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Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace (by catferoze)


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Next on my completed edits list are the Star Wars prequels. It's a lighter edit than most I've seen, removing only the worst of Jar Jar's antics and Annie's acting. I never thought I'd be confident enough to attempt editing a Star War, but I finally did it. As I found my appreciation for the prequels growing over the years, I realized I didn't really want to remove as much as most of the edits I'd seen. Ebumms prequel edits almost hit the spot for me, but I wanted just a few more moments trimmed out.

-sources: 35mm Czech Scan English Reconstruction Regraded v1.0 by Flash, Ultimate Edition soundtrack
-trim Neimoidians ("Are you brain dead?")
-trim Jar Jar dialogue ("oh muy muy I love you","my forgotten, da bosses...goin back dare",mute jar jar dive yell,"yousa follow me now okeyday?")
-trim Otah Gunga ("big doodoo...how wude","count me outta dis...wutta mesa sayin?")
-trim planet core ("dis is nutsin" replaced with later shot "the force will guide us")
-Jar Jar "meesa cozen mebe...den banished"
-second planet core sequence
-trim Qui-Gon with the battle droid ("where are you taking them? to coruscant","that doesn't compute uh wait")
-Jar Jar with droids ("how wude")
-queen thanking R2-D2 by name ("what is its number...your highness")
-Jar Jar stepping in poop ("disen berry bad...icky goo")
-trim Jar Jar in Watto's shop (tongue at Qui-Gon, messing with droids...Ani:"hit the nose",juggling junk)
-trim Jar Jar/Sebulba confrontation (Ani:"your buddy...orange goo","mesa haten crunchen...last ting mesa want")
-trim dinner scene (start scene at padme:"i can't believe there's still slavery")
-Ani's friends gather round podracer..."gonna be bug squash"
-jar jar's numb tongue ("if your hand gets caught...I'm stuck","my mouth...tongue is fat","thank you...go")
-animal farting in Jar Jar's face
-“mesa no watchin”,"come on Ani"
-announcer:"I don't care...that's gotta hurt"
-"amazing! a quick control...did he crashid?"
-announcer:"crowd going nuts" & little dance
-trim Ani reaction to being free "you mean I get to come with..."
-Jar Jar antics during battle (sling attempt, droid stuck to foot, "dis is nutsin","uh oh big boomers")
-Ani:"it's on autopilot" (moved preceding Padme "let's go" shot over prior reaction shot),"try to override it", replace:"that's where auto pilot taking us" with sfx,"R2 get us off autopilot...let's go left","oops"

runtime: 126 minutes
time cut: 6 minutes
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I updated this edit with a new source. The current version (v2) of this edit uses Flash's English Reconstruction Regraded v1 of the 35mm Czech Scan. I prefer the look of this version over the Bluray or the HDTV preservation. I had to redo the edits as there are differences between the theatrical and bluray versions, and I think a few missing frames on the 35mm scan at the reel changes. I'll have to watch through to make sure, but I think I've managed to slightly improve a few transitions as well.
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