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Starship Troopers Extended


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what kind of fanedit (true fanedit = TF, extended edition = EE, special collection & preservation = SP): EE

tagline: Come Get Some.

original film name: Starship Troopers
new film name : Starship Troopers Extended Edition
film studio name : TriStar
edit crew name : nOmArch
Date Original Film Was Released : 1997
Date Edit Was Released : 8 May 2007
Original Runtime : 124 Mins
New Runtime : 130 Mins
Amount of time Cut/Added : 6 mins

Cuts removed/added/extended : 0 removed / 5 added


1 'Park Lawn' Johnny and Carmen talk and then make out.

2 'Transporter' Johnny and Carmen argue about her father.

3 'Zander Consoles' Zander consoles Carmen after Johnny's death.

4 'Carmens Cabin' Zander and Carmen talk before a funeral.

5 'Last Kiss' Alternate ending where Johnny and Carmen definitely end up together.

Fanedit details (please add here details about DVD contents as well as video and audio information):

Sources Used: Starship Troopers Reg 2 DVD

Audio is AC3 5.1.
Static Menus (with movie clips between)


Edit INfo
Scene Selection
Fanedit Marker

Your intention for this fanedit:

to use this as a learning experience to refine my editing techniques/skills

Your way to achieve your intention:

add in all deleted scenes and create a more sophisticated menu system.

Hardware and software information (waht did you use to create your fanedit):

Womble MPEG Video Wizard
VirtualDubMod 1.5
Gordian Knot
DVDLab Pro 2
Paintshop Pro 9

Additional Comment:

This is my second effort, please be kind :)

Time needed for the edition: 3 days (on and off)

persons involved: 1

Additional information links:

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
Menu Graphics

About Screen

Looks nice, I'm specially interested in the new ending. Can't wait for this one to be torrented.
well if you get half as much out of this as i got from your T3 edit then i'll be a happy man!!
what do you think of the movie?
I've tried burning this twice, and both times it refuses to play in my dvd player. Now I've never had an issue with my player playing burned dvds before either. has anyone else had this issue???
to my knowledge no one has reported any problems with this and considering there are nearly 250 downloads i would guess that its a problem at your end im afraid.

does it play ok on your pc? have you tried another dvd player? did you burn it at the lowest speed possible?
I played this on my dvd player, some times there's a small jump in the picture, but I think that's because it was converted from a PAL format to NTSC or Region Free.
Can you specify times where it jumps? i previewed this before it went out and it was, dare i say it, pristine.
I saw this fanedit last weekend, and enjoyed it. The quality of the deleted scenes is a bit gritty, not dvd quality, so even without the fancut marker, one could say what was a deleted scenes and what not. The deleted scenes gives Carmen more character developement, yet her characters remains the weakest character of this movie. Still a really nice fanedit which I enjoyed watching! Thanks.
my pleasure :) yeah there was nothing i could do about cleaning up the deleted stuff :( if theres one thing i would love to learn is video restoration.
i watched the dvd last night!
was really cool, quality is not so good but who cares! i enjoyed this edit :)
yeah looking at those deleted scenes now makes me cringe, if i can be bothered i may go back and clean them up a bit at some point.

anyway, glad you enjoyed the movie :)
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