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Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

I watched the unaired pilot of That '70s Show. There were quite a number of differences between this pilot and the show that would follow. It was more of a variety show than a straightforward sitcom, with lots of musical skits. Red and Kitty were quite different characters; they were swingers, with Kitty being in a relationship with Hyde. Also Red was played by Kurt Russell.
I had a dream where I was wearing a Fritz the Cat shirt. My mom saw the shirt and commented on her distaste for the film. I was like, yeah it kinda sucks, but it's so influential that it's worth celebrating.

I have never seen Fritz the Cat, and I doubt my mom even knows what it is.
I have never seen Fritz the Cat

You know what the universe is asking of you.

I just had a dream where The Simpsons had a gag involving Homer and Fred Flintstone fighting in the street. Then DC Comics tried to sue, because they felt that only they deserved to portray Homer Simpson and Fred Flintstone fighting. The judge was pretty much like "it's a one off gag, you can use any character you want for that, now leave me alone."
I was hired to direct an Evil Dead film. Bruce Campbell was returning as Ash, though he likely wouldn't be the main character. This one was going to more thoroughly explore the cosmology of the Evil Dead universe than any entry in the franchise had previously. However, shortly after production began, Bruce realized I intended to ignore Ash vs. Evil Dead. Incensed, he threatened to pull out of the production. I realized some compromises were gonna have to be made if this movie was to see the light of day.
I had the weirdest dream last night and I wish I could remember more of it. Basically, I was at Mario's annual Christmas party where a bunch of famous people and characters were invited. For some reason I went around chatting with controversial figures such as Drake Bell and Sonic The Hedgehog. Drake Bell was all depressed and regretful and I started feeling bad for him. Meanwhile, Sonic was all depressed and going on about how he was only there so that Mario could make a fool out of him. Mario tried to comfort him like "No, I'd never do that!". Sonic was included with the controversial figures because I guess in this dream, his voice actor got in trouble for something? There was definitely at least one more person I interviewed, but I can't remember who. The only other character I remember being present was Superman. I want to know what else happened.
Dreamt that I changed my username across all platforms to "Master of Batteries" and started using a Powerman avatar. No, not Luke Cage; the DC Powerman.
I dreamt I won a lot of money. I was so happy in the dream, and then I woke up...((((
I had a dream where it was the 20th anniversery of the video game DanganRonpa. I was hanging out with all the characters, and the rich asshole character Byakuya personally made me a special coffee with gold in it. We'll see if it comes true on the actual anniversary in 6 years, but I doubt it.
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