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The Batman Year Two Miniseries

Should I include the Deleted Scene between The Penguin and Selina?

  • Yes, I want more Colin Farrell in there!

  • No, doesn't add much to the story...

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First thing I said the moment I stepped out if that movie was it felt like a miniseries I binged. I love it, honestly I think it's been my favorite movie this year, but I'm overjoyed too see it being put in the format it really seemed like it wanted too be. Super cool project
First off thanks DonKamillo for making this a thing as this mini series was what The Batman movie should have been. I had difficulty seeing the movie through to its end even after a second determined viewing finding it much to slow to get any enjoyment out of the way the story was being told. DonKamillos 4 part series makes The Batman much more accessible narratively as the dark detective uncovers more about the situation around him per episode you find yourself more invested in the characters.

The editing and episode intros are floorless, nice work DonKamillo. The only thing I would say though is I found there to be some on scene artefacts and colour banding around a few of the darkest scenes as well a green tint to the series which gave an unnatural light to the shadows (also found in the original film!) when watching through the intended 16-235 limited colour range setting.

As DonKamillo only has 4k HEVC versions I needed to convert the files into 1080p h264, as I'm not able to play 4k HEVC without films stuttering. While converting I played around with colour grading to remove the green tint which also removed most of the colour banding and the results are subtle but seem more natural, examples:




I spent a bit more time then most with DonKamillos The Batman: Year Two Miniseries when converting and colour grading and so was able to enjoy every bit of his quality edit, Well done DonKamillo look forward to your other projects. 😎👍

Edit: Its been awhile since posting this now but oddly imgur images is not showing in fanedit.org theads no more, so added direct links
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The effort but into the penguin character, we need more of him 😎👍
True, although the polled deleted scene between The Penguin and Selina is worth it as it shows Penguins desire to be top dog instead of underdog and better explains Penguins outburst to Falconi when he was being arrested.
Hello there, kind sir.
wish you a happy new year.
A certain Reeves gave us a Pat,
Taking the form of a beloved Bat,
It rocked us well in 2022;
On it a spin put forth you do
A series called Batman Year Two
Which I'd certainly want to go through...

May I, please?

I wish I'd only get link requests like these...
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