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The Amazing Spider-Man


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by Spence
What is it about? This is Spiderman 1 improved by removing lots of the "power ranger" scenes fromthe green goblin. A lot of other scenes have also been tinkered with.

Original Film Name: Spiderman
Date Edit Was Released: 01-04-07

DVD Details:
Static menu
Movie in 5.1 audio
Spence edits

- Most of the opening credits are gone. The film is retitled "The Amazing Spider-Man"
- The badly written and unnecessary scene between Harry and Norman in the car is Kaput.
- A lot of the real groaner lines are gone.
- The first part of the film is all about Peter's transformation into spider-man. The transformation of the green goblin is left till after Peter graduates.
- A lot of unnecessary and long effect shots are removed.
- The subplot of Green Goblin trying to turn Spider-man to his side is removed, as it was completely useless and just added to the runtime.
- The film now runs about an 1hr 45min. and is an enjoyable adaptation of a legendary comic book.Time needed for the edition: planning: 0 editing: 1 day to edit, 6 days to reconstruct DVD

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
Sorry to bring an old thread back from the dead, but I just finished watching this and wanted to leave my review. Let me start off by saying that, even though the country took Spider-mania by storm when this first came out, and I too thought the movie was one of the best comic book movies ever (at the time), I've noticed that over the years I haven't gone back and revisited it nearly as much as I do with a lot of my other favorite comic book movies. To be honest, this is the first time I've watched Spider-man in years.

That being said, most of the film is still fresh enough in my mind that I was able to notice what was removed in this fan cut. Most of the things removed I like. No Macy Gray, no "team up" scene, no "New Yorkers fight back" scene, basically no bad dialogue. So for that I commend you. However, one scene that's foggy in my mind is after Peter walks away from his uncle after he dies, it cuts to him already back in costume to go after the culprit. Wasn't there a shot or two of him running through the alleyway to change? If there was, I think it should've stayed, as the jump was too abrupt.

Another scene I missed was the second meeting with J. Jonah. I thought the riff-raff between him and Peter was funny. Couldn't you have kept the scene in and simply cut after Peter walks out of his office, before Goblin shows up?

The other scene that was cut which I wished had stayed in (although I can see why you cut it), was Peter returning home after his confrontation with Goblin and trying to hide from everyone since he was still in costume. I really liked the suspense in this scene. However, I understand completely why it was cut. Aside from the fact that people outside could notice Spider-Man going into an apartment and not coming out, it's also absurd to think that Norman wouldn't have noticed Peter after the blood hits the floor and he looks up to the ceiling, and then out the window. The one problem with cutting this scene though, is, I assume what tips Norman off about Peter being Spider-man ISN'T because he remembers Peter getting clipped when they fought earlier, but because of the blood on floor. Cutting this scene out leaves a continuity error as to why Norman gets upset and leaves.

Lastly, by removing the "team up" scene, we lose the headlines of the newspapers saying Spidey is a menace. Yet, we hear references to these papers throughout the film. I would've found a way to keep those headlines in, but remove goblin's dialogue. Either that, or remove any references to the slanderous papers.

Anyhow, this is just nitpicking. In a way, I'm glad to see that go because that whole sub-plot (as well as the organic webshooters) were all lifted from James Cameron's original script for Spider-man that he wrote back in the 90's. If there's one thing they should've kept from Jim's script was the genetically enhanced super flies, not super spiders. Having the scientists work on flies instead of spiders works better because then it's less likely that someone will get the same powers as Peter unless they too are bitten by the same lone spider that caught the super fly that escaped.

More nitpicking, sorry lol. Anyway, great job on the edit. It'll be going right next to my copy of Spider-man 3: No Sandman edition. Now I just gotta see "Spectacular" and I will have a near perfect Spider-man trilogy. 9/10.
tylerdurden389 said:
In a way, I'm glad to see that go because that whole sub-plot (as well as the organic webshooters) were all lifted from James Cameron's original script for Spider-man that he wrote back in the 90's.
Actually, a rare and unknown trailer shows that they originally had other intentions for the webshoothers:



from http://home.planet.nl/~huijs090/spidey/ ... cenes.html
Sorry to revive a dead thread, but I thought I should mention this. Perhaps it's just me, but I went to download this yesterday, and the links are all offline. Is this the same for everyone else? If so, can someone please re-up them?
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