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I am pleased to announce the availability of SUPERMAN II: The Adventure Continues

MegaUpload in a 700 MB AVI in 4 parts/rars.
Also available on RAPIDSHARE!

What kind of fanedit = TF
Original film name: Superman II
New film name : Superman II: The Adventure Continues (Superman II TAC)
Film studio name : Warner Bros.
Edit crew name : Mr. Final Cut
Date Original Film Was Released : 1981
Date Edit Was Released : March 24, 2009 (Megaupload), March 30, 2009 (Rapidshare)
Original Runtime : 2 hrs. 7 minutes (original), 1 hr. 56 minutes (The Donner Cut)
New Runtime : 1 hr. 44 minutes
Amount of time Cut/Added : 23 min (original), 12 min (Donner)

Cuts removed/added/extended

*Christopher Reeve dedication made over silence

*Reprise - a much shorter version of the reprise
compared to The Donner Cut. Features the villains
trial, Luthor/Superman, and Superman throwing the
missile into space. The villains escape with Lester
footage, used for the superior background plates. The bad
special effects from The Donner Cut are gone!

*Donner credits

*Superman Saves Nation - Daily Planet scene as seen
in The Donner Cut, up until Lois shows Clark the

*Luthor Does Laundry as seen in The Donner Cut,

*Moon Explorers scene, filmed by Donner... Lester's
version used for the superior Ken Thorne music score, edited
the villains flying away

*Balloon Bustout as seen on The Donner Cut. Luthor's
hand error (Luthor holds up his left hand and then
the next cut shows his right hand up) is fixed by
using a far away shot of the balloon

*Niagara Falls overview and Lois jumping into the
water as seen in Lester's version... Superman
never saves the boy... why this over "jumping out of the window"?
well, because I couldn't use blank bullets, it's "test footage" and
Lester's "jump" works perfectly here

*Luthor invading the fortress as seen in The Donner
Cut. Cuts at "too true to be good"

*Villains arrival on earth. Zod's campy comments are
deleted, now he just rises and walks on water.

*Pink bear reveal scene used in place of Donner's
blank bullets because it is "finished" and Donner's
blank bullets was a "test" shot

*Trio of villains encounter cops - many edits here
including "holy skunksweat" (finally) and the poor
Zod double before Zod shoots the gun is removed

*Superman and Lois at the fortress - a very nice
bridge connecting this scene to the last...many of Lois's
poorly acted expressions are cut... Superman gets
dinner, then they eat as seen in Lester's cut

*Villains arm wrestling with rednecks, Zod's finger
beams, boy with the accent are all deleted

*Terror in East Houston - Lester's scene, some edits
on Zod's dumb remarks (East Houston) until the
military attacks, then switches to Donner's version
which is more violent and exciting

*Depowering as seen in The Donner Cut, minus the
"selfish" line from Christopher Reeve

*Whitehouse Invasion as seen in The Donner Cut, with
a small edit when the military guy smashes through
the window and shoots, because no special effects
were added to the gun firing in The Donner Cut -
now it's a fast action shot by Zod to disarm him

*Diner Humiliation as seen in The Donner Cut

*Luthor Pays a Call now opens with Luthor waving the
white flag and not the poor comedy scene shot by
Lester 2 years later

Repowering scene the same as in The Donner Cut
minus the weak "Father!" line

*Villains attack the Daily Planet as filmed by
Donner and seen in Lester's Cut (for the superior
music score), mistakes fixed include the hand
holding Perry up when Non lifts him up... and ugly
(Lester) Lois deleted after Superman arrives

*Metropolis Battle starts as Lester's (with some
words by Zod snipped), then it switches to Donner's
fight which is more exciting, with some small edits
for bad special effects and mistakes (Zod's
mirrored shot when shooting heat vision, reversed
"no entry" sign and cashier seen coming out of the

*After Battle at the Daily Planet as seen in
Donner's version

*Fortress finale all shot by Donner, used Lester's
version with Thorne's original music score when
Superman crushes Zod's hand

*Superman and Lois embrace outside the Fortress of
Solitude - another beautiful Donner scene...
Superman destroying the fortress is edited out
because the Arctic Police scene was not included
(why? because it's not available in completed form,
only workprint)

*Superman and Lois say goodbye on the balcony
(Donner) *the perfect Donner ending*

*Return match at the Diner (Donner)

*End Credits (Lester, more stylized credits by far)

Your intention for this fanedit: To create the best version of Superman II ever made, with an emphasis on
the "Donner" vision, using only the best and "completed" scenes...no workprint footage, no deleted scenes,
a film that would reasonably be in theaters and be the followup to Superman: The Movie... also to fix
all the technical mistakes, bad FX (Donner), bad editing, and lame corniness of the original Superman II

Hardware and software information (what did you use to create your fanedit): Sony Vegas 9.0

Time needed for the edition: 3 days

Persons involved: 1

Additional download links: MegaUpload in a 700 MB AVI in 4 parts/rars.
Also available on RAPIDSHARE!

Announced on the Superman Cinema Forums and the Bizarro World forums

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
I am uploading this to Rapidshare as I type this... gotta love Rapiduploader. I'm going to use Rapidshare for now on.

Enjoy everyone!
I had just recently finished a sitting of this movie and must say that I am quite impressed with Superman4ThefinalCut's first Fan-edit, there are not really any hard cuts in the film, at least that I can see and it was a smooth representation of Superman 2 that mixed the Lester and the Donner cut, similar to what "The Hybrid Cut" had done, and although this version is in ways inferior to that version, it still presents a good and alternate viewing option of the film. To be honest there were no true complaints that could be held that would prevent me from approving this fan-edit. The audio and the video was superb, there were no problems there. Although this edit has seemingly been done time and time before, that certainly didn't remove the enjoyability from the film. I mean hell, Star Wars has been done to death and yet each edit was unique and entertaining in it's own special way. The plot is no different than that of the Donner cut and has actually improved somewhat to produce, said earlier, a smoother telling of the Superman 2 tale that we've all come to know. There are no plotholes or moments that leave you scratching your head and asking where a scene should have been placed. Overall it was a great effort, the audio is about a 9/10, the picture quality is 10/10, and the plot worked just well using scenes from both versions of the film. Although it has some minor flaws, this film works well on many levels. Good job to Superman4 for his interpretation/edit, I can't wait to see more of what you do in the future and hopefully you'll spend some time on other DC Comics Characters, I'd love to see and edit of some of the Batman films or maybe The Flash or Wonder Woman series into a feature film. I certainly approve this edit, again, great job! I look forward to further works.

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