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The Avengers Initiative (password in first post)


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Revisit how it all began!


After Tony Stark revealed his superhero identity to the world he became part of a larger universe.
While the Stark Expo is on its way a mysterious terrorist emerges to destroy Starks legacy. Meanwhile the military is chasing a certain Dr. Bruce Banner who seems to be in possession of TOP secret military intelligence.

But all this seems like childsplay compared to what is happening in New Mexico: Astronomer Jane Foster is about to find out that the norse myths about gods of thunder and lies might not be the stuff of children's books.




When Avengers was about to come out I scoured the Internet for an edit that would combine all the MCU movies into one chronological experience. Sadly what I found was an overly bloated edit that just threw in every single scene without proper musical transitions or anything.

Because I couldn't find an edit like this I started to wonder - was that the only version around?
It started out as a quick idea to put together an edit for me and my friends to watch before The Avengers. Due to the interest from the community I decided to revisit the rough edit. Smooten out things I did not quite enjoy that much, condense redundant things and try to give an entertaining ride one can take before watching the Avengers.

This edit is intended as a companionpiece to:

Captain America: The Steve Rogers Cut (by AEMovieguy)
Iron Man 1
Marvel's: The Avengers

For a sort of "giant all night dvd session" with Avengers Initiative placed between Iron Man and The Avengers.

Special Thanks to:
Rogue-theX for the title font design
Juize4z0 for being the most reliable Workprint viewer
Bionicbob for cool advice
Addiesin, Neglify, TMBTM, Uncanny Antman for help everytime something didn't quite work out

Editing Details:

The idea was to combine three movies (plus some scenes from other MCU movies) into one timeline.

But Be warned!

This is not an edit that sticks 100% to the official Marvel chronology. I tried to follow the Timelines as much as possible but when the question is between accurate time and enjoyment enjoyment always wins - something I learned from Jigsaw Files.
An example would be Coulson who departs from Iron Man 2 to Thor. In the canon this happens before Thor gets banished because there are already strange storms happening.
but movie wise i felt it was way cooler that thor appeared and then coulson got the call to go to New Mexico.

Also The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man 2 have witnessed a lot of cuts and trims - Thor got away pretty unharmed.
Those cuts were made because I was not content with those two movies and I want to improve them.

While the movies are intercut with each other this cutlist will just list the separate movies and what was cut from those movies:

Iron Man 2:

no first person celebrity-tony, doesn't really add much to the story

no audi commercial, the scene is there to get tony to the senate, I think we understand that when tony is in washington during a hearing we don't need to hear about liking a badge cause he really likes the badge and still likes the badge

The opening banter between pepper and tony about the art collection is gone

Happy (Jon Favreau) has been heavily trimmed I find him pretty annoying and self-indulgent

Vanko will first appear in Monaco and his story will be unveiled by Tony/Fury since they tell us everything we need to know

"Give me the case" and Happy slamming Vanko against the wall again and again is gone, vanko wakes up, whips the car and tony gets the case

Vanko will not want bird (that was a tricky one to remove, he still has a bird when working but the attention is never on it)

I intend to cut the scene where Stark goes to Pepper in the office because it does not really move the story forward and because pepper mentions "tomorrow hammer will have a presentation" which gives tony one afternoon to drive back and an evening plus half a day to get a new element.

No Ex-Wife or fart-gag in final fight

No kid against evil drone - kid gags are dumb in every superhero movie

Removed some of Black Widow's comic posing

Cut Happy fighting during Black Widow fighting, the gag is drawn out and not that funny. The final punch remains and Happy sees what Widow has done during that

Incredible Hulk:

Hulk has had a lot of scenes removed that show Banner doing stuff the audience can assume - like waiting for the guy who gives him the flower. In the next scene banner tells Blue that he has finally gotten the flower so the waiting scene is pretty pointless.

No "hot chick at work getting threatened" Banner just bumps into the guys when he is chased and gets in a fight because of that, no need to introduce a woman we will never see again

Removed Banner getting Pizza - the scene doesn't give us anything new except a nice wink to the original Hulk. Banner arrives at the pizzeria, gets a room then Betty arrives

cut Betty selling her necklace it doesn't really drive the plot, it is a cliché and we get the desperate atmosphere when we are watching shield preparing to find banner

no Stern getting Hulk blood to become the leader - this is a plotline that will not be important in the avengers and detracts from the main action plus it is an overdone gimmick in comic movies

no "sweet" or "booya" from the military

Tony Stark does not talk to Ross as the scene - in the MCU - leads nowhere. he is a consultant but what he tells Ross is so contradictory they even made a one shot to explain the scene away. I did not include the Consulant One Shot because it felt more like Comic book geeks talking instead of real characters. so without this scene the tony stark meets ross scene serves no purpose but to advertise the Avengers without narrative consequences.


