of the gameplay are preserved (mixed aspect ratio, health/weapons indicators etc.).

Disc 2 - The Cinematic Cut - A slightly tweaked version of the "purist cut." This version trims a few scenes back, and reformats the video to be a consistent widescreen aspect ratio for a better film experience. Gameplay footage has been cropped shot by shot, and color corrected to better match the cinematic scenes. Re-editing done by [MENTION=4689]ThrowgnCpr[/MENTION].

Disc 3 - Bonus Features - hours of behind-the scenes information on the making of Bounty Hunter & a huge DVD-Rom archive with additional goodies.

This is it folks. If you enjoyed the video game, grab this collection!!!

full trailer:
[FONT=verdana, geneva, arial, helvetica, sans serif]I've updated the first post in this thread with lots of details about the contents of the three discs in this collection.

I can't wait for folks to see the amazing job ThrowgnCpr did with the authoring of these DVD's. The menu screens look amazing!

Very soon.
and this is released! It should show up on IFDB in the near future, and will make its way to info soon. For those more anxious, it is up on the 'spleen now.
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