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the Fellowship's Musical Journey (DVD & Xvid online)


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inspired by the music-only version of the Star Wars saga by Adigitalman
(found here : http://fanedit.org/19/ )
i've started a music & sound effects version of LOTR (with some narration/dialogue thrown in for good measure) in honor of Howard Shore's impressive score.
Here's the almost finished version of track 1 of The Fellowship: "The Prophecy"
My intention is to create a video for each tune of the OST

MP4 (xvid & AAC) 45MB, 3min51, 720 x 576, made with Womble

Maybe downloadable from Fanedit.info
i'm not getting a lot of feedback but anyway

here's track #2 : Concerning Hobbits


these are .mp4 files, i'm also exporting these as losless .mpg PAL files for making a DVD later on.
dont worry about lackof feedback -_- so many haters...

anyways gluck with this, are u going to shorten/edit the movie any or leave it intact with only naration and music?
Ilubu: What haters? This isn't LiveJournal! :p

I've downloaded both parts and I'm gonna watch them through later. I must say though I really love the idea.
You shouldn't concern yourself to no end about what everyone else thinks. These edits are for you. You are just sharing them with everyone else. ;) By all means, keep going.
i'm glad to get some feedback, i haven't gotten many replies for my extended Spinal Tap or for these two video clips

i enjoy working with Womble and i even have a great idea for the next project...
What project you may wonder? well here's a hint about my next fanedit: it's so huge, it may very well turn out an unqualified disaster.

on with editing track 3 : The Shadow of the Past
Ilubu said:
are u going to shorten/edit the movie any or leave it intact with only naration and music?

i'm just gonna follow the original soundtrack of Fellowship track by track
leave in some dialogue and sound effects here and there
but in general let the music speak, i'm paying attention to the dynamics of the music and match the video accordingly
Stonehenge - you might get more interest if you were to do DVD versions of your stuff.....personally I only download DVD versions because I can't stand watching on my computer. That's why I didn't download your Spinal Tap edit.
blick57 said:
Stonehenge - you might get more interest if you were to do DVD versions of your stuff.....personally I only download DVD versions because I can't stand watching on my computer. That's why I didn't download your Spinal Tap edit.

i am making a dvd of the Fellowship OST dvd
about the Spinal Tap Extended: the bonus scenes were poor quality even on DVD, i made a HQ xvid fanedit which no-one cares about so uploading a dvd which is a lot more time consuming is pretty pointless IMO

Did you know there are dvd players that can play divx and xvid too? a good rip will offer very good quality, almost like dvd for 4 times smaller file size
I recently completed a similar project where I re-edited the films to match the tracks of the three Complete Recordings soundtrack releases so that the movies would run with just the music. I originally planned on doing isolated scores, but suck at editing audio so I found recutting the video to fit the music to be a fun alternative. :)

Anyway, I'm curious about this project. If I understand correctly, it's based on the original soundtrack releases of the films that were put out around the time their respective films were released. These contain alternate versions of the music heard in the film, which sort of threw me off when I watched the first clip since the music in it was very different from the music in the final film. The following website is a great source for info on the versions of the score (but it focuses on the Complete Recording releases). It fails to mention a few changes that I noticed, but it's still pretty comprehensive. http://www.scoresofthering.com/home.html

If anything, I don't quite get editing some of the dialogue and sound effects back in, but it's all up to you. Good luck with this.
A beautiful project, Stonehenge, and two fine previews. New Line ought to do this themselves; I think they'd be greatly popular even if packaged separately from the actual movies.

I'd urge you, though, not to include any dialog/narration at all; I'd even suggest omitting all sound effects, though I don't emphasize that quite as much. I imagine any watching these will know about all the lines already, and having speech, imo, breaks the ethereal/balletic mood of sound and image. (Of course, you could always do two versions, like Adywan's ANH restoration/revisited editions. ;))

Anyhow, great job, and keep up the good work!
it would also be quite easy to include 2 audio tracks. That way the viewer has the option of narration/no narration. cool project btw :)
it will just be snippets of a phrase or a sound FX here and there
i think it will draw viewers nearer because it ties in with what they are watching
a well delivered line or FX is quite musical to my ear anyway

it seems i'm not the first to undertake this kind of project for LOTR
i'd love to see an xvid of other similar LOTR projects as mentioned above

thanks for your comments, this inspires me to continue the project
quick update, i'm halfway there

i will probably need help with the authoring and creating cool menus
when all is done

here's track 8 Flight to the Ford (mp4)
OK guys 'n galls it's done, finally !! :smile:

I used Womble for the editing and TMPGenc for DVD authoring. Things took longer than anticipated because well music videos are not the easiest things in the world, i wanted to get the dynamics right. Removing some annoying clicks and pops was tough, this had to do with the many cuts some with sound others without.

The DVD has 2 audio tracks: one with some dialogue and soundFX, the other straight off the OST
authoring took longer than anticipated, 5 tries and another learning curve but i'm happy with the result. Bitrate is between 8000 and 7500k, audio is AC3 448k at 48Khz.
includes menu and dual audio (music + dialogue / music only)
Runtime: 60 minutes

update: RS links are below
here's a nice xvid rip of track 11 Journey in the dark
720 x 304, 1237k
183k vbr mp3 at 48khz

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