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The Font Help Spot


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OK, working on some designs, and I was wondering if anybody knew of a font that looked like the lettering used for clerks:


i only saw the courier font type and a few other related things, but not this one, but i will check again, thanks
checked again, the only font i see that can be used is one that has a dingbats style logos for some letters. you can create the above clerks logo using one letter, but can not make a similar style logo for some other word. Thanks anyway brias. If anybody knows any font resembles any cutout lettering like in this clerks logo, let me know
It's called adelaide is in in the misc files under files askew. I just downloaded it myself.

Thanks for the help brias, but still thats not it. see the image of the font below. I am looking for a font that makes letters like above in my first post. I can manually try to create the letters, but I thought a font would be easiest.

I have a font that I got from somewhere (can't remember where), but it was called "RansomNote" and it looked like the letters were clipped from magazines (a la the Clerks logo)
forgot about this. I ended up making the letters by hand for the particular occasion i needed the font, but I'll check this one out, thanks sladetwc!! :)
OK, I guess I am going to turn this into a general font help thread. I am looking for this font (or a free version, I guess I should say): Caxton


can anyone help?
Gentium is quite similar, but the Q appears to be unique only to Caxton. Gentium is free too.
Thanks Ghostcut, thats fairly close. The tilde isnt quite what I was looking for, and the Q is really unique too, but most everything else is very close.
OK guys I need help,I need the Halloween font or one that looks very similar,I have searched and found nothing.

Hey, I found your post at Muppet Central! lol. I was trying to search for the font and found your post there.

Try getting a completely horizontal image of the font (not stacked on top of each other, but full from left to right" and then upload it to http://www.whatthefont.com. It's not always accurate but it helps.
Can anyone recommend a font similar to this?

hmmm, thats interesting. i cant think of anything off of the top of my head. Thats cool how the B has a sword in it. i would post this image on the whatthefont forums. thats usually a big help. I'll keep an eye out for this though
This may be of some use.


It looks like you may be able to use this with some modification. Some of the fonts letters you want may be lower case, and some uppercase, so you will have to play with the size and position of each letter to get it right. Also, I think you will have to do something custom to integrate that sword, but check out the dollar sign. mixing that with your B may help


Anyone have any idea what font that is?

And yes, it was intentional that Eva and Salma would be in those screencaps :)
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