as i said I really like Thor and there is not that much that distracts me

Facebook reference is be gone, but the pic needs to be taken for the fake-id

The "dramatic death" of thor was removed because it is obvious that he is not really dead, no slow mo run of natalie portman. this was the only scene I felt to be a letdown when watching thor - thor now gets his powers when he is willing to sacrifize himself

All three movies have some exposition scenes removed/rearragned

Cover Art:

Awesome! Glad to see this completed.
Watched the first 90 minutes tonight. Awesome so far!
Just watched Part 1, moving on to Part 2 now. I'll have some thoughts when I'm done.
WyndorfDave said:
files are down :(

damn the mickey mouse regime is much faster than the lionsgate dudes :(

my account has been suspended, that's... annoying
My Avengers edit got 3 accounts suspended before I made the name something impossible to understand, passworded the archive and checked the encrypt file name option before raring it.

Since i did all that it hasnt been taken down
Really awesome edit. I enjoyed every minute of it, and really liked how you incorporated some of the avengers deleted scenes into it. Definitely one of my all time favorite edits, two thumbs up! :clap2::first:
xDeeMx said:
It's already down. :( Really want to see this.

WyndorfDave said:
files are down :(


File Hosting Availability
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This was pretty damn fantastic! I really enjoy watching Avengers edits now, thanks to Sunarep and Juice. I won't compare it to juice's edit (mainly because I've yet to see his Part 2) but compared to the theatrical versions, this is a worthy alternative to having a massive marathon before re-watching The Avengers.

The only thing that bugged me was the overall structure. I liked that the films were intercut with each other instead of just playing out 1-2-3, but the flows felt off to a degree. I didn't have a huge problem with it but after having the finale of each movie I felt done for the night and put the edit on hold. I enjoyed the deleted scenes at the very end, but it felt a little dragged out in my opinion. Once the finale of Hulk happened, I was all set to rewatch Avengers.

Video quality was great, but since these are 2 hour (plus) movies I personally would have preferred a more standard DL DVD. Not a huge thing, but quality loss is noticeable in Part 1.

As for audio editing, I only noticed 1 rough audio transition, so well done on the other 100 transitions. ;)

Overall, I loved this edit. It does pretty much exactly what it wants to do, give viewers a shorter, better companion piece to Captain America: Steve Rogers Cut, Iron Man 1 and The Avengers.

P.S. Damn you. After hearing the first minute of that song in the end credits, now I gotta re-listen to that album. It's 2 AM, I gotta go to bed. :(

A/V Quality - 9
Visual Editing - 10
Audio Editing - 9
Narrative - 8
Enjoyment - 10
IFDB Average - 9.4
Oh whats that? The dlc's work!

Edit: less than 24 hours for mr mouse to kill that account. Sorry Sun i tried
Hmn, sorry, I'd really like to give you a proper longform review because this edit does deserve it.
In the meantime however I think I'll just touch base on some things that really made me conscious that I was watching an edit thereby taking me out of the movie. These things are just some stuff that stuck out to me after having watched it a few days ago, so forgive me if I make a few mistakes.

Overall I'm really happy with the AV quality of the edit (watched projected on a big screen). Obviously in a perfect world an edit of this style deserves 5.1 sound but I'm not complaining, I do remember having to turn up the volume more than usual but that may just be my set up. The video is generally very high but there are some moments where it was quite noticeable. Most of the Thor footage on earth suffered from jagged lines everywhere, particularly in the scenes where power lines were prominent. The Agent Coulson short had a really bad ghosting effect that was really unlike any of the footage that preceded it. I haven't watched the short on its own so I can't say whether it was originally like that but basically the footage itself really didn't mesh with the footage from the other movies.

As for the editing, it's pretty seamless overall and I liked your audio transitions to really blend the movies together. There's a moment where Thor and Jane are talking that you intercut with Bruce and Betty together that I really enjoyed. That said the Captain America prologue at disc two does not fade into the Thor footage at all, there is a really obvious hard cut that would have better served as a fade, especially since the footage fades to black anyway.

There are some other moments where I would have ordered a scene differently to better transition between the various moods represented in the footage but I think that is mostly a consequence of attempting to stay true to the chronology. (I presume that you stayed quite true to it, I won't bother to check because I didn't have any major issues in terms of continuity while watching)

That's all I got for now, I'll reserve my proper technical review and ratings and whatnot when I have more time to give it the review the edit deserves.

