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Star Wars Episode 4-6 Despecialized Editions by Harmy

Missing files are available again.
TVs Frink said:
For those looking for njvc's discs, I have some exciting news.  With njvc's permission, I've been working with an OT.com member to reupload these to MEGA.  I've uploaded to my free account (5GB at a time!) and he's then transferred them to his paid account.  I'll have links available for the following:

ANH 50GB movie + extras
ANH 25GB bonus documentaries
ESB 50GB movie + extras
ESB 25GB bonus documentaries
ROTJ 50GB movie + extras
ROTJ 50GB bonus documentaries + bonus Trilogy documentaries

I do not know how long these will remain up, it could be as short as 10-12 days or it could be as long as 6 weeks.  If you want them, I recommend you grab them ASAP.

PM me for links.

Another OT.com member has offered to re-host these on MEGA for an indefinite amount of time.  Because the thread on ot.com contains a link to a site where you can eventually get to the links, I'm going to err on the side of caution and not post the thread here.  However, it should be easy to find on OT.com, and if you can't find it, feel free to PM me for it.
Very late to the game here, but thanks to all involved in getting these blurays out and available. Pretty amazing stuff!
I'll necro this thread again another year along.

After discovering the whole fan edit community, I quickly ran across lots of references to the Despecialized editions from Harmy. And the community rules. :) After a nice flexing of my Google-fu I've found the files and just finished watching the original 1977 movie in all its original glory. That looks like what I remembered as a kid in the theaters! I can't wait to continue my rediscovery of the movies I grew up with--and introducing them to the kids in original form.
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