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The Descent - Scary As Hell Edition by 3Raz0r


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i must admit that i was impressed with the edit. it was very well put together. i thought the pace could have moved a little faster. i think you did a good job.
yep, I also really liked that one. The original was a great movie, but it did have issues for me that this one did not have. It may be a lot less subtle, but I found it a lot more entertaining and truly "scary as hell". Great fanedit... and from my experienced ears one question: Was that you saying: "Run, Sarah!"? But it was great there.
You did a damn fine editing job too, all the cuts were perfectly executed, no bad audio (from what I heard). There is just one little thing that I would have changed:
when Sarah in the end falls down on the ground and is unconscious, then wakes up to see the exit, her waking up looks dreamish, because she smiles so strangely. If you would have cut directly to her climbing up, this would have been more convincing.
But that did in no way ruin the fun for me. I will continue to watch your version instead of the original.
copied from Heinrich's post:
Heinrich writes:

contains spoilers

So I just sat down and watched the edit of this promising new player in the fanedit game.

First I?d like to say that I liked it quit much. Watching the original I had the feeling that there was too much in certain ways. I didn?t like the beginning because it was too long and built up things that didn?t need to be shown (e.g. the trauma of the main character which does not contribute at all to the story that?s actually told). Then I didn?t like the fact that this asian chick had this kind of evilness inside which led the movie on a strange road. It just didn?t feel right that she acts like that under these circumstances.

The Fanedit changed all that and gave the movie a way better pacing. Now I saw the horror/monster movie I missed in the first place. It was more entertaining as the original as it was stripped of all the unnecessary nonsense and centers on a compact horror story.

Technical side: well I honestly must say that this newbie in the fanedit community mustn?t hide behind the bigshots like ADM or CBB. Everything was of a really good quality. The video and the sound quality was really good and I didn?t see or hear any error whatsoever. The movie came as a nice DVD (which I always prefer over some crappy avi file) with a very nice menu and bonus features. I liked the ipod version of the hills have eyes II very much. Too bad that it didn?t make it on this dvd. There we have a new faneditor who uses good tools really knows how to handle them.

So I give this edit 5/5 for video and audio. Well deserved 5/5 for fanediting and the neat DVD stuff.

all in all i give 5/5 points for some very impressive work.

Keep it up 3Razor and keep the ?scary as hell editions? coming. You have my vote for the fanedit contest this month.
...and I can only agree. I loved this edit!
by 3Raz0r
What is it about? This is the scary as hell take on THE DESCENT.
Less psycho, less moral, less dragging, full crawler attack.


tagline: These caves are alive.

original film name: The Descent
new film name : The Descent - Scary As Hell Edition
film studio name : Path
edit crew name : 3Raz0r
Date Original Film Was Released : 11/2005
Date Edit Was Released : 07/2007
Original Runtime : 99 min
New Runtime : 83 min
Amount of time Cut/Added : 16 min. cut

Fanedit details:

What was done?
-Sarah is not hallucinating:
Sarah is a the traumatized psycho of the group. In a terrible car accident her kid and husband get killed, while she was driving. When the other girls take her on the caving tour she is still not cured. During the movie she has lots of hallucinations and in the grand finale she is living in her hallucination, celebrating the birthday of her daughter.
All of this is gone. She is traumatized, yes, but we don't see why and we never experience any of her hallucinations. Removing these scenes made Sarah more a member of the group and less the focus of it all. Also it spares the audience from the rather dragging and long beginning and it makes the single ending more possible. Removing the hallucinations keeps the entire movie in reality.

-Juno is a hero
Juno is the heroine of the group, the fighter, the leader with great physical skills and a bit of a lack in social skills. She is responsible for the group getting lost in the cave and she also by accident kills one of the girls. For this she has to pay a great price. Sarah hits her with a climbing hammer, so she cannot run away from the crawlers and is destined to die.
This killing by revenge was for me the reason for this fanedit. It was an accident. Juno is a good guy and she saved more lives than each of the other girls. Killing her like that was totally unnecessary and it felt unfair to me. Yes, she walks away from the dying Beth, although Beth asks her to stay, but still, she is in panic and it is all too much. Her reaction is maybe not nice, but very understandable.
Since I don't want to spoil it all, I will just say: I changed a lot, so Juno can be a hero in the end.

-One ending is enough
Yes, it simply is. The second ending felt completely senseless to me and rather confused me than making me think: "oh brilliant." Now I think I do get the intention of the director, but it did not work for me, so I changed it to one single ending.

What was not done?
I didn't touch the monsters, although my first intention was to reduce their scenes. But with the entire movie in reality, they are just scary, disgusting and cool, even in the scene, when one crawler sits on Sarah and doesn't realize that she is alive.
The monsters appear late, but they do quite intense then.