(I think the best thing to say about this edit is that I doesn't feel like a Frankenstein mash of separate movies, instead it feels like a single movie with multiple stories happening within it.)
Thanks for the reviews guys, really appreciate going into the details

P.S. Damn you. After hearing the first minute of that song in the end credits, now I gotta re-listen to that album. It's 2 AM, I gotta go to bed.

oh yeah, i can't understand why they stopped using audioslave for Iron Man

The Agent Coulson short had a really bad ghosting effect that was really unlike any of the footage that preceded it. I haven't watched the short on its own so I can't say whether it was originally like that but basically the footage itself really didn't mesh with the footage from the other movies.

yeah, I tried my best but i still have much to learn with proper encoding. All the other movies I used were ripped from DVDs and therefore I couldn't mess anything up, but with the Coulson short i had to rip my blu-ray of captain america and I think it didn't work out that well

(I think the best thing to say about this edit is that I doesn't feel like a Frankenstein mash of separate movies, instead it feels like a single movie with multiple stories happening within it.)

thank you so much, this is really the best thing one could write
just to let you know, as soon as the files are re-upped i will post in this thread
they will be encrypted and password protected and hopefully up around the weekend
It's nice to see that not much about this edit has changed about this edit since I first got the first draft about 6 months ago. A lot of the editing choices still work, and I organizing the different stories they way you did feels a lot more interesting than the way Juice did imo (no offense, Juice). If there's one thing that bugs me is Fury's refence to having bigger problems in the southwest because Mjolnir hadn't fallen to earth yet, but let's be generous and say he's referring to the southwestern hemisphere, aka Brazil, where Hulk was. Speaking of which, given Tony and Bruce's relationship in the Avengers, cutting back and forth between Hulk and Iron Man 2 is very fitting in hindsight.

For disc two, and this could be me not knowing enough about films that need to be split into two parts, but the universal logo felt unnecessary. At 2:56 for part two there's a weird audio glitch, almost like a needle scratching on a record. It's only for a second, but it's a tad distracting. For the Thor part, I felt you could've cut out Jane telling Thor he can't act so brashly after smashing the cup. After Thor loses his hammer, his character development feels a tad forced since we already know he get's along with strangers. Think this could be further remedied by adding in the scene where Thor goes to the diner to replace the cup he smashed, and if you want to be really generous, add the scenes where Selvig smashes his glass to show him and Thor bonding, and the scene where Selvig gets injured and Thor has to heal him. That might seem a bit much, but I bring it up because his relationship with Thor feels much more organic than Jane's, though that might be because when we see a woman kiss the hero in a superhero movie, we've got the idea that it must be love ingrained so hard into our minds and that it couldn't POSSIBLY be just a crush.

For the Hulk parts, I feel like you could've added in more deleted scenes, but not all of them. Some scenes that come to mind are the scene where Bruce's random chance speech to Betty in the morning before he's attacked by the military, the scene where Betty shows Bruce her scars with some music added like quickcut's edit (otherwise Bruce's "I can't get too excited" line makes it unintentionally funny), and any scene with Betty's boyfriend Samson, because his scenes/presence makes the movie so much better.

Excellent use of the Captain America scene from the Avengers. It almost feels like it could be an extended stinger at the end of the Steve Rogers cut (that way, you don't lose your Stan Lee cameo!). I'm feeling mixed about use of the Maria Hill scene at the end, but I do think that it works better here than as an alternate opening to The Avengers.

Overall, just a few more deleted scenes added in, and this would be near perfect. As it stands, though, it's still a great replacement for Iron Man 2, Incredible Hulk, and Thor.

EDIT: Forgot to mention, I never liked the music playing when Tony's in the donut eating his sorrows away. I always felt like "Where Is My Mind" by the Pixies should be playing. It's upbeat on the surface, but sort of sad underneath, which is what I think the scene was going for (though, that could be because I associate that song more with Sucker Punch than Fight Club).
That's a pretty sweet cover. Did you get permission from the artist on deviantART to use it? If so, if you make some disc art, I'll add it to the edit's page.

I also would think it would be wise to take out the "copyrighted by Sunarep" on the back. That's not true and it's not what we do here. This movie, even the fanedit is copyrighted by Marvel Studios.
Renpatsu said:
Also, you may enjoy this cover I made for this edit using artwork by drMIERZWIAK.


3 MB CMYK File (For Slim Cases)

wow that is pretty cool!

If the artist is fine with using the poster for the edit it would be great - and even if not no one can stop me from printing it and putting onto my own dvd :D
I didn't get permission from the artist as I only made it for my personal collection but I'll go and ask just to be safe.

However surely any terms and conditions I write on this custom case work wouldn't be legally binding in any capacity nor should they potentially be a problem. They're only there to complete the authenticity of the criterion. But yeah, will take it down if that's the case.

Now, to bring it back to the edit on hand. Do you reckon a v2 is possible somewhere down the line?
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