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Star Wars - The Epic Picture


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This is not your usual Star Wars Edit...


I am happy to say that my first edit, Star Wars - The Epic Picture, has been approved!

Now, I know that everyone can get more than a little burned out by Star Wars edits. Hell, I am in that group too....though happily I keep coming back for more! But I think that this particular edit is certainly different enough to be, at the very least, interesting.

This is an edit that I had in mind for a little while. What started out as a late night, slightly drunk idea, it turned into messing around with some scenes from various films and TV shows and ended up becoming the film that I am writing about now.

(from the cover)

Set over the course of 120 years, this film looks at the motivations and pasts
of several seemingly unconnected characters who are kicking about the Star Wars
universe, explores how different political factions and militias cope against impossible
odds in a seemingly unwinnable war, armed with archaic weapons and equipment,
and what the consequences could be should they fail.

This is a Star Wars without lightsaber duels, one where the force itself is only
mentioned in passing, Obi-Wan Kenobi is suffering from communist inspired
delusions and Grigori Rasputin might well be controlling the biggest
and most powerful army in existence.

Does the Galactic Rebel Alliance have what it takes to bring down the insane,
religious zealot known simply as, The Emperor?​

Sounds a bit much? Well, I hope you can bear with me and give it a go. As I said, it is a little different...not completely serious...not completely nutty....certainly a lot of both...

The main sources used:
(could be a spoiler)

Random footage from most Star Wars films. None from TPM. Mostly from ANH.
Rasputin: The Mad Monk
The Bridge on the River Kwai
Force 10 From Navarone

old archive footage from WW2 plus much, much more.

- some of the original music either changed or gone completely in some instances and new music added throughout
- some voices overdubbed with lines from other films
- added subtitles for non-English parts

It is a difficult edit to list all cuts, additions or smaller changes. There are MANY.

There has been an "in the works" thread going on about this. It might shed some more light on things if you are into that kind of thing, along with a couple of trailers and a rather helpful early review from the submission process.


If anyone is interested, this film is up on INFO now, or feel free to PM for links.

Hopefully it can be on IFDB soon.

Anyway, I hope people might get something out of it. I certainly had a great time making it and am very happy with the results.

That was certaingly a different experiance, first SW edit I've actually ever downloaded, I like ones that shift and reshape the story, and this did it in a surreal, eye-opening, broad and interesting way. I had to watch it a couple of times to fully absorb it, I feel the intention was going over my head the first time, and some of the films featured in this I had not been familair with, but I finally managed to get my noggin wrapped around the intent and I appreciated the ideas.

Favourite scene was with Vader and the Emperor, the mixture of alternative dialouge was a hoot and that probably wasnt easy to mix and match with the footage, so splendid blending with that.

Ending took me by surprise, but in some ways it felt very appropriate and fitting for the kind of reality you were establishing in this flick.
Thanks, Zarius!

I'm glad you seemed to enjoy it! I hope so anyway! At least got something from it!

As far as the intention goes....sometimes I not sure if I fully understand it myself ;-). It's a hard one to explain, but very close to what I had in my mind. I think I had mentioned in the "in the works" thread that I wanted it to be almost like a dream....not quite sure what actually happened...maybe leaving some lingering thoughts....and hopefully some sort of impression.

But yeah, thanks for watching and giving some feedback!

More thought provoking lunacy to come...
This hadn't been on my radar but the new glowing review by [MENTION=9451]matrixgrindhouse[/MENTION] has got me interested. Aquiring now :).
My review from IFDB:

This is a very difficult edit for me to review; I liked it, but I didn't like it. I will try to explain. The editors use of various sources to put together one narrative was very clever, and worked on a certain level. However, I could never fully become immersed and buy into these various back stories taking place anywhere but earth, especially with so many mentions of the US, Italy the English, etc. In the end it felt like what it was; a bunch of WWII movies interlaced with star wars footage. I felt that some of the back stories could have been effectively shortened. After the back stories played out, the film became just another re-watch of episode IV, until the surprise ending.

Now on to the things I really liked **Spoilers**

The storyline of Count Dooku being Darth Vader was clever and well thought out. What I really enjoyed the most, however was the ending. Ingenious, the way you turned the end of episode IV on its head and made the bad guys win. The ending footage of Han Solo and Kenobi was perfect and conveyed the mood precisely.

I can see that the editor put a tremendous amount of work into this edit and should be rightfully proud of this edit.
Hi Fanedit.

Thanks for your review!

I am glad that you liked it...even if you "didn't like it"! ;-)

I guess enjoyment is subjective, but your 7 out of 10 rating for enjoyment is still pretty damn great, so thanks! And thank you for acknowledging the editing work that went into this. I learned a whole lot, both technically and artistically, while doing this and personally couldn't be much happier with it.

So you are correct; I am very proud of it.

Hello! I'm super interested in watching your cut but I don't know how else to contact you or how to get a hold of the cut

EDIT: Nvm, I just found it :)
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