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Star Wars Episode 4-6 Despecialized Editions by Harmy

I can't wait to see your version in action, especially all those extra features. I'm just over the top impressed
I usually don't look at the preservation forum too often, but this project (and the amount of content on each disc) as really caught my eye. I can't wait to check it out when it's ready.
50GB film+features and 25GB film only versions are now available. the SF disk and Documentary disk won't be far away.
Can I ask what makes up the 50GB? Is the film the same size as the 25GB disc and it's all the bonus stuff, or is it at a higher bitrate?
Check the previous page of this thread, I've listed everything in detail.

But to be clear, the film is exactly the same file as the official MKV v2.7 remuxed here on both the 25gb and 50gb disks but the extra commentaries are only available on the 50gb disk, and you have all the features via menu too.
I've re-read the last page and it doesn't seem to answer my question. e.g. Let's say the video file on the 25GB disc takes up 20GB. Then how much space does it take up on the 50GB disc. 25GB, 30GB, 40GB, or exactly the same space?
It takes up 28GB on the 50GB disk due to the extra commentaries embedded. The picture quality is exactly the same.

(to be as clear as possible, the .h264 video file is the same on both versions, about 17GB, but with the addition of subtitles and audio options, it becomes 24GB on the smaller disk, and 28GB on the larger).
Ah okay, thanks!

Just trying to way up the options, as 50GB discs are pretty damned expensive... if I can even burn them.
I just played the 50 GB version. It works wonderfully. It improved the already amazing despecialized editions. Thank you njvc for this awesome addition to my collection
Thanks bcbane, great to hear it worked for you.

Also, the 25GB Special Features and 25GB Documentaries disks are now available. PM me for details.
OMFG, enjei visi, this sounds ameijing. but with my internet speed, DLing 50 GB is going to take a loooong while.

I'm with you there, ssj.
Also, I don't have a BluRay burner so all I can do is window gaze.
The new disc and the doc disc are excellent. So thankful for putting these together and I look forward to the rest.
very welcome cuddliest of ninjas. I'm currently uploading the Empire Strikes Back BD50, will detail all the features included once uploaded.
I've just had a go with the bonus Docs disc and it looks fab! Nice work njvc. I'm waiting on Amazon to deliver some 50GB discs to see how that works out.
Some pics and a preview video from the Star Wars 50GB bluray.

STAR WARS (v2.7)
Password: njvc

The 50GB disc is pretty awesome njvc. Thanks again!

I decided to roll that and the bonus Blu-Ray into a 4-disc ultimate SW package with the ANH:Revisted DVD-9 and the Silver Screen 35mm 50GB Blu-Ray (Both also have full menus and bonus features). Here is the cover I made...

(Click image ^ to link to full res cover)

It's combining and mixing up my favourite elements from the classic posters with a simplistic back-cover to make room for detailing the vast array of extras!

I've got matching covers for ESB and ROTJ ready and waiting for when you've got those authored and I've decided what extra discs to package with them.




I'm just waiting on Amazon to deliver the 4-way Blu-Ray cases I ordered and I can assemble my dream SW collection  :) (That I'd be entirely happy to pay for if Fox/Disney ever get round to it. Hint studios!).
Nice TM2YC! I'm planning a similar 3 pack set, but am going with a printed insert to list the features. Those covers look great though, love the front artwork.

I managed to find a printer that can print straight onto the disk too. Looking forward to putting the set together soon.
Finally got the BD50 version of the original Star Wars down and it looks fantastic! Well worth the wait.
The Empire Strikes Back Despecialized (v2.0) bluray set is now available. PM me for details.

Preview Video.
(Password: njvc) EDIT: If you are seeing black flash frames in this video, as I am, they are Vimeo's creation, and not in the original file.





Disk Details:
- motion menus
- chapters menu
- audio/subtitles menu
VIDEO: 1280x720p H264 23.976 fps (remuxed from the official release)
English DTS 5.1 (1980 mix)
English DTS 2.0 (1980 mix)
English DD 2.0 (1993 Laserdisc mix)
French DD 2.0
Italian DD 2.0
Spanish (Cast.) DD 2.0
Spanish (Am.) DD 1.0
Portuguese DD 2.0
Portuguese (Br.) DD 1.0
German DD 2.0
Czech DD 2.0
Hungarian DD 2.0
Slovak DD 2.0
Russian DD 2.0
Polish DD 2.0 (voiceover)
Ukrainian DD 2.0 (voiceover)
Japanese DD 2.0
1993 Laserdisc Audio Commentary
2004 DVD Audio Commentary (recut to fit)
2011 Blu-ray Audio Commentary (recut to fit)
Music-only Audio Track DD 2.0
Superego Podcast - Comedy Commentary (2015) (recut to fit)
Collider Commentary (2016) (recut to fit)
Rebel Force Radio Commentary (2015) (recut to fit)
The Weekly Planet Commentary (2015) (recut to fit)
Rifftrax Comedy Commentary (2009) (recut to fit)

SUBTITLES: (All subtitles are .sup files from Project Threepio v9.2)
English, English SDH, French, Italian, Spanish (Am.), Portuguese (Br.), German, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Finnish, Icelandic, Czech, Hungarian, Slovenian, Croatian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Russian, Polish, Ukrainian, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Hebrew, Cantonese, Mandarin (Simplified), Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Thai

- All changes to The Empire Strikes Back since 1980 Comparison Video – 15 mins
- John Williams Featurette - 22 mins
- Cast/Crew Interviews (1980)
     Mark Hamill + Harrison Ford (x2)
     Carrie Fisher
     Billy Dee Williams
     David Prowse
     John Williams
     George Lucas
- Deleted Scenes/Bloopers
     All deleted scenes, as well as the original cartoon featuring Boba Fett from the 'Star Wars Holiday Special', and blooper reel.
- Trailers/Tv Spots
     Teaser Trailer, Theatrical Trailer x2, Re-Release Trailer, 5 x 30 second TV Spots, 6 x 30 second Kenner Toy/Atari Game TV commercials
- Cultural Impact
     How The Empire Strikes Back should have ended
     Robot Chicken: All episode 5 clips edited together in chronological order
     Family Guy: 'Something Something Something Dark Side' TV special
     Bad Lip Reading
     The Muppet Show: Star Wars Episode (1980)
     Tie Fighter Wars - Anime Short Film
     Darth Vader Being a Jerk
     Homer Simpson Ruins 'The Empire Strikes Back'
     James Bond: ESB Opening Credits Homage
- Reviews
     Hello Greedo (Film review + Deleted Scenes Analysis)
     Jeremy Jahns (Film review only)
     Chris Stuckmann (Film review only)

Includes everything on both 25GB disks, plus 6 more audio commentaries, including:
- 'Far Far Away Radio' Commentary (2014) (recut to fit)
- forcecast.net Commentary (2010) (recut to fit)
- 'Tosche Station Radio' Commentary (2015) (recut to fit)
- 'Armchair Directors' Commentary  (2015) (recut to fit)
- 'Geekvolution' Commentary (2014) (recut to fit)
- 'The Comic Book Cast' Commentary (2015) (recut to fit)

- Jamie Benning's 'Building Empire' Filmumentary (2006) - 2hrs16mins
- SPFX: The Empire Strikes Back (1980) - 50 mins
- Empire of Dreams - Part II (2004) - 30 mins
- Jamie Benning's 'Do or Do not; There is No Try' (2016) - 30 mins
- Michel Parbot: Making of The Empire Strikes Back (Lost Footage) - 16 mins
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