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Star Wars: Knights of the old republic Episode 1


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For those of you who don't know about the game, please read this.

This isn't a fanedit perse, as is doesn't edit a movie. This project takes the Knights of the Old Republic video game, and edits together cutscenes, conversations, and some action to create the first film of a planned trilogy.

The movie follows the basic story-line of the video game, starting with the attack on the Endar Spire, the Taris affairs, the training on Dantooine, and ending with the finding of the first Star Map on Kashyyyk. The story is very engaging, and the interaction between characters is priceless. Logan, especially, has a good sense of humor that helps to bring some light to a fairly dark plot ("heh, just like the video game"). The overall story-line is basic, however, it does follow on several of the subplots that help to advance the story, such as rescuing Zaalbar, the swoop (well, in this one, the pod race) and the liberation of Kashyyyk from Czerka Corp.

Character interaction is good, and there is a lot of chemistry :)P). Logan fits in really well, especially. Also, keep an eye on him and Bastila. Just...watch and see.


Video quality is astounding, even for a video game movie. The only scene that I really noticed having some quality loss was the speeder-bike chase on Dantooine (edited footage from Jedi Academy). Also, int he same scene, Logan's head was...composited into shots of Dantooine. It's hard to explain, but when you watch it, you'll see what I mean. There is some quality loss in some shots, not really pixelization, but it looks like he zoomed in on the captured video to elminate visible HUDs. Yes, the HUD is visible in some shots, as are the targeting reticules, and (in the very begining) exp and damage numbers. These eventually disappear, and by the last 30 minutes, there are no HUDs visible at all.


Audio quality is very good. Occasionally, the music will drown out the characters voices (this really only pops up in Cantinas, and I'll get to that in a second). In some areas (such as the Bek base, the sewers, and while wearng the Sith uniform) he added filters to the characters voices (echo for the sewers and base, umm, stormtrooper filter for uniform). The effect is ok, but it makes them a little harder to hear.

His selection of music I enjoyed. He went above and beyond what he had to. All he was obligated to do was use music from the game. In addition to game soundtrack, I heard music from Jurassic Park, The Matrix Reloaded, and the Starship Troopers theme. There's also some techno music in the Cantinas, which drowns out a few lines of dialogue. (One thing I enjoyed was Logan's comments on the music in Davik's estate, "Does anyone know why Davik plays this music over the ludspeakers?" "I really wanna know why he plays this" etc)

One thing I REALLY enjoyed was that he gave Logan a...wait for it...a voice. For those familiar with the game, you should be aware that your character doesn't have a voice. Kaydon_Sentry provided Logan with a voice. However, his mouth does not move, but this is excusable



Not much in the way of extras, just a trailer for Episode I, and a teaser for Episode II. The teaser helps to whet your appetite, so it barely makes up for the lack of features.



The film is presented in 2:35 (or so it appears) letterboxed format. HOWEVER! You must set your DVD player to 16:9, or else the picture will appear vertically compressed (or stretched out horizontally), so just be aware of that. There are animated menus, with options for PLAY MOVIE and SPECIAL FEATURES. Subtitles are available (actually, hardcoded to the video) for alien dialogue. Subtitles appear in the lower black box. The film is two hours long, and a single layer disc and compatible burner is all that is required to burn the DVD (IE, a regular DVD burner).



A very good film, wraped up with a fine DVD, makes for an enjoyable experience. And if you ever find yourself bored, invest the time (40+ hours) in KotOR, you won't regret it. The game is fairly open ended, so you can either be lightside or darkside, fall in love, and more.


4/5 (NOT an average)
great review atzek. the only thing I need to know now is: where do I get this?
rapidshare, H.
you are a premium member
Oooh, thanks for that! I'll have to add torrent and RS links onto my reviews from now on.
splendid idea.
I?ve got it. man, I love rapidshare. Boon came over a few days back and adjusted my flashget settings and now it?s incredible how fast this dvd came down. I had a sneak peak already. looks great. It?s too late this evening to watch it but I have to watch it in the next days... I just print out this awesome cover artwork and put it in a nice case.

This is great stuff! Thanks for making this, I?m excited to complete the trilogy one day...
i really enjoyed this edit. was great reliving some of the stuff from the game... and that game does happen to be my favorite video game ever ;)

any news on finishing it up. i was rather surprised that it only went through about half, but i can understand, since it is a big story. are you working on the second part? and are you continuing on to kotor 2 afterwards? i hope so.
AS far as I know this is supposed to be a trilogy.
very cool. any word on progress on episode II ?
I am not in contact with the faneditor, sorry.
oh sorry, i thought this guy was on this forum, but i just looked and i don't see him in the memberlist. i thought if he had posted about it, you'd be the one to have read his post
I read his post on piratebay where he posted the torrent and I also remember to visit a website about KOTOR, where he was quite active... Aztek knows more about this.
Indeed. He is working on Episode II as we speak. He's aiming for a summer release. (I'll have to link to his site)
Finally got my copy of this excellent fanedit yesterday after a lengthy torrent dl. Great job on the movie. The only problem, other than the music being a bit to loud at times, that I didn't like was the speed of the end credits. They need to be slowed down. But, I totally agree with the review at the top of this thread. Can't wait to see Episode 2. Any news on how far it is until completion? I'm working on a DVD case jacket for Episode 1 right now. Got the cover done, just need to finish the back.
welcome to FE, phaota!
I just finished a fantastic DVD cover jacket for the movie. If anyone would like a copy, please get ahold of me at [email protected] and I will be glad to send you one. Took me several hours of patient work in Paint Shop, but it came out awesome. Didn't know about the two excellent covers done by Kracker, but mine definitely ranks alongside them. Here is a view of it:
by Kaydon Sentry
What is it about? This is the first of three KNIGHTS OF THE OLD REPUBLIC from-game-to-screen movies about the great plot of the famous SW game.

original game name: Star Wars- Knight of the Old Republic
new film name : KOTOR Episode 1
film studio name : Lucasarts
edit crew name : Kaydon Sentry
Date Original Film Was Released : 2002
Date Edit Was Released : 2003
Original Runtime : 40+ hours to play through the game
New Runtime : 117 min
Cuts removed/added/extended :
lots and lots of cuts and tweaks.

Conceptual improvements/advancements of edit over original:
"Knights of the Old Republic: Episode I" is NOT the game - it is a non-profit film - more a labor of love. "Star Wars" is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm LTD., and the KOTOR game and universe is a product of both LucasArts & Bioware. Thank you George Lucas for letting filmmakers go explore in this world.

This work is to promote and share the lore of the Knights of the Old Republic game series, to those who otherwise wouldn't be able to, due to being either 'non-gamers', or fans who simply don't have the 40+ hours it is required to experience it all.

KOTOR Episode I was not made for money. It was made to introduce to a new audience, as well as its faithful, a fresh and cinematic take on this fascinating era.

DVD Details:
2 Trailers
animated menus
Video Attributes:

118 min
Aspect Ratio: 16:9
Display Mode: Both Pan&scan and Letterbox
Source picture resolution: 720x480 (525/60)
Frame Rate: 30.00
Bitrate: 3.77Mbps

Audio Attributes:
Audio Coding mode: LPCM
Sampling Rate: 48kHz
Number of Audio channels: 2
Bitrate: 1536 Kbps
Number of Audio streams: 1


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