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Star Wars Silent edition, DUSTY VERSION part2

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So here is the DUSTY version of my Star Wars 30's serial (or silent) edition PART 2 (the original trilogy)
While the prequels were the parts that needed the "old treatment" the most IMO (because, well they takes place 20 years before the OT) it would be a bit odd not to make the same treatment to the OT.

Even before the release of my Star Wars 30's serial edition (or silent edition) the thought of doing an old looking, dusty version of this edit came to me. I wanted a simple, clean, black and white, 16:9 release first, but to complete the idea of an old silent edition of Star Wars a little more work had to be done.
First I did not want to go too far in the changing process, but after some talkings at OT.com (thanks to you all) I began to realize that since a clean version was already available, this new "dusty" version needed to be quite different.

Reminder: What is the Star Wars 30's serial edition "clean version" ?
It's a 4h40 long silent Star Wars movie (only Williams score), black and white, 16:9 ratio.
with dialogues cards, splited in two parts (1 DVD for the prequels, 1 DVD for the original trilogy).
Each episode can be watched as a (more or less) 45 minutes episode.
Fan editor: The Man Behind The Mask.

Now DUSTY version part2 (the original trilogy) is done.
Here are the changes:

- New 4:3 ratio (including "new" camera movements by animating the 4:3 cropping)
- New black and white and sometime different tints (mostly depending on wich planete the action takes place)
- Multiple Premiere Pro filters added to the picture, including a 18 frames per second filter.
- Noises, scratches, vignetting, bluring effects added.
- A simple audio menu with the choice between stereo or a "dusty" mono mix. Stereo version only on the divX versions, for now
(if some would want the mono mix with divx versions, I could make them though)
- Minor text changes. (Thanks to Ripplin, for my english is not always very good!)
- Very minor new edits. (just 1 or 2 shots)

The result is pretty much what I had in mind when I started the project. I only think that maybe all the "old" filters made the encoding process a bit difficult. Anyway, I did my best.
I think the clean version is still the most "comfortable" way to watch this edit but this new one had to be done.
Maybe some of you will not like the 18 frames per second style, I personaly think you get used to it quite quickly.
I hope those who liked the first version will be interested in this one, and I hope those who waited for this Dusty edit will like it.

Episode 4 CLEAN version:

Episode 4 DUSTY version:

Episode 5 CLEAN version:

Episode 5 DUSTY version:

Episode 6 CLEAN version:

Episode 6 DUSTY version:
congratulations on finishing!
Again, congrats! I'm proud to have been a part of it. It really is/was a unique project, even among SO many other Star Wars edits. :)

Still hoping for enough of a fan editor credit to not be a groupie anymore. :wink:
Less interested in this one than the PT one, but that doesn't mean I won't check it out. *waits*
bkev said:
Less interested in this one than the PT one
Is that for the reason I'm thinking: it hid a lot of the obvious CG and cartoony colors in the PT, whereas that's not an issue in the OT? Just the way I see it, and I was happy to see those issues dealt with in the PT version. Haha. :)

Welcome to FE, by the way. (finally!)(or have you been here before with a different username?)
Torrent maybe now can be found on demonoid.com

Welcome here bkev. Hope you'll enjoy it.
And thanks Boon for the presentation of the whole project on the fanedit.org page.
Hehe, thanks for the warm welcome guys. -downloads torrent-
I want to thanks jjrdias for his kind comments concerning the Dusty edits!
I absolutely loved part 1, so I'm really looking forward to this.
Thanks, theslime.

Divx versions now available on linktalk.
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