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Star Wars Episode II: Path to the Dark Side


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by AdigitalMan
What is it about? This improves Epsiode Two a lot and is also widely considered to be one of the best edits for the "Attack of the clones" around.

original film name: Star Wars Episode 2: Attack of the clones
film studio name: Lucasfilm
Date Original Film Was Released: 19 MAY 2002
Date Edit Was Released: 22 APR 2005
Original Runtime: 142 minutes
New Runtime: 140 minutes
Cuts removed/added/extended:

1. New episode name "Path to the Dark Side"
2. New crawl, and the shot pans down (thanks to Darth Editous!!!)
3. Deleted scenes restored or partially restored include:
* Padme Addresses the Senate
* Jedi Analysis Droids
* Padme's parents house. It is important to note that this is not incongruous with Padme ascending to the throne at such an early age. Even in the unedited scene, nowhere does Padme introduce the man as her father. It is assumed that the Queen Mum is now remarried.
* Padme's Bedroom is partially restored
* Obi-Wan and Mace in the Jedi Hangar (The similar scene with Yoda has been removed).
* Count Dooku trying to persuade Amidala to join the Separatists
* Trial and Sentencing of Padme and Anakin (with new subtitles)
4. References to Amidala as a senator have been removed. Amidala is still Queen of Naboo, and she has focused on leading the opposition to the Galactic Senate's Military Creation Act. It is intimated that Jar Jar is actually the Senator from Naboo. All references to Queen Jamilla have been removed.
5. Zam's subplot of being a changeling is removed because it went nowhere. The Kamino Saber Dart thus becomes that much more lethal a weapon, based on the instant mummification effect it has on Zam.
6. Lots of bad dialogue has been cut or trimmed. Especially:
* The "Elevator" scene introducing Obi-Wan and Anakin
* Jar Jar greeting Obi-Wan and Anakin
* Some of Anakin's dialogue during the speeder chase. His actions are deliberate now.
* Padme handing over the reins to Jar Jar
* "At least we have Artoo with us ... (laughter)"
* "I hate sand ..."
* Boba Fett's snicker
* "I'm a Jedi ... I know I'm better than this."
* Anakin pouring his heart out to Padme in front of the fire. This has been trimmed down to a more effective speech, helping to show the tension they both feel. It's clear that there is romantic tension between the two of them without this dreadfully awful soliloquy.
7. Much of Anakin's whineyness and awkwardness has also been removed throughout the movie. Some Specifics:
* Beautiful, especially for a Senator, etc etc.
* "It's not fair ..."
* "He's jealous ..."
* Riding around on that big tick thing in the field and rolling around in the heather with Padme.
* Shots of his dream about his mother are inserted into his nightmare sequence to break up the awkwardness of this shot without losing its purpose. Doesn't quite look like he's jerking off in bed to thoughts of his mother anymore.
8. The Geonosian Archdukes's subtitles have been rewritten for effectiveness and faster reading.
9. Dooku's alliance with Sidious is not revealed until their scene together at the end. Little bits of dialogue before this about "my master" have been removed. For that matter, his being a Sith is not revealed until his saber is fired up (assuming you judge a Sith by his saber color). This all leaves for some

DVD - Features:

1. 140 minutes NTSC
2. Static menu

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:

Simply put: To make the Prequels better

Time needed for the edition: 3 weeks


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