So finally you get a horror movie, which was improved in my opinion. The original is great, but this one is for sure scarier.
DVD details:
82 minutes NTSC widescreen
2 deleted scenes
cover and disc art

Your intention for this fanedit:
Remove the dragging beginning, take out the hallucinations, take out Juno being attacked by Sarah, let the movie play in reality, have one ending only, create a movie I prefer to watch again.

Your way to achieve your intention:
editing, replacing, moving, cutting, deleting, overscoring

Hardware and software information:
lots and lots and lots of great programs.

Additional Comment:
This is my second fanedit. My first fanedit is THE HILLS HAVE EYES 2 - SCARY AS HELL EDITION and has been downloaded more than a 1000 times. I again released it as avi first. There is also a DVD version for this. And an ipod version will be attached to the DVD.
Time needed for the edition: 3 days.

persons involved: me


Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
Mmm... I liked the fact that killing Juno was unfair in the original cut. I felt it was a big part of the paranoiac mood of the second half of the movie. You like a character and... bam! she died. And you scream (vader style) nnnooOOooo! :D
***Spoilers Below****

I kind of enjoyed the faster pace of this fanedit but it really didn't do it for me.
The original movie is about Sarah's "descent" and Juno's betrayal.

Juno was having an affair with Sarah's husband, Paul.
Paul was distracted while driving, probably thinking about Juno (since they had just given each other "the looks"), which resulted in the tragic car accident ie. the death of Sarah's husband, her daughter's death, and her emotional/psycho problems.

That's why Sarah killed Juno.

There were clues to the affair early on, such as how they looked at each other at the beginning.

But the give away is Juno's pendant/bracelet which reads, "Love Each Day", which was given to her by Paul and is a phrase that Paul would say often, as we are told by Sarah early on.

After Juno accidentally hit her with a pickaxe, Beth had grabbed it from Juno's neck as she fell
When Sarah finds Beth, Beth gives her the bracelet and tells her where it came from.

This is why Sarah shows Juno the bracelet before Sarah seals Juno's fate.
Juno knows that she has been found out to be the betrayer that she is and knows that Sarah, with madness in her eyes, is going to kill her.

By removing this subplot, the ending is quite anti-climatic when compared to the orginal US and UK versions.

I can easily accept the removal of Sarah's hallucinations, as the pace is immensly improved and the film is more action oriented as a result.

But trying to make Juno into the "good guy" just doesn't work, as she is very much the "bad guy", ultimate betrayer, in the original and in this version is still responsible for their predicament in this version and still abandons Beth.

Of course, on first viewing, Juno's death is a shock but on second viewing, after realizing her betrayal, I enjoyed seeing her get what she deserved.

This edit reminds me of how I feel about Azazel. I loved the original Fallen and found Azazel less to my liking, but still gave Azazel a 10 because it accomplished what Boon wanted to accomplish by turning a psychological thriller into a straight up thriller.

This edit doesn't fully accomplish what it wanted to, I enjoy the UK version the most, but is still enjoyable with its quick pace.
So I'm giving this a 9.
I'd give it a 10 if Juno was still the betrayer
Of course, on first viewing, Juno's death is a shock but on second viewing, after realizing her betrayal, I enjoyed seeing her get what she deserved.

Well, things like that happens in real life (betrayal, or just, well, love). That does not mean people deserved to die! ;)
I think Juno is a very instersting character. She betrays, but at the same time the actress playing Juno plays the part as
if Juno feels kind of guilty (or maybe it's just the way I remember it...).
Resulting a interest of the audience for the character, and not just as the "vilain" of the movie.
Her death felt unfair to me, but I liked that!

Very intersting review by the way.
It really shows that The Descent is more than just an average "scare-jump" movie.
Yep, the title has multiple meanings... ;)
It's one of those movies that get better on the second viewing because it's easy to miss subtle things the first time around.

Although I don't condone killing somebody that betrays you in real life, in this movie Sarah has descended (ha!) into a killer so it would be perfectly in tune with what she ends up doing.

Yes, Juno did feel guilty, and probably overcompensated because of her guilt.
But her ego still got all the girls killed.
im waiting on someone to bring in the Descent 2 for a FanEdit, maybe work it in with the first one?
scrapesky said:
im waiting on someone to bring in the Descent 2 for a FanEdit, maybe work it in with the first one?

I still have to watch the Descent 2.
I heard it was very same thing as the first, only MORE of everything and the movie is ruined because of that.
It's not more of everything. The very interesting relationship that's been discussed here is gone, which helps it become even less of a movie. I'm not even going to check this edit out, no offense, but it looks like too much of the movie's soul was removed for me. I'm sure it's still a better watch than the sequel, which similarily put the focus on action and the monsters and sidelined the character stuff, but the atmosphere should still be there and the monsters, the action and the scary stuff are all better in the first one anyway.
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